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There are so many people in and around Clock Town to rescue, it is very tough to figure out what they do during those three days. That is why The Bombers Notebook was created. It is a book that keeps track of people in and around town. To get it, you must find all five members of the Bombers squad again, but this time, as a human. Alternately, you can enter the bomber's hideout using the code you learned as a Deku Scrub and Jim will give you the notebook without having to play the hide and seek game.

How to use the Notebook[edit]

The Notebook can hold up to 20 people. Each person that needs your help each have a specific spot in the book. To get that person recorded, all you need to do is simply talk to the person once you have the notebook. When you have the person recorded, you will see their name, information about that character, and their complete three-day timeline. The area in the timeline is shaded in blue. The complete order of people and their general location is listed below.

List of People[edit]

  • The Bombers (Automatically filled in)
  • Anju (Stock Pot Inn on Day 1)
  • Kafei (Laundry Pool on Day 2)
  • Curiosity Shop Man (West Clock Town in shop at night)
  • Old Lady from Bomb Shop (North Clock Town on Night of Day 1)
  • Romani (Romani Ranch during day)
  • Cremia (Around Romani Ranch during day)
  • Guru-Guru (Laundry Pool at night on day 1 & 2)
  • Mr. Dotour (East Clock Town)
  • Madame Aroma (East Clock Town)
  • Mr. Toto (East Clock Town or in Milk Bar on day 1 & 2 at night)
  • Gorman (East Clock Town or in Milk Bar on day 1 & 2 at night)
  • Postman (Wandering Clock Town during the day)
  • Rosa Sisters (Stock Pot Inn during the day; West Clock Town at night on days 1 & 2)
  • ??? (Stock Pot Inn at Midnight)
  • Kamaro (North Termina Field at Midnight)
  • Anju's Grandmother (Stock Pot Inn during day 1 & 2)
  • Grog (Romani Ranch)
  • Gorman Bros. (Next to Milk Road)
  • Shiro (East Termina Field, invisible)

Each one of these people had a problem that has been effected by the Skull Kid and it is your job to help. They are only around during the blue spots on their timeline. As you learn more about that character, you will figure out where they are and what you need to do to help them.

  • A ! means that an event took place or will take place at that time. If it is shaded in yellow, it means that you have already completed the task already.
  • A small red ribbion appears that means that the event you did got you a prize, which is usually a Piece of Heart. When you highlight the ribbion, the prize will be listed.
  • A mask will appear if you got a mask from that person.
  • A happiness sticker is located on the very right side of the page. It tells you that all problems for that person are cleared and are happy again. The primary goal of the Notebook is to collect all 20 Happy Stickers in the game. To get all of the prizes, you will need to get all 20 Happiness Stickers.

To get all 20 people happy again, look in the Table of Contents.