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In this era you have to prevent the death of Enrique Castillo. As always your energy can last for 2 hours

Sinclair Laboratories[edit]

Once you arrive an android shoots at you with a neurotoxin, and right after he transforms into a human scientist, armed with a stun gun. Your health starts deteriorating rapidly. Your biosuit offers you the option to remove the poisoned dart, so select Yes (5). If you select No, your energy decreases faster. While you are infected, you can't use Pegasus to transport out.

Turn around to the E, and operate the screen. As prompted, put the Dart inside the chamber and it concludes that the poison is dimenhydrinate compound (5). The data then is transferred to the Molecular Compositor. The Compositor is the large screen on the N wall on your right as you are looking towards the door. Operate it and it offers you the option to build a Thorazine andtidote.

In order to build the molecule you have to solve a memory puzzle of trial and error combinations. The combinations are random. Solved automatically in the easy mode.

When the synthesis is complete (5) turn around to the S and zoom in the Compound Synthesizer. Grab the antidote and you automatically drink it.

Before leaving the apartment there are several things you can do. At the corner there is an android model, an indicator that Dr. Sinclair was working on androids. On his desk at the S corner you can find an (empty) Nitrogen Canister behind the v-mail monitor which you must take (5).

You can also and view a morph experiment (3) on the right, which is a hint that Argon is harmful for the "smart alloys". After this you can take the (empty) Argon Canister (5) as well as his ID card (5). In order to use the Argon Canister later (as well as the Nitrogen Canister) you must refill them in Norad

You are now free to leave the lab through the green door to the W.


While you are outside you must not run into any personnel, or you are discovered and it is game over. Pay attention when the AI warns you.

Walk through the corridor to the S till you bump on the wall, turn to the left and walk a few steps to approach the screen. This is one of the two directories (the other is in the other end of the wing). Study either of them (3) and locate Sinclair's office. Locate it and enter with the Key (2).

Sinclair's office[edit]

While inside, look at the brochure (3). On the wall there is an attractive assault rifle which you can take, but if you attempt to leave with it, you will be arrested.

Use computer to access his three scientific logs (3-3-3). On the right you can check the terminal and see Sinclair's v-mails (2)


Turn around to the S to the oval door, and your biosuit detects that it has been tampered by a temporal intruder. Use the Power Crowbar from Mars and open your way to the large corridor (5). As you open the door you Telezoom to the "scientist" who shoots plasma at you. You should have the Shield Biochip (10) to lose only 10% energy or your biosuit energy will decrease by 20%.

Follow the corridor to the next oval door, open it and enter the Auditorium complex.

Main dome[edit]

You are not allowed to enter through the main entrance; turn to the right and follow the pathway to the corner to the left. Don't open any doors, or else you will be seen by personnel.

Turn and continue to the S end, and then enter the dark door to your left. Walk through the series of dark rooms until you find another "organic" door. You are back outside, but from the other side of the complex. Walk to the S until the AI warns you about the temporal flux.

Proceed to the purple "organic" door (3) and you see the "scientist" on the catwalk taking position against Castillo. You have 10 seconds to act before he kills Castillo, thus ending your mission in failure, and 13 before he kills you. You must enter and neutralize him (10). Solved automatically in the easy mode

The easy way is to click on the cable on your right, and he is electrocuted.

For Gandhi points, use the (filled) Argon Canister when the robot starts morphing back to his android form.

Open his head and you can collect the Mapping Biochip, the Retinal Biochip and of course the Opmem Biochip with Mercury's instructions (10). As Mercury dissolves, collect the Stun Gun and transport off (10).