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Selectable items[edit]

Item Location Effect
sword1 Wooden Sword Ch.0 (Arrival): from Impa Attack: 2
box1 L-1 Ring Box Ch.0 (Arrival): from Vasu the Jeweler Holds 1 ring
Zelda Oracles Shovel.png Shovel Ch.0 (Arrival): inside the Black Tower (Past) Allows you to dig and remove earth and sand
seed1 Seed Satchel Ch.1 (Yoll Graveyard): Maku Tree, after returning from the past Carries seeds
seed3 Ember Seeds Ch.1 (Yoll Graveyard): Mystical Tree near Lynna Village/City Can burn signs and bushes and light torches
Zelda Oracles Power Bracelet.png Power Bracelet Ch.1 (Yoll Graveyard): Spirit's Grave Can pick up a rock, sign, bush, and vase when equipped
harp1 Harp of Ages Ch.2 (Western Woods): Nayru's House Play tunes to warp time
harp2 Tune of Echoes Ch.2 (Western Woods): Nayru's House Give vitality to a dormant Time Portal
shield1 Wooden Shield Ch.2 (Western Woods): Buy from a Deku Scrub (10 Rupees) Regular shield, takes damage
seed4 Mystery Seeds Ch.2 (Western Woods): Mystical Tree in Labrynna Can get hints from the blue owl, random effect when shot
Zelda Oracles Bomb.png Bombs Ch.2 (Western Woods): Ambi's Palace Break cracked walls and blocks or attack enemies
Zelda Oracles Rocs Feather.png Roc's Feather Ch.2 (Western Woods): Wing Dungeon Can jump one space
seed2 Seed Shooter Ch.3 (Crescent Island): Moonlit Grotto Can shoot seeds in eight directions
seed5 Scent Seeds Ch.3 (Crescent Island): Plant the Scent Seedling on Crescent Island Can attract certain monsters to the scent
seed1 Seed Satchel upgrade Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Talk to Tingle again Carries 50 seeds per type
seed6 Gale Seeds Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Mystical Tree in Labrynna Warp the player to a mystical tree, blow away an enemy when shot
harp3 Tune of Currents Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Tokkey in the lake of Talus Peaks Warp from the Past to the Present
flute1 Strange Flute Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): either from Moosh, or in Lynna City shop, or in Lynna Village shooting gallery
flute2 Moosh's Flute Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): from Moosh Moosh comes when the flute is played
flute3 Dimitri's Flute Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): from Dimitri Dimitri comes when the flute is played
flute4 Ricky's Flute Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): from Ricky Ricky comes when the flute is played
Zelda Oracles Bomb.png Bombs upgrade Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Throw a bomb where a sign says not to. Carry 30 bombs instead of 10.
hook1 Switch Hook Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Skull Dungeon Switches the location of the player and the target
box2 L-2 Ring Box Ch.5 ( ): Hidden shop in Lynna City Holds 3 rings
sword2 Noble Sword Ch.5 ( ): Trading items quest Attack: 3
seed7 Pegasus Seeds Ch.5 ( ): Mystical Tree in Labrynna Can run faster and jump further, can also stop an enemy from moving
Zelda Oracles Cane of Somaria.png Cane of Somaria Ch.5 ( ): Crown Dungeon Creates a block in front of the player
shield2 Iron Shield Ch.6 ( ): Crescent Island Tokay Trader (Ambi's age) Immune to more attacks than Wooden Shield
TLOZ-OoS Boomerang Sprite.png Boomerang Ch.6 ( ): Target carts Mini-game 2nd time Stop an enemy from moving, activate switches across rooms, retrieve items
harp4 Tune of Ages Ch.7 ( ): After rescuing Nayru in Ambi's Palace Warp freely through time
hook2 Long Hook Ch.7 ( ): Quicker and longer than the Switch Hook
Items exclusive for linked game
sword3 Master Sword Ch.5 (linked game): Trading items quest Attack: 5
shield3 Mirror Shield Ch.6 (linked game): Crescent Island Tokay Trader (Ambi's age) Best shield
Zelda Oracles Bomb.png Bombs upgrade Ch.4 (linked game): Talk to the Oracle of Secrets Carry 50 bombs instead of 30.
seed1 Seed Satchel upgrade Ch.4 (linked game): Talk to the Oracle of Secrets Carries 99 seeds per type
box3 L-3 Ring Box Password-linked Holds 5 rings, the maximum amount
sword4 Biggoron's Sword Ch.6 (linked game): Return Linking Attack: 5
File:Zelda Oracles Bombchu.png Bombchu Ch.5 (linked game): ?? ??

