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Most of these cheats should work with both versions of the game, but this is not guaranteed. This guide is written with the DX version in mind.

Many of these cheats have not been tested, and none have been tested outside of emulation, so they may not work as expected or may even have undesirable side-effects.

Note: for some cheat devices you may need to change the first digit from 0 to 9 or vice versa.

Game Genie Codes[edit]

Original Only[edit]

Use these codes to cheat with the Game Genie peripheral. These codes will only work on the original version, and not the DX version.

Code Effect Note
054-EE9-E6E 1 Rupee is worth 5 Rupees
324-EE9-E6E 1 Rupee is worth 50 Rupees
FF4-EE9-E6E 1 Rupee is worth 255 Rupees
FAO-999-4C1 Infinite Energy
09C-56B-E6E All Items At Max Level (1 of 2)
09C-74A-E6E All Items At Max Level (2 of 2) All items start out maxed as long as the A or B slot is empty.
FAF-BDA-4C1 Shop Items Are Free If You Can Afford Them (1 of 2)
FAF-B2A-4C1 Shop Items Are Free If You Can Afford Them (2 of 2) As long as you can afford it, buy an item for free.

Unknown Compatibility[edit]

These may or may not work with the DX version.

Code Effect Note
12E-79E-EFA You will always shoot arrows (if you have them or not) without deleting your supply
DEF-9BB-7OC Messed-Up Graphics (1 of 3)
DEF-8BC-7OC Messed-Up Graphics (2 of 3)
DEF-7BD-7OC Messed-Up Graphics (3 of 3) This code messes up the graphics on a screen inside a cave, house, etc. When you walk between screens it jams up. Turn code off to move and you'll have a new spot. Some are on top of walls in caves, but be careful there are pits one can never get out of.
346-708-FEC No people or monsters Except in rooms you start in (i.e. like when you load a game, or walk into a house), this does work in the Labyrinths. There is a side effect to this code, and it's pretty weird. When you walk into a solid object like a fence or a house, the game makes this zapping noise and you walk strangely. If you walk going right into a fence, instead of pushing the fence, you walk up, through walls and anything else in the way (except people). The code makes it look like maybe and animal village are abandoned. You can also use the side effect to skip fighting the nightmare and just get the instrument.
BA8-75C Screen Warp Replicator This code enables you to take something from one room (like people or monsters) and put them in a nearby one. You can take items for a long distance, but you end up getting everybody/thing in every other room you cross. This makes the game run really slowly, and the items get distorted across a long distance. You can take secret seashells and move them around to get enough for your sword upgrade. You cannot enter a house or a cave and keep your stuff. You can shut the owl up, move him into adjacent room, then kill him with your sword. Unfortunately, he returns to blab at you and tell you the stuff you already know.
EA1-928 Walk-Through Walls This is a perfect walk through walls code. You can walk through anything (except people). The only thing is, you need the Roc's Feather to end the effects. (The fishing mouse in Mabe village works too if you play the fishing game.) The screen turns white immediately after you turn the code on. Use the save function, and return to game to remedy this. If you use the Roc's Feather while codes are on, the screen will change funky colors.
9B3-34B-218 Automatic Fire Rod Effects With this code you get a flame wand that auto fires about every eight seconds. It does not interfere with other weapons, and will not fire if you are doing the power sword slash.
00D-EAD Messed-Up People And Animals This code just messes up the graphics of the people, and animals, and likely the monsters too.
DEA-D08 Monsters Act Like Pac-Man Monsters and animals can drift offscreen, especially the righthand side. For example: the chickens in Mabe village. Swat one with a sword and get him to run to the right. He will go through almost anything, and offscreen on the right. Walk to the right (without leaving the screen) and he will wrap around the other side.
A28-93B Fly Up The Screen If you are not walking when this code is on you will automatically fly up to the top of the screen (will work on every single frame).
525-21B Sled-Jump Use your Feather to jump or jump off a cliff, you will land on your stomach and keep on skidding as if you were riding on a sled.
345-DCB-356 Change Soundtrack
626 738 E65 Enemies And Friends Disappear (Switchable) Caution: you can be trapped in Bottle Grotto dungeon. Don't use this code to get into a dungeon early.
02C-56B-E6E Get The Lv. 2 Sword And Mirror Shield At Start Of The Game (1 of 2)
02C-74A-E6E Get The Lv. 2 Sword And Mirror Shield At Start Of The Game (2 of 2) You must use this on a new game or there will be no effect. With this code, Tarin will give you the Mirror Shield, and the Master Sword will be waiting on the beach. (No more annoying shells.) However, if you use the code to gain the Mirror Shield, the ghost will never haunt you. If you want to be haunted later, turn off the code and get the Fighter's Shield. The Master Sword, however, doesn't interfere with the Ghost, so turn the code on before you touch the sword.
222-229 You Should Have The Sword And The Feather If you swipe your sword, You will have the power to walk through walls. To stop walking through walls, jump up once. You can walk through walls on to the next screen. On the overworld map, you'll go to the next screen, but in dungeons, buildings, caves and any thing like that, you'll go to an "almost random place." Almost random in that you can make a map and it will always be the same.


