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Wake up Link![edit]

Now to get your adventure started, wake up the links and begin to head west. Then you will pass a red house with a fenced in backyard, enter and inside there will be a man who will teach you about your formations which you will need to use constantly throughout the game (On Single Player mode).

On the Road Again[edit]

After your lesson with the old man and his daughters or granddaughters.. whatever they are head west and push the large block into the water creating a bridge for you and your party. Now look for the cave with the stone blocking your way. Press R button and toss the rock any which way to move it from your way and enter the cave. Step on the switch and head north and grab the boomerang. Leave the cave and head north where some Octoroks are Frolicking, Use the boomerang to grab the key and unlock the door Shadow Link locked head to the back door and lift up the large stone and grab the fire rod. Head back to the front and burn down the stumps around the large stone head down the steps to get to the other side press the switch to make a bridge then head west and you will find Shadow Link.

Now that you have found Dark Link you are ready to fight him right? Well sorry but that just isn't the case yet.. Don't worry you will soon enough but right now DL (Dark Link) is just pounding at the ground like a slow child with a magic hammer. When DL leaves jump on the large switch and tons of Force gems will fly down from the sky. The Easiest way to collect them all is to get into Line formation and walk up and down the screen. After you gather them all head north and hop into the water, head under the bridge and go up the steps, remove the large stone and BAM there's TINGLE!! Kloomapah.. I hate this guy he will always show up when tons of Force gems drop and always looks to take the ones with the most value.

Ah Sweet Waterfall[edit]

After your party and tingle talk go ahead and hop back into the water and head south of the rocks,heading east. climb up one of the four ladders along the west side of the waterfall. Once you hit the top head into the cave and hop right on into the cannon, Blast up and press your toggle to the left so you avoid falling back in the hole. Head into the next cave and get your hands on the boomerang. then blast up and out to the top of the waterfall, Head north and behind the waterfall.

Here there are three cave openings, make your way into the third cave on the right and step on all four switches, this creates a bridge to your left, Take one link and leave the cave then go into the middle cave stand on the star switch and hit L button to gather your party together and head south. Go ahead and leap into the waterfall and once you reach the bottom press B button to dive for some Force Gems( Collect as many as possible. Once you gather up your force gems head for the whirlpool in the Southeast corner.

In this cave get into your Line formation and push the block down and when the platform appears step on it to get across the hole, grab the large green force gem worth 100 gems and by now you should at least have 2000 Gems,If not don't worry there are still more gems to collect.

Step on the switch and open the chests for some more Force Gems (Told yah!) and a blue ring. Now head up and out of the cave. Toss the rocks and slash at all the grass, and once you find it go ahead and fall into the hole pressing over to the left to fall into a safe place. Go single and send one link over to the right to gather up some force gems then reassemble and drop down to grab a boomerang, Leave the Cave and Stand on the bridge, Get into line formation and get ready for a mass attack from soldiers, Kill them all then stand on the switch, open the chest. In it there will be a heart container. Now for sure you should have 2000 or over 2000 force gems. Head west and get ready for your first boss fight.

Boss: Squad Leader[edit]

He, and his minions are very easy. What you do is get into Line formation and kill his Six minions then get into Back-to-Back formation slashing away at him, Make sure that you move out of his way when he charges and when he does, he will stop and you roll up to him and slash and slash until your heart is content.

Get into Line formation and grab all of your forcegems the squad leader dropped before tingle gets to them before you do. Head west after you got all your force gems and break the barrier and the first part of this tale is complete.