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Swamp Skulltala house[edit]

Your introduction to the gold skulltula houses occurs in the swamp. You may find it difficult to collect some tokens without the hookshot.

To get the tokens, you will need at least one magic bean, and one bottle, to reach the back room. The back room may also be reached by jumping with the bunny hood, acquired later in the game.

  1. First room, in water
  2. First room, top wall
  3. First room, urn to left of staircase
  4. First room, behind third right pillar.
  5. Left room, upper far wall
  6. Left room, smash back left corner crates
  7. Left room, smash back right corner crates
  8. Left room, on stone object
  9. Left room, second floor, behind torch
  10. First room, second floor, behind far left pillar.
  11. Right room, smash small urns
  12. Right room, roll into middle large urn
  13. Right room, roll into back large urns
  14. Right room, cut vines at back of room.
  15. Right room, play sonata of Awakening, use deku flower, and kill skulltula on wall.
  16. Right room, shoot honeycomb on ceiling
  17. Right room, shoot second honeycomb on ceiling
  18. Second room, side lower wall
  19. second room, behind left pillar
  20. Second room, above entrance to back room
  21. Second room, Shoot wasp nest
  22. Back room, hiding in grass near front
  23. Back room, hiding in grass near back
  24. Back room, shoot back right wasp nest
  25. Back room, roll into tree
  26. Back room, roll into tree
  27. Back room, roll into tree
  28. Front room, second floor, use bugs on soft patch
  29. Front room, lower floor, use bugs on right soft patch
  30. Front room, lower floor, use bugs on left soft patch

Your reward for collecting all 30 tokens is the Mask of Truth.

Oceanside Skulltula house[edit]

There are 30 gold skulltula scattered within the house. To enter, you need to bomb the wall open, head down the shaft, and hookshot to the entrance. Complete this on THE FIRST DAY to obtain the Giant Wallet.

Skulltulas are located within crates, inside small and large urns, behind paintings, and in the rafters at the upper walls of a ceiling.

  1. Entrance tunnel, ceiling
  2. Entrance tunnel, left wall
  3. Entrance room, ceiling behind left web
  4. First room upper floor, behind wall mask above stair.
  5. First room upper floor, punch front urn in the back corner as Goron.
  6. First room upper floor, punch back urn in back corner as Goron.
  7. First room upper floor, on ceiling beam
  8. First room lower floor, in front ceiling gap.
  9. First room lower floor, punch large urn as Goron.
  10. First room lower floor, clear webs on back wall, and shoot in the hole.
  11. First room lower floor, behind wall mask behind stair.
  12. First room, lower floor, smash small urn in back corner.
  13. Dining room (right unwebbed exit on the first floor), ram table as goron. Three skulltulas will be forced from the chandelier to the ground.
  14. Dining room, ram table as Goron for the second skulltulas.
  15. Dining room, ram table as Goron for the third skulltulas.
  16. Dining room, shoot back left painting.
  17. Dining room, front rafter.
  18. Dining room, punch corner urn near red mask as Goron.
  19. Basement (lower floor webbed exit behind stairs), smash left crate as goron, and enter the hole. Located on wall behind you.
  20. Basement, smash right crate as Goron.
  21. Basement, back wall behind coffin lid.
  22. Basement, inside web above coffin lid.
  23. Basement, hookshot to second story, and break the urns.
  24. Library (upper floor webbed exit), right-side rafters in ceiling.
  25. Library, pull side drawer on right wall, and shoot in the hole.
  26. Library, Shoot right-most painting on back wall.
  27. Library, push bookshelf on back wall to corner. Reveals 2 skulltulas.
  28. Library, push bookshelf on back wall to corner.
  29. Library, on the bookshelf in front-left corner.
  30. Library, climb bookshelf from the right-hand side of room. Make your way to the left hand side. Shoot the painting and the skulltula within the hold

Your reward for clearing out the house on the first day is a Giant Wallet, which increases your rupee capacity to 500. Otherwise, you get 20 rupees since the person that visits already purchased a shelter elsewhere.

The dining room has four coloured masks. You can use the Captain's Hat to speak with the Stalchildren to determine the order to shoot the masks. Shoot them with an arrow in the order said the by Stalchildren, or through an extended period of trial and error. Usually it is 1 Yellow 2 Green 3 Red 4 Green 5 Yellow 6 Blue. The order to shoot the masks randomize from game-to-game, but will provide a Piece of Heart when opened for the first time.