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Throughout the game, you are cast in the role of Link, a young boy who lives with his uncle just south of Hyrule Castle. Link may be young, but he is strong and courageous. He is left-handed and has a natural ability with a sword and shield. Link can interact with his environment in many ways. As you discover more items and power-ups, his ability to traverse the lands of Hyrule increases. One of the moves that Link's Uncle teaches him at the beginning of his quest is the Whirling Blade attack, in which Link focuses energy into his sword, and swings around in a full circle, attacking anything in his vicinity.


At the time of this adventure, Link lives with, and is cared for by his Uncle. Not much is known about this man, but he may have been a direct servant to the King of Hyrule in his younger days. He knows many sword techniques, but age has slowed him down, and he's not quite the swordsman he used to be. He attempts to answer Princess Zelda's pleas for help, but he quickly finds himself overwhelmed by the voracity of the possessed knights at Hyrule Castle. Realizing that Link may be Zelda's only hope for rescue, he passes his sword, shield, and special technique on to Link.

Princess Zelda[edit]

Princess Zelda is one of the last seven living descendants of the original seven wise men. Like the other six maidens, possession of Zelda is a high priority goal for the evil forces from the Dark World. The evil wizard Agahnim captures her to weave his magic spell on her, but Link rescues Zelda before he is ready for her. When Zelda is captured once more, Agahnim doesn't waste any time and imprisons her in a Crystal in the Dark World. Zelda is no helpless damsel in distress. She has knowledge that will aid you throughout key moments in your quest.

Sanctuary Monk[edit]

When Link rescues Zelda for the first time, Zelda knows that the Sanctuary north of Hyrule Castle is a relatively safe place to hide from Agahnim's forces. The monk who has devoted his life to the worship of the three Hyrulean Goddesses cares for the Sanctuary. Knowing the dire importance of keeping Zelda safe, he promises Link that he will shelter her while Link finds a way to defeat Agahnim and restore peace to Hyrule.


Sahasrahla is a wise old man who has the knowledge to undo all of Agahnim's plans. Agahnim knows this, and Sahasrahla knows that he knows, so he goes into hiding. He must leave his lifelong home in Kakariko village to a safe house in the rarely explored eastern region of Hyrule. He told very few of his relocation, not even the old lady who lived next to him. One boy in Kakariko village could be trusted to reveal that information to the right people. Once Link finds Sahasrahla, he begins to unveil the steps that Link must take on his quest to defeat Agahnim and beyond. He has powerful advice and even powerful artifacts with which to provide Link.

King Zora[edit]

In the northeast most region of Hyrule lies a hidden valley of waterfalls. This valley is ruled by a mysterious aquatic creature known as the King of the Zoras. He may look fearsome, and he's not to be trifled with, but greed is his weakness. For a very high price, he will supply Link with a very valuable item that will help him explore more regions of Hyrule, and utilize his secret waterway passages.

Faerie Queen[edit]

There is not just one Faerie Queen, but several. Two can be found in Hyrule, one in Lake Hylia, and one in the Waterfall of Wishes. They have both pledged to aid the forces of good against the forces of evil, but they may not intervene directly. They must be sought out, and the right item must be thrown in their springs in order to receive their assistance.

Old Man[edit]

During Link's very first journey into the caves of Death Mountain, Link will stumble upon a kind old man who has lost his way in the darkness. Grateful for the fortune of Link passing by with a lamp, he requests Link's help in returning to his mountain-side home in the lower portions of Death Mountain. After Link complies and helps the talkative man return to his home, he rewards Link's kindness with a powerful artifact that will help Link out substantially throughout the rest of his journey. After that, the Old Man will always heal Link's wounds, just like a Faerie, whenever Link visits.

Kiki the Monkey[edit]

During Link's search for the first crystal of the Dark World, Link gets lost trashing throughout the mazes of brambles and bushes looking for the way to the Dark Palace. After popping out of a bush, Link is surprised to find a little monkey named Kiki trailing behind him. He is even more surprised to hear the monkey ask for Rupee in return for his assistance. His prices may seem high, but Link would never gain access into the Dark Palace without Kiki's help.

Big Catfish[edit]

Whether he is a transformed citizen of the Light World, or a native citizen of the Dark, a giant Catfish has made his home inside a circle of rocks in the north east region of the Dark World. Preferring to live the life of a hermit, he'd rather not interact with the outside world, and he's even posted a sign outside of his circle asking people not to throw objects into it. If Link ignores the sign, the Big Catfish, so stunned by Link's audacity, will provide him with a significant item in return for leaving him alone.

Flute Boy[edit]

While wandering through the Light World, Link finds an enchanted grove to the south east of Kakariko Village. He sees a boy playing on a kind of flute to an audience of woodland animals. However, every time he approaches to speak with the boy, the animals scatter and the boy vanishes into thin air like a vision. Later on in his quest, Link visits the same location in the Dark World, only to find an oddly transformed boy, sitting on a stump, with a sad story to tell and a request to make.

Bomb Shop Owner[edit]

In the Dark World, just south of the Pyramid of Power, in the place where Link's home should be, is bomb shop. The owner inside is very talented in the art of constructing bombs. Shortly after Link arrives in the Dark World, this shop owner goes to work on building the most explosive bomb ever. He succeeds, but it takes him some time. When Link has recovered roughly six of the crystals, the shop owner finally displays the Super Bomb, happy to sell it to the first customer that comes asking.

Heavy Faerie[edit]

Faerie Queens exist in the Dark World as well but have been deformed by Ganon, who believes the myth that the Faerie's power is tied to their incredible beauty, and he believes that he has crippled the Faerie Queen that resides in the Pyramid of Power by robbing her of that beauty, and sealing her inside. This Queen is determined to prove Ganon wrong. If the right hero comes along and throws the right items into the spring, she is prepared to reward their honesty with the most powerful weapons available in all of Hyrule.