  • Sometimes, the game will lock up. Just reset, it won't hurt anything.
  • Also, watch out for screens with holes on the sides (i.e., the telephone booth).
  • Like above, if you don't have flippers, don't go to a spot with water on the edge.
  • Never take a trading item except the Magnifying Glass if you find it in a cave. Later, when you go to get your Magnifying Glass, it won't be there.
542-11B Fast Music
54E-119 Store Owner Ignores You (Steal Items Easily)
100-02A In-Door Area Has No Room Wall
B82-3AE Swing The Sword Quicker
B82-3CE Swing The Sword Mega Fast (It's Like Stabbing)
555-5BD Darkened Rooms Always Lit (1 of 2)
122-24C Darkened Rooms Always Lit (2 of 2)
000-92E Infinite Arrow
00F-84F Infinite Bomb
FA4-658 Infinite Dungeon Key
403-9E9 A Single Seashell Gives You Enough For The Master Sword
001-85E Infinite Magic Powder
7E1-DEA Unlimited Item Pickup/Teasure Chest

Action Replay/GameShark Codes[edit]

As a rule, these should work with both Action Replay and GameShark.

Ability Modifiers[edit]

Code Effect Note
010046C1 Fly When You Jump
01xx49C1 Jump Height Modifier (00 = low > FF = high)
01204AC1 Always Run
01FF21C1 Walk Slower
0134C7DB Become Dark Link With this code, you can't get hurt by enemy attacks, the only way you can get hurt is by falling into lava, and into pits.
01004CC1 Super rapid fire items and weapons (1 of 4)
01004DC1 Super rapid fire items and weapons (2 of 4)
01004EC1 Super rapid fire items and weapons (3 of 4)
01004FC1 Super rapid fire items and weapons (4 of 4)
91017CD4 Always have piece of power (can't use with acorn code)
91027CD4 Always have piece of acorn (can't use with power code)
01001FC1 Shallow water/long grass/stairs do not affect walk speed
9180xxD8 Replace xx with 00 -> FF to unlock map tiles
0101A9C5 Sword beams even if you don't have full hearts (lvl 2+ sword only)
01009FC2 Special boomerang

Invisibility, Walk Through Walls, etc.[edit]

Code Effect Note
01100AC1 Walk Through Walls
01007EC1 Walk Through Walls
010045C1 Invisible
010035C1 Transparent
018359C1 Bracket Bar Glitch Code (1 of 6)
01E559C1 Bracket Bar Glitch Code (2 of 6)
01006FC4 Bracket Bar Glitch Code (3 of 6)
01FF6FC4 Bracket Bar Glitch Code (4 of 6)
018E10D3 Bracket Bar Glitch Code (5 of 6)
019210D3 Bracket Bar Glitch Code (6 of 6)
010211C1 Weird Code (Matrix Code)
01050EC1 Slow-Motion
01100AC1 Walk Through Walls (1 of 2)
01007EC1 Walk Through Walls (2 of 2)
070084D7 Have Two Doors In A House
010014D7 Have Secret Doors All Around Koholint Island With this code, if you go to Madam Meow Meow's house, you can find the actual Yoshi in life. Also, some little blocks that are the same color of the ground could block your way or get you stuck.
010181C2 Fun Code With this code, you'll see lightning on the Loading Screen and everything in is in slow motion. Also, most of the enemies are dead, and you'll see a ton of rupees and power-ups.

Map-Exploration Omega Code[edit]

This gets its own section due to its immense size. All must be used together. All are by Xkeeper from Zelda Coalition.

This will change all objects on the outer edge of the current screen to walkable tiles, usually dirt or grass. This allows you to go anywhere. It's dangerous though - be sure to turn it off when entering the room you want to exit, since the door tiles will likely be gone.

