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The following are the items and equipment that can be found in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are categorized by type.


Equipment items are automatically equipped and are mainly swords and shields.

LoZ MM Kokiri Sword.png

Kokiri Sword

  • Location: Start of Game

A sword with very little strength and short reach. Link begins the game with this sword, and can use it when in normal form (before and after being affected by the curse from Majora's Mask.) If it is stolen by the Takkuri, you can obtain it from the Curiosity Shop, or reclaim it by playing the Song of Time.

LoZ MM Razor Sword.png

Razor Sword

  • Location: Mountain Smithy (Days 1 and 2)

The Razor Sword is obtained by upgrading the Kokiri Sword at the Snowhead Blacksmiths for 100 Rupees. It features a double blade, increased range, and double the strength. Though, due to its fragile nature, it will break after one hundred strikes and become the Kokiri Sword once again. It is also impossible to return to the Dawn of the First Day with it, since doing so will cause it to revert back to the Kokiri Sword. Because of this, it is relatively useless to upgrade to the Razor Sword unless one intends to upgrade again to the Gilded Sword within the same three-day cycle.

LoZ MM Gildedsword.png

Gilded Sword

  • Location: Mountain Smithy (Day 2)

Give the Gold Dust and the Razor Sword to the Mountain Smithy on Day 2 so he can forge it into the Gilded Sword, which can be picked up on Day 3. It is highly recommended that you get this sword before you head to the Western Ocean. To get Gold Dust, win the Goron Race after beating Goht. The Gilded Sword is unbreakable and will remain when you save your game.

LoZ MM Fairysword.png

Great Fairy's Sword

  • Location: Ikana Fairy Fountain

Unlike the Kokiri Sword, Razor Sword, and Gilded Sword, the Great Fairy's Sword is equipped to the C-button as an item. It is a double-handed sword and as such cannot be used in concurrence with a shield. To counter this disadvantage, the Great Fairy's Sword deals four times as much damage as the Kokiri Sword—making it the most physically powerful sword in the game—and it is useful for dealing immense damage during boss-battles. This sword is obtained by collecting the fifteen Stray Fairies in Stone Tower Temple and reuniting them as a Great Fairy. Link can use this sword even if he is jinxed by a Blue Bubble.

It is difficult to perform a charged spin attack with this sword. To do it, begin to hold the B button button and then immediately hold down the button for the Great Fairy's Sword as well. If done correctly, Link will start to charge a spin attack. The magical aura, when charging, will be the size of the normal sword.

LoZ MM Hero Shield.png

Hero's Shield

  • Location: Start of Game/Trading Post

The Hero's Shield is used by Link at the beginning of the game. It is a strong metal shield that can block most enemies' attacks. It cannot be stolen by the Takkuri, but Like Likes can eat it, which means you will have to buy another on at the Clock Town Trading Post for 80 rupees if that happens.

LoZ MM Mirror Shield.png

Mirror Shield

  • Location: Ikana Canyon Well

The Mirror Shield appears as a hexagonal shield with a picture of an "unhappy face" upon it. It is found Beneath the Well after bargaining with several Gibdo. Again, it can reflect light, is vital for getting through Ikana Castle and solving the few light puzzles in Stone Tower Temple. Unlike the Hero's Shield, Like Likes cannot eat it.

Light directed from the Mirror Shield also has the ability to kill undead enemies such as Floormasters and ReDeads.

Ranged Items[edit]

Ranged items are items that can be used from far distances.

LoZ MM Herosbow.gif

Hero's Bow

  • Location: Woodfall Temple

This is a standard wooden bow that can fire arrows. Arrows can be used to hit switches and damage airborne enemies. The Hero's Bow can also be suited with additional power from these items:

  • Fire Arrows: These arrows have the power of fire. They can melt ice, burn webs, and light torches. They are found in Snowhead Temple.
  • Ice Arrows: These arrows have the power of ice. They can freeze enemies and water. They are found in Great Bay Temple.
  • Light Arrows: These arrows have been infused with light. They can eliminate many enemies very easily (making certain ones drop Purple (50) Rupees as well.) but take up a lot of magic in the process. They can also be used to solve light puzzles without the Mirror Shield, and are used to flip Stone Tower upside-down. They are found in Stone Tower Temple.
LoZ MM Hookshot.png


  • Location: Great Bay Pirate Fortress

The Hookshot allows you to grab hold of a distant surface and pull yourself towards it. It doesn't work on all surfaces, and requires something for the hook to catch on (e.g. an outcropping or ring.)

Other items[edit]

LoZ MM Bomb.png
  • Location: Clock Town Bomb Shop

Bombs can be purchased once you have the bomb bag. Use them to light a bomb, which you can either place at your location or throw at a distance.

LoZ MM Bombchu.png
  • Location: Clock Town Bomb Shop

Bombchus can crawl along walls and deliver explosive power to areas out of reach for regular bombs or other weapons. Bombchus can be purchased at the Clock Town Bomb Shop, in West Clock Town.

LoZ MM Deku stick.jpg
Deku Stick
  • Location: Clock Town Trading Post/Deku Babas

Deku Sticks are taken from Deku Babas, and either act as a one-shot weapon or as a wielded torch. When the end of the stick touches a flame, it will ignite allowing you to light other torches before it burns up. To preserve a burning Deku Stick, stand still and put it away.

