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Before the next quest[edit]

Visit the Maku tree and enter the trunk: you will find a Zelda Oracles Gasha Seed.png Gasha Seed.

Linked game: Troy secret
(If you already cleared Oracle of Ages and linked to this game)
LZ7 seasons secret troy.png

After you cleared the 3rd dungeon, visit the windmill in the Eastern Suburbs. A young man near the musician will ask you to tell a secret to Dr. Troy in Labrynna. Switch back to Oracle of Ages, go to East Rolling Ridge, and talk to Troy in a mini-game hall. He will ask you to complete the mini-game, and if you succeed, he will give you File:Zelda Oracles Bombchu.png 10 Bombchu and another secret. Switch again to Oracle of Seasons, go to Farore and tell her Troy's secret: Link will obtain the Bombchu in this game, too.

If Link runs out of Bombchu, he can buy more in the Sunken City.
Linked game: King Zora secret
(If you already cleared Oracle of Ages and linked to this game)
LZ7 seasons secret kingzora.png

After you cleared the 3rd dungeon, visit the Hero's Cave on the West Coast. Using the Power Bracelet, some Pegasus Seeds and the Roc's Feather, you can reach a Zora explorer. He will ask you to tell a secret to King Zora in Labrynna. Switch back to Oracle of Ages, go to Zora Village, and talk to the King. He will give you a File:Zelda Oracles L-3 sword.png Sword upgrade and another secret. Switch again to Oracle of Seasons, go to Farore and tell her King Zora's secret: the sword will be upgraded in this game, too.

If Link owned a L-1 sword in one game, the secret upgrades it to L-2; a later upgrade in the same game will upgrade it to L-3. If Link owned a L-2 sword already (i.e. through the non-secret upgrade), the secret upgrades it to L-3.


With the Bright Sun retrieved, you'll be warped out as usual and receive another message from the Maku Tree. The Bright Sun has strengthened him, and he has seen that the powers of darkness still grow somehow.

He has also dreamt of the waterfall on the mountain north of Sunken City. The next essence could be there, but what does the waterfall hide...?


This area is different depending on which animal companion befriended Link.

Regardless of the animal companion, there are always three caves to be explored:

  1. a Fairy Fountain;
  2. the home of a Deku Scrub (who refills Link's Seed Satchel);
  3. a cave with a 50 Rupees chest (it can be accessed only after Link retrieved the Zora's Flippers in Sunken City).

Sunken City[edit]

Items that can be collected:

  • Gale seeds
  • Master's Plaque and Zora's Flippers
  • Gasha Seed (treasure chest)
  • trade Goron Vase (see below) for a fish
  • trade mushroom (see below) for a wooden bird

First of all, Link can collect Gale Seeds from the tree in this town, but only in summer.

Then, Link meets Dimitri, a friendly Dodongo who helps him reach the northern portion of the town (it's possible to have met Dimitri already in Spool Swamp). There, a master diver resides in a cave. He proposes Link a challenge. The hero must then move to the nearby cave, push the four eye statues close enough to each other, and slash them all at the same time with a charged spin attack: a passage will open and allow Link to reach the chest. Inside is the Master's Plaque. Bring it to the Master Diver, and he'll reward Link with the Zora's Flippers and a secret: there's a diving hole that links Sunken City to Mt. Cucco. It's actually located near Ingo's house.

Now you can freely explore the rest of Sunken City even without the help of Dimitri. Just east from the Master Diver's cave there's a flooded house and a Gasha soil. No need to plant any Gasha Seed there: it's a spot that only produces rings from tiers 1 and 2. Another cave can be reached in summer only: it holds a Gasha Seed.

In winter, Link can reach Syrup's shop. Nevertheless, the witch Syrup cannot make any potions until Link brings her a mushroom.

There's a second diving spot, just south of Syrup's shop (note that it cannot be accessed in winter). Inside, Link can get another Gasha Seed, but then he has to exit in the Woods of Winter. Not too bad: he can use a Gale Seed and get back to the Sunken City.

