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  • Access to Romani's Ranch from Day 1
  • Powder Keg (Available after 2nd Dungeon)
  • Hero's Bow (1st dungeon)
  • Epona
  • Bunny Hood


  • Epona
  • Epona's Song
  • Milk
  • Romani's Mask

What To Do[edit]


On Day 1 use the Powder Keg to blow open the pass into Romani's Ranch. Go near the girl to learn that she is practicing Alien Hunting so she can protect her cows from "them." When you inquire about the horse, she tells you if you want it, you have to complete a target test. Hit 10 targets using arrows while on Epona to win her back! The trick is to keep your aim and just try your luck. Romani will teach you Epona's Song. She then asks you if you will help her defend the barn from aliens. Say yes and keep your promise by arriving before 2:30 AM. At 2:30 the aliens begin to head to Earth. Put on the bunny hood and make your rounds around the barn. Two appear behind the barn, while the others come from the field.

This is really a test of both speed and skill. Use the Bunny Hood and play the Inverted Song of Time. It will take twice as long to finish but the aliens will move half as fast, giving you the advantage. While most of the targets will approach from the front, there will be one sneaking up from behind the barn. The dog will also assist by facing the target closest to the barn and barking at it. Keep your ground until 5:30 AM when the sun comes up. At that time, the aliens will disapear and Romani will be grateful. She'll give you a bottle full of regular milk.

If you fail, the barn will be lifted off its feet and Romani with it! Cremia will be in a slump for the rest of Day 2. On Day 3 Romani will return but will not remember "them" or you, so if you talk to her she will still offer practice, but will then ask what it is for. Life will be dull for the rest of the day for the sisters.


Successful protection of the barn means that milk can be delivered to the Milk Bar in Clock Town! At 6:00 PM on Day 2 Cremia will ask you to accompany her to Clock Town. The reason she wants your help is because Romani has been telling the tales of how you saved the cows. She wants you to protect her from the Bandits who want to break her Milk Jugs (A little competition is too much for the Bandits to handle). Hop on the wagon and use your bow to keep the Bandts at bay. Shoot them to slow them down.

Even if a jug breaks, only one jug has to make it to Clock Town. It all depends on your aiming. When you make it to Clock Town safely, Cremia will thank you by giving you the Romani's Mask.

If all the Milk Jugs make it to Clock Town (Not one broken), Cremia will also give Link a hug and kiss. How sweet.

The Romani's Mask is a cow hood that gives Link permission to enter the Latte (Milk Bar) from 10 PM to 5 PM.

If you replay this event with the Circus Leader's Mask (See Gorman and His Tale of Woe for more details), the Bandits will not attack you. It is also worth noting that this event is recorded in the Gorman Brother's section of the Notebook as well.