Code Effect
910411D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (1 of 32)
910412D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (2 of 32)
910413D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (3 of 32)
910414D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (4 of 32)
910415D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (5 of 32)
910416D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (6 of 32)
910417D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (7 of 32)
910418D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (8 of 32)
910419D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (9 of 32)
91041AD7 Map Exploration Omega Code (10 of 32)
910421D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (11 of 32)
91042AD7 Map Exploration Omega Code (12 of 32)
910431D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (13 of 32)
91043AD7 Map Exploration Omega Code (14 of 32)
910441D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (15 of 32)
91044AD7 Map Exploration Omega Code (16 of 32)
910451D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (17 of 32)
91045AD7 Map Exploration Omega Code (18 of 32)
910461D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (19 of 32)
91046AD7 Map Exploration Omega Code (20 of 32)
910471D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (21 of 32)
91047AD7 Map Exploration Omega Code (22 of 32)
910481D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (23 of 32)
910482D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (24 of 32)
910483D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (25 of 32)
910484D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (26 of 32)
910485D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (27 of 32)
910486D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (28 of 32)
910487D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (29 of 32)
910488D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (30 of 32)
910489D7 Map Exploration Omega Code (31 of 32)
91048AD7 Map Exploration Omega Code (32 of 32)


Code Effect Note
010195DB View The Ending Sequence Turn this on and then restart the game to see the ending in its entirety from the point where Link climbs the ladder. If activated during gameplay, only the last part of the ending will play (the credits cutscene) and the music of the current area will be over top of the intended music. This is also the easiest way to see the special Marin ending.
0126F2F6 Better SFX
0100F3FF Start on Turtle Rock (1 of 7)
0100F5FF Start on Turtle Rock (2 of 7)
0100F6FF Start on Turtle Rock (3 of 7)
0100F7FF Start on Turtle Rock (4 of 7)
0100F9FF Start on Turtle Rock (5 of 7)
0100FAFF Start on Turtle Rock (6 of 7)
0100FBFF Start on Turtle Rock (7 of 7)
010195DB "Voir la fin du jeu"(See the end of the game) [1] This has not been tested.

Item Acquisition[edit]

Code Effect Note
010112DB Have Angler Key
010114DB Have Bird Key
0101CDDB Have current dungeon's Compass
010113DB Have Face Key
010E0EDB Have Magnifying Glass
0101CCDB Have current dungeon's Map
0101CFDB Have Nightmare Key
01010DDB Have Secret Medicine
010115DB Have Slime Key
0101CEDB Have current dungeon's Stone Beak
010111DB Have Tail Key
01xx4CDB Have Given Amount of Magic Powder
01204CDB Infinite Magic Powder
01093DDB Infinite Small Keys (GameShark only?)
0101D0DB Infinite Small Keys (CodeBreaker only?)
01200FDB Have All 20 Secret Seashells
010749DB All Three Ocarina Songs Learned
010515DB Have All 5 Golden Leaves With this code, after giving Richard his key, save and turn the code off.
91010CDB Have Flippers
91xx0EDB Have Trading Item... (not mapped yet)
91xx0FDC Replace xx with 00 = green cloak, 01 = red/offensive cloak, 02 = blue/defensive cloak DX Version only

Photo Album Alteration[edit]

Many thanks to Xkeeper from Zelda Coalition for this.

Each bit is equal to one picture. If the bit is ON, the picture is on. If #13 is set, picture 1 will be alternate photo.

Bits 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
DC0C - Pictures 1-8 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01
DC0D - Pictures 9-12 13 12 11 10 09
Code Effect
91FF0CDC Have Pictures 1-8
910F0DDC Have Pictures 9-12 plus Normal #1
918F0DDC Have Pictures 9-12 plus Alternate #1

Rupee/Ammo/Heart Quantities[edit]

Code Effect Note
013045DB Infinite Arrows
01304DDB Infinite Bombs
01185ADB Infinite Health
01705ADB Infinite Hearts (use with above code)
01095DDB Infinite Rupees (1 of 2)
01995EDB Infinite Rupees (2 of 2) Enter only this code to lock your Rupee counter where it is (nothing be added or taken away).
01705BDB Max Hearts

Special Weapon Modifiers[edit]

Code Effect Note
01xx43DB Bracelet Level Modifier (replace xx with almost any number you like)
01xx44DB Shield Level Modifier (replace xx with 01 to 03, 00 may also work)
01025AC1 Have Super Shield (1 of 2)
01025BC1 Have Super Shield (2 of 2)
01xx4EDB Sword Level Modifier (replace xx with 01 to 03, 00 may work)
01026AC1 Always Have Sword In Hand The advantage of this code is that you could, for example, use the boomerang while sword-ramming with the Pegasus Boots.

