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This quest ISN'T optional. You must finish this side-quest to finish the rest of the game.


  • 10 Rupees
  • Epona


  • Garo's Mask

Things to Do[edit]

Go to the Gorman Brothers' Track on Milk Road. While on Epona, pay 10 rupees to the Gorman Brothers to race against them. Win the race to receive the Garo's Mask

The Trick here is to make ALL the jumps and to slow the Brothers down. Use your bow to slow the Bros. down temporarily (in areas with few obstacles). When Epona starts to slow down, go faster until you go back to normal, then continue to go faster. Save at least 3 carrots so you can jump the fences. Keep going until you go past the finish line!

The Garo's Mask allows you to enter Ikana Canyon. It is mandatory to get. Also, another thing to remember is that once you have completed the "Them" side-quest and have successfully defended Cremia from the bandits, you cannot complete this side quest because the Garo Bros. will not be at the track.