Moblin's Keep[edit]

Linked game: Tokay secret
(If you already cleared Oracle of Ages and linked to this game)
LZ7 seasons secret tokay.png

After you destroy the Moblin's Keep, visit the Great Moblin in Sunken City, then go back to the ruined keep. A friendly Moblin will ask you to tell a secret to a Tokay in Labrynna. Switch back to Oracle of Ages, go to Crescent Island, and talk to the orange Tokay in the museum. He will ask you to complete his mini-game, and if you succeed, he will give you a Zelda Oracles Bomb.png Bomb bag upgrade and another secret. Switch again to Oracle of Seasons, go to Farore and tell her the Tokay secret: the bomb bag will be upgraded in this game, too.

If Link could carry up to 10 bombs in one game, the secret upgrades it to 30; a later upgrade in the same game will allow to carry 50 bombs. If Link could carry 30 bombs already (i.e. through the non-secret upgrade), the secret upgrades it to 50.

Use the flippers to access the third cave in the north of the Natzu land and gain 50 Rupees. Then, use the flute and your animal friend to access the Great Moblin's Keep from the south-west.

If you defeat the Great Moblin, you can get a Piece of Heart from a chest in the Ruined Keep.

Mt. Cucco[edit]

A shortcut from Sunken City to Mount Cucco

The fastest way to get to Mt. Cucco from Sunken City is the following: dive near Ingo's House, and swim through the passage.

If you switch the season to winter, you can access a Fairy Fountain. Two Deku Scrubs give hints about a key and a lock. Still, this is all that can be done for the moment.

Access Subrosia from a portal on Mt. Cucco.

Subrosian Treasure Grove[edit]

The Strange Brothers steal Link's feather, and he has to chase them through their treasure grove in order to get it back.

Use the feather to re-visit previous and new regions.

After Link got his feather back, you can explore Subrosia a bit more. In particular, walk back to the gate where Link came from and continue east. Jump over the lava, but instead of entering the tunnel to the temple, still continue east. Use the Power Bracelet, then combine the Roc's Feather with a Pegasus Seed, so you can jump over the large chasm. Continue south-east and visit the beach. Ask Rosa to follow you: she can open any locked door.

Now travel back north, past the market and to the northern part of the village. Go west, jump over the lava and continue southwest. Soon you'll reach the Subrosian Chef, who will trade the iron pot for a bowl of lava soup. Leave the chef and continue north. Rosa can open a locked door, and inside you can find a Gasha Seed. Back to the chef's hut, continue north-west. In an open cave Link can get another Gasha Seed.

Now you can go all the way back and enter the tunnel that leads to the Spring Tower. Rosa leaves Link in the underground passage.

Tower of Spring[edit]

After Link got his feather back, he can access a cave near the Treasure Grove that leads to the Tower of Spring.

In the tunnel there is one more Gasha Seed.

Goron Mountain[edit]

Linked game: Goron Elder secret
(If you already cleared Oracle of Ages and linked to this game)
LZ7 seasons secret eldergoron.png

After you gave the Lava Soup to the Biggoron, go back in the Goron caves. On the top floor, a red Goron will ask you to tell a secret to his ancestor in Labrynna. Switch back to Oracle of Ages, travel back in time, go to Rolling Ridge, and find the Goron Elder at the shooting cart mini-game, in the East. He will ask you to complete the mini-game, and if you succeed, he will give you the File:Zelda Oracles Biggoron sword.png Biggoron Sword and another secret. Switch again to Oracle of Seasons, go to Farore and tell her the Goron Elder secret: Link will obtain the Biggoron Sword in this game, too.

Goron Mountain is an optional area, but there are many useful items. Most important of all, one of the best Gasha spots is located at the base of the mountain.

