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Snowhead Temple is comprised of multiple floors. You must use your powers acquired so far to scale the temple and challenge the boss.

Floor 1F[edit]

The initial area is guarded by some White Boes. Destroy the icicles, then push the big block as a Goron. Afterwards go through the east, dark blue door (the only way you can go).

The Freezzards here can cause huge trouble. Stand to the very back, curl up and roll across the bridge. Afterwards, jump across and climb up the stairs. You'll find the Dungeon Map in a chest in the corner. Once you're done get back down, then go through the blue door.

You're now in the central room of Snowhead Temple. Get across to the orange door and go through. In the next room, pull the blocks out and open the chest in the small room behind to get a Small Key. Get back out, and in the central room, go over to the frozen red door and shoot an arrow through the torch to melt it. This creates a quick shortcut to the entrance area. Go through, then open the locked door to your right (the west, blue).

The large chest which is right in your sight contains the Compass. At the end, when you see the cracked wall, bomb it to get up to the second floor.

Floor 2F[edit]

This room is filled with blocks of ice. Look above you to notice icicles, shoot them with your bow to destroy the ice, allowing you to get across to the big snowball. Destroy it to reveal a chest containing a Small Key, which you can use on the locked door at the bottom right away.

The next room contains a puzzle. First, stomp the switch right in front of you. Jump across to the door and stomp the green switch there. This will start a timer, quickly run back and stomp the switch that served as a stepping stone, which will reveal the door. Climb up to the door and go through before the timer runs out.

You're back in the central room. Roll across the gap (don't fall down). While you can't go up the stairs right now, roll along the ice wall to your right until you reach a door. From here, jump across the gap again and open this door now.

Mini-boss: Wizzrobe[edit]

The Wizzrobe can be pretty annoying. At first, he will appear in one corner of the room and try to use a freezing spell on you. Keep your distance and shoot him with an arrow anytime he appears. After a few times, he will create clones of himself - quickly try to discover the real deal and shoot him as before. After a few hits he will be dead, open the chest that appears to get the Fire Arrows.

After beating Wizzrobe[edit]

Drop down to the first floor, and melt any of the two green doors and go through. You should probably kill the Freezzards as they only cause trouble. Stand in the middle, and light all three torches with Fire Arrows to unlock the middle door. Go through, and pound the switch as Goron Link to raise the central pillar upwards. (If you want to move the pillar back down, drop down to the basement to find another switch.)

Get back to the entrance area via the red door, then go to the east to get to the Freezzard bridge. Kill them all with your Fire Arrows to make a chest appear. Melt the big ice blocking the path using another Fire Arrow, then get across to acquire a Small Key. Now go back up the stairs to where the Dungeon Map was, stand on the central platform and hit the frozen eye switch with a Fire Arrow. The platform will now move up, allowing you to get across to the door. Go through, then walk across to the north, melt the ice blocking the stairs, and go up.

Floor 3F[edit]

Roll across to your right to reach the west door (be careful to not fall down) and unlock it using your small key. This room has a bunch of Eenos which can be a real nuisance, but can be killed by the sword. Melt the ice and go up the stairs.

Floor 4F[edit]

There are two Dinofols here. Either kill them or ignore them, in any case get across and go through the door. Back in the central room, simply walk across to the second mini-boss battle.

Mini-boss: Wizzrobe (2)[edit]

Yep, it's him again. The same strategies from before apply here as well. You don't need to use the Fire Arrows. Defeat him to get the Big Key.

To the boss[edit]

Backtrack to the second floor. Punch out the two blue parts of the central pillar. Afterwards, go up to the third floor and do the same here. Now, get across the central pillar and punch the snowballs out of the way to get back to the fourth floor. Here, simply run across to the boss door and open it to get to the boss...

BOSS: Goht[edit]

When you encounter Goht, he is frozen solid. Shoot a Fire Arrow to unfreeze him and begin the fight.

Goht will run around the arena. You need to put on the Goron Mask and follow him while avoiding stalactites falling from above and rocks Goht throws at you. The arena is filled with Magic Jars to refill your magic on the way. Once you reach Goht, run into him to hurt him. He will try to launch a magic attack at you (which is easily avoidable) and then run off. Once he is damaged enough he will also start dropping bombs behind him which you absolutely need to avoid.

While wearing the Goron Mask, you can also jump off of the various ramps in the room. If you manage to hit Goht while you're in midair (and your spikes are out during the Goron roll), it will cause him to fall to the ground for a short time, during which you are free to attack him. If your spikes are still out after he falls, you can continue to roll into Goht while he's on the ground, dealing a significant amount of damage.

If you think this is too hard for you, simply stand in the entrance area right next to the door and snipe him with arrows. Goht cannot hurt you there no matter what and you can pick him off at your leisure. It is long and tedious, but guarantees a no-damage boss fight.

Once he is killed, retrieve the Heart Container, then stand on the warp to get Goht's Remains.

Stray Fairy locations[edit]

  1. East of entrance, in a bubble in the central spire. Use the Lens of Truth to find where you can shoot at the fairy bubble.
  2. East of entrance, in a bubble below the northern exit platform.
  3. Eastern room on 2nd floor, direct access.
  4. Main shaft, basement. Look for a switch in a lava pool and step on it. Open a chest that appears in another lava pool.
  5. Southwest room of 2nd floor. Use the lens of truth on the wall with the snow; a hidden passage is seen above it.
  6. South room, 2nd floor. Use the lens of truth to look at the ceiling to see a fairy bubble. Shoot it with an arrow.
  7. Northwest room of 1st floor, requires fire arrow. Kill all three Freezards, and a chest will appear in the north-west corner.
  8. East room of 2nd floor. Use the lens of truth to find floating invisible platforms. Jump onto each one to reach a chest.
  9. West of entrance, requires fire arrow. Melt the block and switch, and push the block in front of the chest revealed by the switch.
  10. West of entrance. Push the block to the south west pillar, and bomb the crate.
  11. West room of 1st floor. Accessible from the room south, after pushing the block to the northern ledge.
  12. West room, 3rd floor. Use the lens to look at the icy wall, and shoot the fairy bubble located in the small alcove.
  13. West room of 4th floor. Kill a dinofol to retrieve.
  14. West room of 4th floor. Kill the other dinofol to retrieve.
  15. Central shaft, 2nd floor. Passage is visible with the lens, but accessible by jumping from a ledge from the 4th floor.

The stray fairies need to be brought to the fountain on the east base of the spire. The Great Fairy of Wisdom will improve your magic power once you do.


Now that spring has passed, there are a lot of new possibilities to do.

First of all, get back to Goron Village. The large ice block blocking a passageway has melted, allowing you to go down. The big Goron sitting there sells Powder Kegs, but first of all, you need to pass a test by blowing up the big rock blocking access to the Goron Racetrack in the bridge area. Simply throw the Powder Keg up the ramps and make your way up. If you succeed, return to the big Goron and you'll be able to buy Powder Kegs regularly from now on, which is required to beat the game.

Since you've freed the path to the Goron Racetrack, you might as well participate. While the track is relatively straightforward, the other Gorons can be a real nuisance, and you might need a few tries. If you do succeed, though, you'll get a Bottle with Gold Dust in it.

The Mountain Smithy in Mountain Village is now open for business. Pay 100 Rupees, wait one day and your Kokiri Sword will be forged to the Razor Sword. However, this sword will revert back after 100 slashes. If you have Gold Dust from the Goron Race, you can give it to him together with the Razor Sword and on the next day, receive the Gilded Sword, which will stay forever. (Obviously, you need to start out on the First Day to be able to do this.)