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You begin waking up on your couch after a nightmare, and a video link bleeps. It's your colleague Michelle Visard reminding you that you lost a bet and you have to relieve her while everyone is to attend the arrival of the alien spaceship on Caldoria. Watch as the AI woman calibrates your ocular implant after your improper sleep. Ignore her warnings that you are late.

While you are sitting you can click on the counter and turn on the Environ System. It's an interface which shows alternating calming pictures and sounds. You can experiment a bit with different images and music. To stand up just turn right and walk forward. Feel free to explore the apartment. The N door leads to the bathroom while the E door leads to the bedroom (the two rooms are joined with each other). The S door leads outside.

Go to your bedroom and walk to the left, where the counter with the video link is. Close in to the drawer thing and open the right drawer to get the CARD KEYRING (5). Zoom out and feel free to use the video link which is blinking, to see your messages. The first is from a reporter you are dating, who thanks you about last night, and is excited about the alien's arrival. The second message is from your boss who scolds you for being late once more.

To the right of the desk there is a replicator which you can use. After you drink the beverage the BEVERAGE GLASS sticks in your inventory. It is automatically discarded when your inventory gets full as it is not used anywhere.

Feel free to enter the bathroom and sit on the toilet and read the today's newspaper (2), have a sonic shower (2) and operate the futuristic mirror with the Personal Maintenance Interface where you can choose your hairstyle (2) but you are allowed to choose only Agency Standard.

Once you return to the living room, you will notice that something blinks on your desk. You can go back to your couch and turn to the E to sit down. You will notice that the Environ System now is blinking. Operate it to watch the special report from INN about the alien arrival and some glimpses of backstory (5). There is nothing else to do here, you can leave the apartment.

Outside, you can roam the corridors of the Caldoria Heights and have a look through the windows at the corners for glimpses of Caldoria, the Capitol Building and the alien ship. Go to the elevator and click on the button. You see another passenger ascending and reaching the roof top. You will know later who he is. When the elevator arrives ride it and go to the 1st floor. You can also follow the man to the roof top but you can't pass the locked door to go outside so there is nothing to do there for now.

Once in the lobby, go S to see the Global Transporter and the kiosk. Feel free to watch the Caldoria Heights advertisement in the kiosk (2), and go further S and click on the binoculars for a closeup to the Capitol Building and the alien ship (2).

When you feel ready, go to the transporter and operate it. Once inside, use the CARD KEYRING on the slot on the left. Select TSA (the other destinations are game over options) to teleport there (3).