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Equipment are items that cannot be equipped with the X button or Y button buttons. They can be found by pressing the Gear button in the touch screen. Some of these items are replaced by better versions throughout the game.


Icon Name Location Description Required
ALBW Forgotten Sword.png Forgotten Sword Blacksmith The first and weakest sword in the game. Yes
ALBW Master Sword 1.png Master Sword Lost Woods The sacred blade of the legend, obtained by collecting the three Pendants of Virtue. It is twice as powerful as the Forgotten Sword, and it is the only item that can break the barrier that surrounds Hyrule Castle. Yes
ALBW Master Sword 2.png Master Sword Level 2 Blacksmith Obtained by giving two pieces of Master Ore, the Blacksmith will upgrade your Master Sword to be twice as powerful. No
ALBW Master Sword 3.png Master Sword Level 3 Blacksmith (Lorule) The strongest sword in the game obtained by giving two pieces of Master Ore to the Blacksmith in Lorule. The sword must be upgraded to Level 2 first. No


Icon Name Location Description Required
ALBW Shield.png Shield Any Shop A basic shield that costs 50 Rupees at any shop. Be aware, Like Likes can eat this shield. Should this happen, you can buy another one. No
ALBW Hylian Shield.png Hylian Shield Turtle Rock This shield can block magical attacks and fire breath from Lynels. Like Likes do not eat this shield. No


Icon Name Location Description
ALBW Green Tunic.png Green Tunic Start of game The default clothing of the game.
ALBW Blue Mail.png Blue Mail Swamp Palace A blue tunic that reduces enemy damage by half, and it replaces Green Tunic when worn.
ALBW Red Mail.png Red Mail Lorule Castle The best clothes in the game. It reduces enemy damage by one fourth or half of the Blue Mail, and it replaces the Blue Mail when worn.


Icon Name Location Description Required
ALBW Power Glove.png Power Glove Rosso's House Allows you to lift small rocks. Yes
ALBW Titan Mitt.png Titan's Mitt Desert Palace Allows you to lift large boulders. Yes


Icon Name Location Description Required
ALBW Bee Badge.png Bee Badge Bee Guy's House Makes Bees become friendly and attack enemies you encounter. No
ALBW Master Ore.png Master Ore Dark Palace, Sanctuary (Lorule), Skull Woods, Thieves' Hideout Upgrades the Master Sword. No
ALBW Pegasus Boots.png Pegasus Boots Kakariko Village Allows you to run swiftly. No
ALBW Pouch.png Pouch Haunted Grove Allows you to equip an item with the X button button. No
ALBW Ravio's Bracelet.png Ravio's Bracelet Link's House Allows you to merge into walls. Yes
ALBW Stamina Scroll.png Stamina Scroll Ice Ruins Extends your Energy Gauge. No
ALBW Zora's Flippers.png Zora's Flippers Zora's Domain Allows you to swim. Yes