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Spyro and Cynder begin the game in an underground cavern, magically chained to the centre of the platform they are standing on. Kill all of the Grublins that pop up from the floor and the second wave that follows them. Now you can head to the centre of the platform and remove the staple, allowing Spyro and Cynder to move. Unfortunately the Golem will jump on the platform and attack you. Roll to dodge its attacks and attack its crystal encrusted hand when it is lowered. Hitting the hand will release blue and red gems, knock it back three times to defeat it. Hunter will appear in a cutscene and shoot the Golem off the edge of the platform and knock down a pillar which can be used to escape the area. Jump across it and head up towards Hunter for another cutscene.

Escape the Catacombs[edit]

The pots that line the walls of this corridor can be smashed for a small amount of blue gems but it could be helpful to geting 100%. Head under the archway and jump or fly across the pillars. On the final pillar the Golem will reemmerge from the depths below and launch an interactive cutscene. Press jump to complete it. The Golem will then smash an exit hole in the wall entering a second hallway. There is a save point here if needed.(you might want to save). Fly over to the platform with the green gem sticking out of it. Attacking this will release green gems that provide mana for Spyro and Cynder to use for the elemental breath attacks. Once either dragon has reached full mana, they will be attacked by more grublins. There are four waves in total and all need to be killed before progressing.

Use either the fire or poison breath to destroy the grey vines in the alcove above to reach a blue XP crystal. Break the next set of vines to open the way forward, then hit the switch on the wall on the way in to raise the platforms. In far corner, have one dragon pick up the Adamantium orb. This item restricts that dragons' flying capabilities and using an attack will drop the orb. Follow Hunter and Sparx up the steps to the halfway point. Use Spyro's electric breath to push down the lever and activate the next set of platforms and place the orb on the receptacle to open the door. After opening the door, turn around and fly into the camera, towards where you entered this room to find a platform with a Health Upgrade Red Crystal. Ride the wind to the top again go into the next room. Upon entering the room turn right immediately and drop off the platform for an XP crystal and follow them along for Green Magic Crystal, then go and activate the switch to rotate the pillar. Get the XP crystal that is at the foot of this area.

Now go back to the start and head up the climbing zone and follow Hunter across them to the other side of the room by the waterfall. The Golem will reappear and knock another pillar down which can be used to get back to this point if you are knocked off. Hurry across the climbing zones and complete the interactive cutscene, in which the Golem will lose its arm in the waterfall. Destroy the dark crystal to open the exit, but before leaving head back for three more XP crystals at the bottom of the area and one more across the large climbing zone, as well as the elite enemy at the foot of the waterfall. Go back up to the top and continue to find a save point and the final XP crystal on this level. There is a horn suspended above the floor, activate the switch to lower it. Whilst doing so you will be attacked by three waves of grublins. Kill them all and finish lowering the horn, then use Cynders wind breath to open the door and finish the level.