Items that can be collected:

  • Ring box upgrade
  • trade Lava Soup for Goron Vase
  • back in Sunken City, trade the Goron vase for a fish
  • back in North Horon, trade the fish for a megaphone

Coming from Mt. Cucco on the east, you can see a cracked wall. Blast it open with a bomb, and follow a path through several caves and cliffs. Eventually, Link will reach a cave where a red Goron lives. The lonely creature can upgrade the Ring Box.

Continue east, and burn down three small trees. One of them conceals an old man who will gift 200 Rupees to Link.

Opposite to the old man is the entrance to the Goron caves. Go to the top and give the Subrosian lava soup to Biggoron: he will trade it for a Goron Vase.

A Gasha spot for the rarest rings!

Now go to the base of the mountain. Two Gasha spots can be found nearby: one is all the way to the east, but it only gives low-level rings, the other one is to the west, near a series of pits, and apparently is one of the best spots in the game. Chance that you may obtain the Green Ring or a Boomerang Ring L.2!

With the Goron Vase, travel back to the sunken city. The vase collector in the north-west house will trade it for a fish. Now, backtrack to North Horon (you can use a Gale Seed). Just east from Impa's Refuge, an old man needs a fish to catch back his cat. As a reward, he gives the megaphone to Link.

Now you're ready to bring springtime on Mt. Cucco.

Springtime on Mt. Cucco[edit]

Items that can be collected:

  • Piece of Heart
  • trade Megaphone for a mushroom
  • Green joy ring and Subrosian ring
  • Dragon Key (actually on the east side of Goron Mountain)

From North Horon Link can use a gale seed and fly to Sunken City, then use the underwater shortcut to Mt. Cucco. First of all, switch the season to spring.

Go east and help Moosh. Grab the Flying Cucco using the power bracelet, and fly to the upper platform. Go north, cross the cave and get some Spring Bananas from the palm on the mountaintop. On the way back down, enter a smaller cave, where Link can obtain a green joy ring.

Once Link brings the bananas to Moosh the bear, he joins the hero. Travel all the way west; when you get to Goron Mountain, turn north. Moosh can fly over the pitfalls, so that Link can reach the Dragon Key.

Back to Mt. Cucco, switch the season to spring again. On the west is a Blast Bloom that can spit Link up to a higher ledge. Talon is sleeping in a cave: wake him up with the megaphone; when he leaves, Link can get a mushroom for the witch Syrup in Sunken City. Furthermore, a chest becomes now accessible; the Subrosian Ring is inside.

Go east until you get to a tree stump. Instead of changing the season, jump down one screen and collect a Heart Piece.

With a small tour, go back to the tree stump above and change the season to winter. West from the waterfall, the snow allows now to access a cave. On the upper exit, grab a flying rooster with the Power Bracelet and reach the keyhole. The Dragon key fits in and stops the waterfall.

Jump down, change the season to summer, and enter the dungeon.

DUNGEON: Dancing Dragon Dungeon[edit]

Dancing Dragon Dungeon.

Dancing Dragon Dungeon is a mine shaft of doom in the shape of a dragon, as it can be seen from its map.

The next essence resides in here, and the only way to find it is to face the challenges this trouble-filled dragon holds.


  • From the entrance to the map
Swim left to the next room.

The first room, as are many others here, is flooded with water. There is a locked door to the right, so swim over to the left to enter the next room. Such room has a chest you can easily reach: simply pushing a block at the same height as the chest. You'll find 10 bombs. With those extra bombs, hop in the mine cart.

As you ride the mine cart, you'll pass a switch. Don't hit it until you round the curve. You'll switch the tracks, but still head north now. At the end of the track, go east to spot a cracked wall. Plant a bomb right by it and head into the uncovered room.

Break two pots, push the rest.

Here is a simple puzzle: activate all the switches at once. However, there are eight switches and nine pots to use. Two aren't needed, but to make things easy, follow this solution:

  • First, break one pot from the middle of any one side.
  • Break the pot in the center.
  • Push the remaining seven pots on the seven buttons, then go stand on the last one. You'll earn a Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key as a reward.
Push three blocks and open the way.

