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  • Romani's Mask
  • Completed Event: "Them"
  • Deku, Goron, and Zora Masks


  • Circus Leader's Mask

What To Do[edit]


On Day 1 or 2, enter the Milk Bar from 10 PM to 5 AM. Talk to Toto (The Zora) to help with his sound check. Play the notes he tells you as your four incarnations (Normal, Deku, Goron, Zora).


After completing the sound check, Gorman will begin to tell you of his sad, sorry tale of how he was kicked out of his troupe, The Gorman Brothers. After an emotional tale, Gorman will be unable to say more and he'll give you the Circus Leader's Mask.

The Circus Leader's Mask is a sad mask which cries tears. Using it while protecting Cremia's Wagon causes the Bandits to stop shooting at the jugs.