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SNK Portrait Kasumi.png

Kasumi Todoh (藤堂 香澄) is the daughter of Ryuhaku Todoh, the first enemy in the original Art of Fighting. She is a deciple of the Todoh school of Aikido and Kobujutsu, taught to her by her father. She is looking for revenge against Ryo Sakazaki for bringing dishonor to her father and her whole family.

Story (in the KOF Orochi Saga)[edit]

KOF Orochi Kasumi.png

Kasumi went on to participate in the The King of Fighters '96 tournament with King and Mai Shiranui, replacing Yuri Sakazaki who left for Ryo's team in place of Yuri's father Takuma (Takuma threatened to freeze Yuri's assets in order to motivate Yuri to join Ryo's team).

After Goenitz, the highest priest of the Orochi Power, was defeated (not to mention taking his own life), King took Mai and Kasumi to her bar to celebrate the victory.



The King of Fighters '96[edit]

Portrait KOF96 Kasumi.png
Name Input
Kasane Ate Arcade-Modifier-(Air).pngArcade-Stick-Qcf.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Shiro Yamado Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Messhin Mutho Arcade-Stick-Hcf.png+ Arcade-Button-BKick.png
Sassho Inshuu Arcade-Stick-Hcf.png+ Arcade-Button-DKick.png
Tatsumaki Souda (close)Arcade-Stick-Hcb.png+ Arcade-Button-CPunch.png
Desperation Move
Chou Kasane Ate
Arcade-Stick-Qcf.pngArcade-Stick-Qcf.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png (hold to delay attack)


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