LoZ MM Deku Nut.png
Deku Nut

Deku Nuts are the dried buds of Deku Babas as opposed to Deku Sticks which are the stalks. Deku Nuts are odd in that they erupt into a blinding flash on impact with a surface. Most of the time, the only effect of a thrown Deku Nut is that it stuns anything around the flash giving them a fading blue hue until the paralyzing effect wears off. Deku Nuts are the weapon of choice of Deku Scrubs, which spit them from their mouths. Surprisingly, the nuts utilized by Scrubs do not explode on impact, and instead simply deal damage and crumble; however, that being said, Deku Link is able to drop Deku Nuts while flying using a Deku Flower which have the same effect throwing nuts. Besides being used for battle, Deku Nuts also hold aesthetic value for the Deku Royalty in particular, as the Deku King's scepter is adorned with a large Deku Nut on top.

LoZ MM Magic Beans.jpg
Magic Beans
  • Location: Deku Palace (right wing), bought from Deku Scrub after giving the Clock Town Title Deed to the Swamp Deku Scrub

Magic Beans return to Majora's Mask, but this time around they only take a bottle of water for them to fully grow. However, once Link obtains the Song of Storms at the Ikana Graveyard, he can use it to water the plant and cause it to sprout. Similarly, planting beans while it is raining during the Second Day will cause them to sprout immediately. This only works in places where it is actually raining, though, which is mostly just Termina Field.

LoZ MM Powder keg.png
Powder Keg
  • Location: Goron Village

The Powder Keg is a much stronger version of the bomb. It is mainly used to clear the path to the Romani Ranch on either the First or Second Day; moreover, the Powder Key is necessary to blow a hole in Ikana Castle. It can only be obtained and carried when Link is in his Goron form and after he has received Powder Keg Certification from Medigoron after you have won the Goron Races. You can only carry one at a time.

LoZ MM Pictograph.png
  • Location: Southern Swamp Tourist Center

The Pictograph Box is is a sepia toned camera which can be obtained from the Swamp Tourist Center after rescuing Koume from the Woods of Mystery. The Swamp Tourist Center runs a Pictograph Contest during the first day, and if Link submits a pictograph of the Deku King, he will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart. The operator of the contest will also reward him if he submits a pictograph of his son, Tingle. Later in the game, Link must take a pictograph of a Gerudo Pirate at the Pirate's Fortress and give it to a fisherman living on Great Bay Coast in exchange for a seahorse, who will then show the way to Pinnacle Rock. The Pictograph Box can hold only one picture at a time.

LoZ MM Lens of truth.png
Lens of Truth
  • Location: Goron Village

The Lens of Truth allows the user to see things that are not normally visible to the naked eye. It shows which walls, floors, and objects are fake, and it allows the user to see things such as invisible ladders, platforms, enemies, and ghosts. Be warned, as it drains Magic Power over time.


Bottles can contain small items, liquids or other items easily lost when not contained. If one is stolen by the Takurri, they can be repurchased from the curiosity shop or reclaimed by playing the Song of Time.

  1. Your first bottle is given to you by the witch in the potion shop. You have to go into the Lost Woods first and find the injured witch. Exit, then talk to the witch in the potion shop for your bottle. It is filled with red potion and will have unlimited free refills of red potion until you give it to the other witch in the forest.
  2. A bottle of milk is available at the Romani Ranch, for completing the sidequest "Them" (defend the cows at 2:30 AM on the first day).
  3. Get first place within the Goron Races for a bottle. It comes filled with the Gold Dust needed to make the Gilded Sword.
  4. Use the hookshot to climb to the top of the waterfall in Great Bay, and perform two races with the beavers, both within two minutes. You will receive a bottle as a reward.
  5. Using the Captain's Mask, have the Stalchildren open up the grave in Ikana Graveyard on the final night. Inside, get Dampe to dig up all the blue flames to make a Big Poe appear; defeat it to reveal a chest containing another bottle.
  6. Give the "Express Delivery to Mama" to Madama Aroma on the night of the final day and she'll give you a bottle filled with Chateau Romani.

Bottle items[edit]


May be purchased from the latte bar for 20 rupees, obtained as a reward for saving the ranch on the first day, or collected from a cow by playing Epona's Song. It heals 5 hearts and has two doses.

Red Potion

The red potion has one dose, but instantly heals all health.

Green Potion

The green potion has one dose, and restores all magical energy.

Blue Potion

The blue potion requires a magical mushroom delivered to the potion shop, and restores both health and energy. It may also be purchased from the fourth Business Deku Scrub.


A fairy will auto-revive Link to full health.

Chateau Romani

Purchased from the latte bar for 200 rupees or given to Link by Cremia after defending her milk wagon against the Gorman Brothers. It restores magical power, and gives you infinite magic for the given three day cycle.


Small insects that crawl around randomly. They normally enter soft patches of soil.

Spring Water

Used to water Magic Beans, and may have other uses as well.

Hot Spring Water

Used to melt ice. Will turn to Spring Water if not used within a minute.


Usually found in ponds and lakes. They can be dropped in a tank in the Great Bay Marine Research Lab to to get a Piece of Heart.