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Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii
Tatl and Wael watch over Link riding Epona.

The game starts out with Link riding on Epona when a mysterious Skull Kid appears along with two fairies, Tatl and Tael. The Skull Kid knocks Link off Epona and takes his Ocarina, then he steals Epona.

Chase the Skull Kid[edit]

Use Deku Flowers to travel across gaps.

Once you have full control of Link, spend some time adjusting to the controls and practice your sword swings on the bushes if you need to. The music might make you think we're in a hurry, but there's no real rush. When you're ready, head through the tunnel to enter into the next area. Here, jump from stump to stump doing cool flips and enter into the next tunnel.

When you enter this tunnel, Link will fall down and land on a flower. The Skull Kid then appears and proudly announces that he has gotten rid of your horse before using his magic to transform you into a Deku Scrub. When the cutscene is over, head through the door and down the tunnel, where Tatl will force you to bring her with you.

In the next room, you will find your first Deku Flower. As a Deku, you can use them to fly for a brief period of time. To do so, stand on the flower and hold down A button. After a puff of smoke rises from the flower bud, release A button to launch into the air. Use the control stick to maneuver Link and A button to put the flowers away and drop to the ground. If you have been in the air for too long, Link will starts to kick his legs and the flowers will start to spin more slowly. This indicates that Link can't fly for much longer, and is going to fall soon, so make sure there is land beneath you when he does.

Use your new powers to fly to the other side of the room and head though the door. In this room, you must fly from tree stump to tree stump. Fly to the stump directly across from where you entered the room to find a treasure chest. Inside are ten Deku Nuts. Deku Nuts can be used to stun enemies and can be equipped to an item slot. You can also use them during flight by hitting B button to drop a Deku Nut and stun enemies below.

Look to the right to find a fallen log that creates a tunnel. Use the Deku Flowers to fly over to it and head into the tunnel. In here, the door behind you will shut itself. Head up the nearby ramp and then up the steps, where you'll run into the Happy Mask Salesman. He tells you a bit of the mask's history and that you need to fetch the mask that the Skull Kid took from him before three days pass, but that he will be able to revert you from your Deku Scrub form if you can retrieve your Ocarina.

Welcome to Clock Town[edit]

Upon leaving the Clock Tower, you will find yourself in Clock Town. Clock Town is divided into five sections: North Clock Town, South Clock Town, East Clock Town, West Clock Town, and the Laundry Pool. You are currently in South Clock Town, which is basically the central area of town. Tatl will suggest that you seek out the Great Fairy, so turn around and head through the door behind the Clock Tower.

Help the Great Fairy[edit]


North Clock Town is the area with the green patches of grass. When you enter North Clock Town, head past the kid shooting blow darts at the purple balloon and up the inclined path to the Great Fairy Fountain. The Great Fairy has been split into several smaller Stray Fairies, and in order to get her help, you must find the missing Stray Fairy and bring it back to the fountain.

The Stray Fairy can be found in two locations, depending on the time of day:

  • During the day the Stray Fairy can be found in the Laundry Pool. Head to South Clock Town and go up the ramp in the southwestern corner of the area to enter the Laundry Pool. Skip across the water to grab it.
  • At night the Stray Fairy moves to East Clock Town. It can be found hovering around the Treasure Chest Shop (the large building shaped like a treasure chest) and you need to use the nearby Deku Flower to get it.

Once you have the Stray Fairy, return to the Great Fairy Fountain to reunite it with the others. The Stray Fairies come together to form the Great Fairy of Clock Town, who will reward Link with the ability to use magic. With magic at his disposal, Link can shoot snot bubbles from his snout by pressing B button. The longer you hold the button, the bigger the bubble will be, but if you hold it too long the bubble will pop. The bubbles can be used as projectiles, though they are otherwise worthless in most situations.

Befriend the Bombers[edit]

Buy a Map from Tingle
You may have noticed a man dressed in green floating around using a red balloon in North Clock Town. This man is Tingle, a middle-aged cartographer who wants to be a fairy. Tingle will sell you maps, which are very handy things to have. You can usually purchase two maps: a map of the area you are in and a map of the next area you will visit, though it generally sells for a much greater price than a local map. Don't bother buying the next area's map- you can always get it cheaper when you visit the next area. You can purchase a map of Clock Town if you wish, though the town is so small that you may not need to use it. If you do want to purchase it, you'll need rupees that you can get by twirling through the nearby weeds.

Near the Fairy Fountain, there is a young boy in a red bandana shooting at a purple balloon bearing the mask worn by the Skull Kid. Pop the balloon using your newly acquired bubble shooting technique and speak with the kid. He is the leader of the Bombers, a Clock Town's resident street gang composed of little kids. Accept his offer of an initiation test, which consists of a game of "hide and go seek".

