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Wii U Switch Action
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Move
Press lstick Press lstick Toggle crouch
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Move camera
Press rstick Press rstick Zoom in with the Sheikah Slate
L button L button Use rune
R button R button Throw weapon
ZL button ZL button Center camera / Lock on / Raise shield
ZL button + A button ZL button + A button Parry
ZL button + Left lstick/Right lstick ZL button + Left lstick/Right lstick Strafe
ZL button + Left lstick/Right lstick + X button Sidehop
ZL button + Down lstick + X button Backflip
ZL button + X button + A button Shield Surf
ZR button ZR button Use bow
A button A button Interact
B button B button Cancel / Put away
X button X button Jump
Y button Y button Attack
Up dpad + Neutral rstick Up dpad + Neutral rstick Select rune
Left dpad + Neutral rstick Left dpad + Neutral rstick Select shield / Select arrow
Right dpad + Neutral rstick Right dpad + Neutral rstick Select weapon / Select bow
Down dpad Down dpad Whistle (calls your horse)
Plus button Plus button Open pause menu
Minus button Minus button Open the Sheikah Slate