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Link reading the solution to the graveyard puzzle.

The Color Dungeon contains a small yet intricate set of puzzles that you could spend hours working out if you don't pay close attention to the patterns.

First of all go to the Mabe Village library. You'll notice a book on the top of the centre shelf. Equip the Pegasus Boots and ram into the shelves, knocking the book down in the process.

Knock the book down, choose to read it, and follow its instructions.

A correct series of moves in the graveyard. Click to view.

Push the bottom-right gravestone down, the bottom-left gravestone left, the top-left gravestone up, the top-center gravestone right, and finally, push the top-right gravestone up. Congratulations, you've found the Color Dungeon!

Now enter the dungeon and prepare for an interesting experience.

Entrance[edit | edit source]

Talk to each of the skeletons. Each will ask what color his tunic is. This check is an attempt to prevent monocrome Game Boy players from accessing the dungeon. Be sure to answer each question correctly. After this they will move aside and allow you entry.
In this room there are two completely new enemies, and you will not see them outside this dungeon. These are green and red Camo Goblins. These enemies hide in the colored tile and come out when you stand on the tile they are in. Kill them with your sword when they come out.
In this puzzle you need to make all the red blue.
Hit the top-left head.
Hit the bottom-right head.
Open the chest for the Compass.
Bomb the bottom wall for 140 rupees.
Go back up and then head to the right. In this room the colored tiles will make you jump, and they will change color when touched. They start as green, and when touched once they turn yellow, touched again they will turn red, and when touched a third time they will turn into holes. Just ignore trying to do anything and head right.
In this room your goal is to hit the Karakoro to make them curl up into balls, and then throw them in the appropriate holes. If you put them in the wrong hole they'll pop out of it. Your reward is a stone beak.
Avoid or kill the creatures and head up.
Aha! More color-coded fun.
Hit the top-left head.
Hit the bottom-right head.
Hit the top-left head. Take the key and go to the right.
More pitiful monsters. Unlock the door and go up.

Miniboss #1: Giant Buzz Blob[edit | edit source]

Giant Buzz Blob

And now, you'll fight... the uber-sized Giant Buzz Blob! He says the sword can't harm him. Remember how the blue Stalfos told you to have Magic Powder with you? Use it. It will damage Giant Buzz Blob when you sprinkle it on him, and make him vulnerable to your sword for a while. After three doses and a few swings, he falls. Head left, and you'll get the Nightmare's Key.

Now that you've got the Nightmare's Key, return to the room with the shell beetles and head down.
You know the drill; kill kill kill. Head left.
Open the chest for a key and go through the body-cast door.
In this room, simply head up.

Miniboss #2: Dekudon[edit | edit source]


And now it's miniboss number two: Dekudon! He is quite tough, and drops boulder after boulder at you, and tosses you if you get too close. He is basically a Hinox, but with a stone-armored body. It will take many hits to defeat him, but if you have Bombs or the Magic Rod, he'll go down in two hits.

In this room lift the top-left pot for a button and then go up.
You found the map! Better late than never. Head right.
Ooooh, more beetles. Put them in the right holes once more.
Take the key and head back to the button room.
This time, go to the left.
Aha! Another color puzzle.
Hit the top-center head first.
Then the right-center one...
Then the left-center one...
And finally the bottom-center one. Now go through the door that just opened.
In this room go near the tiles to awaken the Gels and then kill them to get a Small Key. Use it on the door and head left.
In the next room, wall-ride on the blocks after hitting the switch, then unlock the door to fight the boss.

Boss: D. Poon[edit | edit source]

D. Poon.

The boss is D. Poon. "Blue is safe. Yellow is caution. Red is danger." This line he says refers to his own health. Simply keep him from turning back to blue. The darker he gets, the closer to victory. When he's red, hit him one final time to kill him. The Fire Rod should make quick work of him, if you have it. Also arrows from the bow you can buy from the shop need 980 rupees.

And you've made it! Talk to the fairy to claim your reward. She will give you a new color of clothes: red, or blue. To double your attack like the Piece of Power does, choose red. To double your defense like the Guardian Acorn does, choose blue.

NOTE: after this change you can come back any time to change between the red and blue tunics, but you can never ever return to the green tunic without cheats.

After making your choice and confirming that that is final, she returns you outside. Congratulations, you've completed the Color Dungeon!