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Open the Gates of Warfang[edit]

Bring the crystal keys here to open the door.
A crystal key, identifiable by the red beam of light.

The objective is to open the gates to pass this level. To open them you need to place the four crystal keys hidden throughout the level in the dragon statues sat in front of the gate. It is possible to go for keys 3 and 4 before 1 or 2 but it is easiest to follow the order here. First of all though go past the save point, away from the door to find a pair of spirit gems.

Crystal Key 1[edit]

Turn right and fly across the gap. Low down on a platform there is a spirit gem, you can see it shining through the fog. Smash this and then fly back up to the platform above. A small cutscene will show Spyro and Cynder looking at a carving of Malefor on the wall. Note the location of the adamantite orb as you will need this later. Go along to the end of the platform and turn the wheel to lower a movable wooden platform. Fly out to it and have one dragon grab onto it, and then the other pull it back using the magic chain. It works in the same way as the boat did in the Valley of Avalar. Use the platform to cross the gap.

About halfway across a skeleton will come out and pull a lever lowering a barrier blocking the way. Fly across to the right and then up to the higher area. There is a wheel that raises the wooden blockade, but when you begin to turn it you will be attacked by skeletons. Wipe them all out and finish turning the wheel to clear the way, then head back down and go back to the platform. Drag it along to the other end and leave the platform here. More skeletons burst out the holes in the wall. Flame the vines to find a red crystal upgrade. At the end of this area there are a pair of tuning forks. Use Cynder's fear breath to activate them, this sends out have of the bridge. Fly across the river and activate the second set of tuning forks on the other side to fully extend the bridge.

Now that the way is clear go back and fetch an adamantite orb from the beginning of this area. Bring it all the way back to this point and place it on the switch. This lowers the wall and reveals the first crystal key. As soon as this happens a troll will emerge from the fire at the side and steal the key. Kill the troll and take back the key and a wind tunnel will open. this leads back to the start of the lavel and the dragon statues.

Crystal Key 2[edit]

The armour chest is under the floor behind these vines.

Place the crystal key on the statue and another wind tunnel will open up. Ride this to the upper level. As soon as you land there will be some skeletons to kill. Climb the rubble in the corner and you get a message popping up telling you to utilise the dragons elemental breaths. As Cynder, climb the climbing vines and use the wall run to reach the final zone. Switch to Spyro and use the earth breath to make Spyro a ball, and then ram the pillar to knock it over, similar to a wrecking ball.

Drop here for the upgrade.

Use the recently uncovered climbing vines to climb higher. Then jump across the vines on the wall, making sure to dodge the falling spikes. At the top of the last set of vines is a green magic upgrade and a health gem. A small cutscene will play and show you a hole blocked by wreckage. As soon as this is finished more skeletons will attack. Flame the vines and use the earth ball to smash the floor to uncover an armour chest. This holds Spyro's defensive bracers, which grant regenerating health.

Climb the vines and have Spyro wrecking ball through the wall. In the alcoves in the wall there is a spirit gem and a red gem. Go towards the red beam of light and a skeleton will pop up and steal the key. Wipe out the lot of them to pick up the key and open a wind tunnel to the start of the level. First however there is a red crystal upgrade off the edge of this area in an alcove.

Crystal Key 3[edit]

The upgrade is behind these vines.

Fly down off the platform towards one in the corner. You should be able to see a spirit gem glowing against the darkness. Fly down to it and pick it up then use the climbing vines to reach the higher platform. Use more climbing vines to reach another spirit gem. There is another set of vines on the wall followed by a wall kick. Use these and follow the platform round to find another spirit gem. Ignore the loot behind the wall for now as you cannot reach it yet. Go back along the platform and jump down for fourth spirit gem, then fly alongside the wall to reach the platform. Climb the vines in the corner to the upper level.

A mob of skeletons will jump out from a hole in the wall in the wall here and ambush you. When they are all dead you can flame the vines to find a green upgrade crystal. Fly off the edge here and look down and you can see a spirit gem on a low, round platform. Fly back around, past a huge wheel in the wall, towards a series of waterfalls in the corner. Just before this platform is an armour chest. This holds Cynder's defensive helmet, which increases her defence. This should be the last peace of Cynder's defensive armour set.

The huge wheel on the wall with the four braziers.

Carry on this way to the large square area. There is another wall here, like the one that housed the first crystal key. Here another troll will pop up. If your health is running low there is a set of red and green gems on the raised area in the waterfall and the troll is unable to reach up here. When you finally kill this one as well, two torches will rise from the ground. Use Spyro's fire breath to light these to reveal a further four around the wheel on the wall. Fly back to this and plant Cynder on the climbing zone in the middle. Then have Spyro fly around using the fire breath and to light them all. This lowers the wall to reveal the third key and a wind tunnel back to the door and the dragon statues. Before this though, fly out as far as possible to find another spirit gem.

Crystal Key 4[edit]

The secret area is under these planks.

Bring back the third key starts another wind tunnel. Fly through this to reach the higher area above the previous one. Use an aerial attack or Cynder's shadow breath on the second set of planks to open a passageway. This drops you into a secret area which was visible earlier. Use the green gem here to restore Cynder's mana if it is not full, as you are going to need it. Go towards the camera slightly and the wall behind you will rumble and begin to move down the corridor towards you. Surprisingly, this is not a good thing so run!. There will be a series of shadow doors along the way, so send Cynder underneath them and pull the switch to let Spyro through. At the end, the corridor turns off and there is a red crystal upgrade. The exit is hidden behind a waterfall near the third keys location.

The shadow door holding the green crystal upgrade.

Fly back up and around to the to open the shadow door and pull down the switch, it lowers a block that is shaped like a giant key. Power up the electric meter to lower the blocks that the way forward, then use the climbing vines to grip onto the bottom. Use the other dragon to pull the block into the keyhole shaped hole in the wall quickly, otherwise the blockades will reappear and the electric meter will need to be recharged. When the key is in the hole the wall will lower and reveal the last key. Open the second shadow door for a green magic upgrade.

Return to the dragon statues and put the last key in place and the door will open, finishing the level.