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Enemies in this area[edit]


These guys aren't that hard. They have just 9 HP. They can be beaten in two or one hits with your additions depending on your level. When they're low on health they'll use a Spark Net which is like the BurnOut, just slightly stronger. In a few instances you'll have to fight three of them at the same time so be prepared.

The prison[edit]

After you exited the Forest, follow the dots and enter Hellena Prison. This area is different since you won't have to fight against random encounters. There'll be wardens all over the place instead. If they spot you, they'll start chasing you and if they catch you, prepare to fight against 1 to 3 wardens. Follow the long way until you reach the next screen. Dart will automatically hide behind the wagon cart. When the exclamation mark appears above Dart's head press Cross button. Dart will hide himself so the Warden won't spot him and he'll eventually jump into the wagon cart to sneak inside. If you fail this he'll just throw you to the previous screen, after that you can again.

After you entered the prison feel free to save at the white glowing ball. First go up to open some chests then go back and try to enter the screen to the right. A merchant will get scared and call a Warden. Here you'll have to fight your first Warden. Read the first section for more information. After you've beaten him talk to the merchant twice and he'll sell items to you. He'll sell: Healing Potions, Angel Prayers and Spark Nets. As mentioned before Spark Nets are slightly more powerful than BurnOuts. Angel Prayers can be used to bring back characters of your party that died. This item won't activate automatically so you'll need another party member to use it on the fallen party member.

Finding the key[edit]

Now enter the screen to the right. Here are lots of Wardens, so feel free to either fight against them for EXP or run away from them. In this Prison there are many chests some of which you can't open YET. The chests don't contain great prices, just the two attack items and a few gold pieces. Follow the way to the right and go up the stairs. Here is a Warden who's constantly turning around. If you don't want to fight him wait until he's facing his back at you and then climb the stairs by pressing Cross button. Keep following the way up the stairs, a Warden might pop up out of the next screen to fight you, and sometimes he doesn't.

Enter the next screen and follow the way to the left until you see another save state. Save if you want to. There is an entrance and a lift. You're supposed to go on the lift. But in the entrance you'll find three chests containing equipment for character yet to join your party. And of course it's full of Wardens. After you go up the lift and enter the next screen someone will join your party. Beware that he'll stay in your party and if you win a battle the EXP will be split between the members, so this is your last change to win more EXP for Dart. When you're ready go up the lift and enter the screen. You'll enter a small cutscene and someone's will join your party. Immediately after you met him you'll go up against three Wardens. The new party member uses a spear and an addition called Harpoon. He's generally better in using physical attacks rather than magical attacks. If you trained Dart enough he'll be slightly weaker than Dart. Anyway just kill the Wardens and read the conversation in which he says he called Lavitz Slambert.

In this area are lots of cells which you can enter, many of them contain chests. After you collected all the chest go back the way you entered. Here you'll see another Warden coming down with an elevator. After you killed his use the elevator to go up and head right, over the wooden bridge. You're now in a big room with two groups of four Wardens, if you try to confront them Dart will back out saying that there are too many of them. Go up the stairs in the middle of the room to get a key, then go back, exit the screen and head all the way to the left.

Finding Shana[edit]

Dart will use the key to open the door and enter another place full of cells. These cells will again contain chests. Keep heading right until you confront three Wardens, which are guarding the cell of Shana. Kill them and open the cell to rescue Shana. More Wardens will come, just kill them. Now you'll have a third party member, Shana, who just picked up a bow lying around. Don't bother using her bow though, she's very weak at physical attacks. When it's her turn either heal someone else or use an attack item.

Exiting Hellena Prison[edit]

Now it's time to get out of here. Go all the way back to the first screen, where you left the merchant. Along the way though you'll find the merchant. Buy some Healing Potions and Spark Nets from him. Consider buying Angel Prayers if you had problems fighting the Wardens, since you'll have to fight you're first boss... Be sure to have full HP for every character! Go down the stairs and exit the screen when you're ready.

Boss: Fruegel[edit]

Fruegel: ~ 90 HP
Hellena Wardens: ~ 13 HP
Senior Wardens: ~ 25 HP

Fruegel is accompanied by two Hellena Wardens. These Wardens are slightly stronger than the ones you just fought. You have to kill the Wardens first since you can't attack Fruegel yet; but he won't attack you either. Just use Dart and Lavitz to kill the Wardens with their additions and make Shana guard. After you kill the Hellena Wardens you can Attack Fruegel. Use Dart and Lavitz's additions and make Shana use either Spark Nets or BurnOuts. After a while Fruegel will call two more Warden, who have 13 more HP the the previous ones. After this Fruegel will attack too. The Senior Wardens can cast power-ups which will increase their defense, Fruegel can do this too. Both Senior Wardens will cast a Gushing Magma right before they die. This spell targets all the party members and does around 20 damage! Fruegel attacks physically, and can cause around 20-30 damage! Watch out for Shana since she has a very low maximum HP. It's recommended that you kill the two Wardens first before taking on Fruegel. That's all there is to it.