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Dungeon Items[edit]

Each dungeon has the following items.

Name Description
Compass Reveals treasure chests on the map.
Map Shows every room of the dungeon including ones that have not been visited.
Stone Slab Fragment
Stone Beak (DX, Switch)
Gives hints when placed on a stone slab / owl statue.
Nightmare Key Unlocks door leading to the boss.
Small Key Unlocks locked doors and blocks. Consumed on use.
Heart Container Rewarded after beating the boss. Increases Link's maximum health by one heart.


Name Location Description
Tail Key
Slime Key
Angler Key
Face Key
Bird Key


Rupees are the main currency and have different values based on the color.

  • Green 1
  • Blue 5
  • Red 20
  • Purple 50
  • Silver 100
  • Gold 300