Key items[edit]

Item Location Effect
Zelda Oracles Mermaid Suit.png Mermaid Suit Mermaid's Cave Required to swim to deeper areas in the sea. Press the B button button to go to the seabed field and press Neutral dpad to swim
Zelda Oracles Mermaid Key.png Mermaid Key Give the Letter of Introduction to Graceful Goron (Present), then defeat him Needed to enter the Mermaid's Cave (Present)
Zelda Oracles Zoras Flippers.png Zora's Flippers Cheval's Grave Can swim faster by pressing A button and dive by pressing B button
Zelda Oracles Magic Potion.png Magic Potion Sold at Syrup's Shop, can receive from Maple event Revive the player when dead
File:Zelda Oracles Maku Seed.png Maku Seed Maku Tree after collecting all 8 Essences Break the spell of Onox's Castle
Zelda Oracles Graveyard Key.png Graveyard Key Room behind the tomb at Yoll Graveyard Needed to enter Spirit's Grave
Zelda Oracles Rickys Glove.png Ricky's Gloves Found under Stone in Beach Ricky will help you out
Zelda Oracles Cheval Rope.png Cheval Rope Cheval's Grave Needed to make a raft
Zelda Oracles Island Chart.png Island Chart Tingle Needed to sail on a raft
Zelda Oracles Scent Seedling.png Scent Seedling Mini-game on Crescent Island Needed to get the Scent Seeds
Zelda Oracles Cracked Tuni Nut.png Cracked Tuni Nut Middle house in Symmetry Village Needed to get the Tuni Nut
Zelda Oracles Tuni Nut.png Tuni Nut Get the Cracked Tuni Nut fixed by Patch Needed to stop the volcano in Symmetry Village
Zelda Oracles Crown Key.png Crown Key Rescue the Goron Elder Needed to enter the Crown Dungeon
File:Zelda Oracles Symbol of Brotherhood.png Symbol of Brotherhood Goron's Dancing Mini-game (1st time) Needed to get past the guard in front of the Goron Dance Hall
File:Zelda Oracles Rock Brisket.png Rock Brisket Target Carts Mini-game Needed to get the Goron Vase
Zelda Oracles Lava Juice.png Lava Juice Goron Shooting Gallery (Past) Needed to get the Letter of Introduction
Zelda Oracles Goron Vase.png Goron Vase Give the Rock Brisket to the guardian at the Goron Dance Hall (Present) Needed to get the Goronade
Zelda Oracles Goronade.png Goronade Give the Goron Vase to the guardian at the Goron Dance Hall (Past) Needed to open the Bomb-Dodging game at the Big Bang
Zelda Oracles Letter of Introduction.png Letter of Introduction Collect Old Mermaid Key and Lava Juice Needed to get the Mermaid Key
Zelda Oracles Old Mermaid Key.png Old Mermaid Key Prize for the Bomb-Dodging game at the Big Bang Needed to enter the Mermaid's Cave (Past)
Zelda Oracles Library Key.png Library Key Rescue King Zora (Present) after rescuing King Zora (Past) Needed to enter the Library
Zelda Oracles Book of Seals.png Book of Seals Library of the Present Needed to get the Fairy Powder at the Library in the past
File:Zelda Oracles Fairy Powder.png Fairy Powder Library in the Past Needed to break the curse of the Fairy Queen
File:Zelda Oracles Zora Scale.png Zora Scale Finish Jabu-Jabu's Belly Needed to enter the Sea of Storms
File:Zelda Oracles Tokay Eyeball.png Tokay Eyeball Exchange the Zora Scale Tablet for this with the Pirate Captain Needed to enter Veran's Castle
File:Zelda Oracles Slate.png Slate Ancient Tomb Four are needed to unlock the stairs to the Boss Key in the Ancient Tomb

Essence of Time[edit]

Item Location Effect
Zelda Oracles Eternal Spirit.png Eternal Spirit Ch.1: Spirit's Grave Even after life ends, it speaks across time to the heart.
Zelda Oracles Ancient Wood.png Ancient Wood Ch.2: Wing Dungeon It whispers only truth to closed ears from out of the stillness.
Zelda Oracles Echoing Howl.png Echoing Howl Ch.3: Moonlit Grotto It echoes far across the plains to speak to insolent hearts.
Zelda Oracles Burning Flame.png Burning Flame Ch.4: Skull Dungeon It reignites wavering hearts with a hero's burning passion.
Zelda Oracles Sacred Soil.png Sacred Soil Ch.5: Crown Dungeon All that lies sleeping in the bosom of the earth will know the nourishing warmth of the Sacred Soil.
Zelda Oracles Lonely Peak.png Lonely Peak Ch.6: Mermaid's Cave It is a proud, lonely spirit that remains stalwart, even in trying times.
Zelda Oracles Rolling Sea.png Rolling Sea Ch.7: Jabu-Jabu's Belly The mystical song of the sea roars into a crashing wave that sweeps heroes out into adventure.
File:Zelda Oracles Falling Star.png Falling Star Ch.8: Ancient Tomb The eternal light of this heavenly body acts as guide to the other essences.

Trading items[edit]

See also: Trading Sequence

Collectible items[edit]

Item Location Effect
Zelda Oracles Compass.png Compass Dungeons Show where Boss is.
Zelda Oracles Boss Key.png Boss Key Dungeons Open Door to Boss Room.
Zelda Oracles Dungeon Map.png Dungeon Map Dungeons Show Map of Dungeon.
Zelda Oracles Gasha Seed.png Gasha Seed Dungeon chests and hidden locations. varied effects
Zelda Oracles Heart Container.png Heart Container Dungeons Defeat Dungeon Boss.
Zelda Oracles Ring 00.png Magic Ring See Rings varied effects
Zelda Oracles Piece of Heart.png Piece of Heart See Heart Pieces Collect four to make a full Zelda Oracles Heart Container.png Heart Container.
Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key Dungeons Open locked Doors or Blocks.