The goal here is to find all five of the bombers before the morning of the next day, at which point they supposedly get bored of hiding. To catch a Bomber, run up to him and tag him. To do this, it is easiest to use the twirling attack, though you can also use Deku Nuts.

The Bombers can be found in the following locations:

  1. North Clock Town: Playing near a tree in the southwest corner of the map.
  2. North Clock Town: Hiding near the playground in the northeast corner of the map.
  3. West Clock Town: Walking in plain sight in the main plaza.
  4. East Clock Town: Standing on the balcony of the Stock Pot Inn (located near the Treasure Chest Shop, where the Stray Fairy appears at night). Head into the Inn when it is open and go through the door in front of the staircase on the second floor, or just use the Deku Flower to reach the roof.
  5. East Clock Town: Head up the path on the right side of the Milk Bar (located on the eastern edge of town) and chase him off the ledge and into the plaza.

When all five Bombers have been captured, they will inform you that only humans can be members of the Bomber's Gang. However, because they like you, they will tell you the secret code to their secret base, which is randomly generated. Be sure to write it down for later use. If you forget the code, speak with any of the Bombers with the blue bandanas to have them repeat it. With the code in hand, head into East Clock Town and speak with the Bomber with the yellow bandana in the northeast corner of town. Give him the code and he will give you access to the path that leads to the Astral Observatory.

The Path to the Observatory[edit]

The path to the Astral Observatory is fairly straightforward, though there is a Skulltula hanging out in the hallway around the first corner. It can easily be defeated with a couple of snot bubbles to the backside. When it drops, wait until it turns around and exposes its backside to fire a bubble. You will eventually reach a room with a balloon blocking your path. Use your bubbles to break it and climb the ladder into the observatory.

Obtain the Moon's Tear[edit]

The Moon's Tear

The base of the observatory houses one of two scarecrows that can be used to send you forward half a day in time. Leave him alone for now, and head up into the main room of the observatory. Speak with the old man there, and agree when he asks if you would like to look through the telescope.

The telescope can be used to observe the area surrounding the observatory, which is on the eastern edge of Termina Field. Move the telescope with the Control Stick and press A button to zoom in and B button to exit. Move the telescope up to the top of the Clock Tower and zoom in on the Skull Kid to trigger a cutscene. Afterward, exit from the telescope and go outside using the nearby door. Outside, find the crater and pick up the Moon's Tear that fell from the sky. Once you have it, leave the observatory and head back through the sewer to Clock Town.

Trade the Moon's Tear[edit]

Oot heart piece.png
Oot heart piece.png
Piece of Heart #1
With the Clock Tower Land Title Deed in Hand, simply fly up to the Clock Tower Entrance and snag the Piece of Heart sitting right there in plain sight.

Return to South Clock Town where you first entered the town, and head for the yellow Deku Flower. If this is your first time approaching this Deku Flower, a Business Scrub will fly down and occupy the flower, informing you that this is his land. Equip the Moon's Tear to an item slot and show it to him by using it as an item during his speech. The Business Scrub will be so mesmerized by the Moon's Tear that he will give you the Clock Town Land Title Deed, which gives you free access to this flower for your own personal use. You can now use this flower to fly to the entrance of the Clock Tower, though the door will not open until midnight of the third day. There is also a chest at the top of the scaffolding in the middle of the area that contains 50 rupees. There's not much else you can do around town as a Deku Scrub, so find the scarecrow in the shop in West Clock Town and talk to him to send time forward until it is the night of the third day.

Confront the Skull Kid[edit]

Save Your Rupees for a Rainy Day
After completing this portion of the game, you will be sent back in time to the first day with all your ammunition and money gone. Ammo will be lost, but you can save your hard-earned cash by opening up a bank account with the Clock Town Bank in West Clock Town and depositing your rupees. Be sure to do this every time before you go back in time!

On midnight of the third day, the entrance to the Clock Tower will open. Head up the stairs and you will find yourself on top of the tower with the Skull Kid and the Moon overhead. You can't harm the Skull Kid, but if you send a snot bubble his way, you can knock the Ocarina of Time out of his hands. Once the Ocarina is in your possession, there will be a quick flashback where you will remember Zelda playing you the Song of Time:

Song of Time
Right c A button Down c Right c A button Down c

Take out your ocarina, which has somehow transformed into a set of brass pipes, and play the Song of Time. When asked if you want to return to the Dawn of the First Day, choose "Yes". The game will save and you will be sent back in time to the first day.

The Song of Healing and the Deku Mask[edit]

Head inside the Clock Tower's base and speak with the Happy Mask Salesman. He will be so overjoyed that you found your Ocarina that he will teach you the key to breaking your curse, the Song of Healing:

Song of Healing
Left c Right c Down c Left c Right c Down c

After playing the Song of Healing, the curse will be lifted and you will receive the Deku Mask which, when worn, will allow you to assume your Deku form once again.