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Heart Piece 1[edit]

Zelda LA Piece of Heart 1.png
  • Item needed: Sword

Any time after you've got your sword, slash the bushes and fall down the Mabe Village well for a Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece 2[edit]

Zelda LA Piece of Heart 2.png
  • Item needed: L-1 Bracelet

Head into the first Mysterious Forest cave, the one on the way to the toadstool, to find this piece.

Heart Piece 3[edit]

Zelda LA Piece of Heart 3.png
  • Item needed: Roc's Feather

After getting the Roc's Feather, jump onto this platform to claim your third Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece 4[edit]

ZLA heart piece fish.png

North from Bow Wow's house you can talk to a man and play the fishing minigame. Catch the large fish closest to you for a heart piece. You may have to clear out the other fish first by catching them too, so bring plenty of Rupees.