Equip Any Item[edit]

Change the weapon in a particular slot to something else. It is advisable to unequip/empty that button/slot first as the item is as-such permanently replaced by this cheat.

01xxyyDB: A-Button Slot Modifier

Use these codes to replace yy:

  • 01: A Button equipped item
  • 00: B Button equipped item
  • 02-0B: slots in inventory

Use these codes to replace xx:

  • 00: Blank
  • 01: Sword
  • 02: Bombs
  • 03: Power Bracelet
  • 04: Shield
  • 05: Bow
  • 06: Hookshot
  • 07: Fire Rod
  • 08: Pegasus Boots
  • 09: Ocarina
  • 0A: Roc's Feather
  • 0B: Shovel
  • 0C: Magic Powder
  • 0D: Boomerang
  • 0E: Glitch Items

Buy Any Item[edit]

01xx07C5: Buy Item Modifier

Replace xx with:

  • 00: Empty
  • 01: Shovel
  • 02: Hearts
  • 03: Shield
  • 04: Bombs
  • 05: Bow and Arrow set
  • 06: Arrows
  • 07: Ocarina (Free)
  • 08: Acorn (doesn't work)
  • 09: Crazy Tracy's Medicine (Free)
  • 10: Mushroom, is invisible and crashes game

Enemies and people look like...[edit]

01xx95C1: A lot of enemies & people look like... modifier

00: Glitched enemeies
01: Female Bow-wow
39: Invisible enemies
40: Plant monster
41: Strange head monster
42: Crow
43: Old lady
44: Skull monster
45: Mother & child
46: Old guy
47: The lady who owns Bow-wow
48: Baby Bow-wow
49: Crazy Tracy's head
4A: Sea fish & Sea plant monster
4B: Guy who writes letters
4C: Strange fish
4D: Fishing guy
4F: Strange circles
50: Musical insturements
51: Same but better than the code above
52: Strange creature
53: Giant monster
54: Cyclops
55: Kirby like creature
56: Strange monster
57: Strange eye creature
58: Mask monster
59: Card monster
5A: Knight monster
5B: Frog guy
5C: Frog
5D: Big fish from the fish mini Game
5E: Horses head
5F: Snake/Plant
60: Bug/ Strange creature
61: Fish creature
62: Skull
63: Sword/Shield
64: Plant eater
65: Angry store
66: Strange sign
67: Monkey
68: Strange monkey
69: Dog like creature
6A: Cup/Bananas

6B: Bee's nest/ Signing guy
6C: Marin's dad
6D: Father of the kid
6E: Strange slime monster
6F: Walrus
70: Same as above
71: Mermaid's head
72: Same as above
73: Mermaid statue
74: Ghost head
75: Fisherman fishing
76: Flying monster
77: Mummy monster
78: All monsters & people are the same
79: Green eye monster
7A: Flying gremlin monster
7B: Snake
7C: Beast monsters
7D: Hoping frog
7E: Crocodile
7F: Same as above but the crocodile is smiling
80: Beast master monster
81: Spike monster
9E: Strange bird monster
9F: Very, very strange creature
A1: Big fish/Fishhook
A2: Flying monster
A3: Witch's head
A4: Bow-wow
A5: Strange monster
A6: Some monster/Person
A7: Penguin
A8: Big bug
A9: Skull man
AA: Plant monster 2
AB: Strange white monster
AC: Strage urn orb
AD: Glitch
B0: Worm monster
B1: Middle of worm monster
B2: Tail of worm monster
B3: Strange stick thing
B4: Eye
BB: Strange slime creature
BC: Dragon head

BD: A wing
BE: Claws
C0: A word that appears, the word you see is oh
C2: Eyes
C3: Seashell creature
C4: Bunny
C5: Singing Marin
C6: Strange thing
C7: Flying gremlin
C8: Raccon
CD: Girl crocodile
CE: Strange creature
CF: Squeal
D0: Head of crocodile man
D2: Monkey
D3: Some guy
D4: Bananas
D5: Brick wall
D8: Scary ghost
DC: Little boy
DD: Chicken/Hen
DE: Chicken
DF: Rat
E0: Bow-wow's pup
E1: Girl Bow-wow
E2: Marin's dad
E3: Ball shooter monster
E4: Bow-wow
E5: Chicken
E6: Dancing Marin
E7: Boy
E8: Hole
F0: Blob
F2: Strange blob
F3: Eye
F4: Link himself
F5: Link himself 2
F7: Strange urn ball
F9: Evil strange urn ball
FA: Skull
FB: Crystal ball
FD: Strange thing
FE: Target squares
FF: Circle things