Get back on the cart, but now hit the switch so that Link can go south and east. At the end of the track, push the eye statue on the button to open the door. In the next room, push three blocks so to open a passage downstairs.

Follow the narrow passages, and remember that the black-and-white Anti-Fairies can be destroyed by the boomerang. Ignore the stairs down, for the moment, and go east. Open the chest and get the map.


  • From the map to the compass

After getting the map, go down the stairs in the previous room. Navigate the passage and emerge in a dark room. You can use an Ember Seed to light the brazier and take look around. Then, use the Roc's Feather and get to the chest, where a second Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key is waiting.

Now, the west "wing" (literally) of the dungeon has been fully explored. Take the keys and unlock the door in the first room.

Jump over the spiked floor and wipe away the Anti-Fairies using the boomerang. Light a bomb to blast the cracked east wall. Defeat all enemies in the next room, then push the only block: a chest will appear. The Compass is inside.


  • From the compass to the sub-boss room

After Link finds the compass, go back to the previous room and then north. Swim under the rolling Spiketraps. In the following room, remember that the shield can flip over the Spiked Beetles.

Ride the cart, and remember to hit the switch on the way. Ride it again, and explore the room to the west, the "eye of the dragon". Defeat all the enemies, and the third Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key will fall in the water. Dive underwater and grab it. Leave on the cart, and go east.

In the next room, unlock the block with the second key. Next, defeat all the Shrouded Stalfos and a passageway will appear. The owl statue suggests to combine Pegasus Seeds and Roc's Feather to overcome the next obstacle.

The Sub-Boss, Agunima

Downstairs, after another cart ride, a Deku Scrub sells Ember Seeds, if you need any. It's actually a hint about the sub-boss. The chest holds a fourth Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key. Continue all the way south to the sub-boss room.

Agunima creates two images of himself, but only real one has a shadow. In order to see it, drop some Ember Seeds in the braziers, then slash at the sorcerer with the shadow.


  • From the sub-boss to the slingshot

After defeating Agunima, two doors open. Go to the east one first. An old man says to look for something in the eye of the dragon. It's a hint for a small key upstairs, in case you skipped it.

Now go south and ride another cart. At the end of the ride south-east you will need the aforementioned key to open a door. The Beamos is invincible, but you can jump over its beam.

Open the door and equip the Pegasus Seeds: when you push the eye statue, and you have to, the floor will start crumbling. The chest at the end holds the slingshot.

Boss key[edit]

  • From the slingshot to the Boss Key

Equip the slingshot and backtrack. The cart track is now a shooting gallery: select a Seed (avoid the Ember and Scent ones) and shoot at the two faraway switches. Ride the cart again and go to the south-west exit. In the next room, combine again Pegasus seeds and Roc's Feather, then use the last key to unlock the block.

In the next room, the Boss Key is concealed in one of the two smaller ponds. Dive underwater and get it. You do not need to fight the enemies.

Boss room[edit]

  • From the boss key to the boss room

Check the map: there is still one chest. Backtrack to the sub-boss room, and continue north up to the next cart ride. Equip the Slingshot and the Ember Seeds, then get on the cart. Light the three braziers while moving, and the chest will appear. Inside is the fifth and last Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key.

Restock the Ember Seeds from the Deku Scrub: you'll need them against the dungeon boss. Now go all the way south.

In the southmost room, push a block south, so that the green blade trap cannot move. Then, shoot at the switch: now you can ride the last cart. In the next room, defeat the red Wizzrobes to open the door. Use the fifth key and proceed downstairs.

The owl statue gives a hint about the boss: the weak spot is the eye. Shoot the braziers with Ember Seeds, and a bridge will appear. In the last room before the boss, a fast lift oves over a big chasm; better wait and defeat some bats before proceeding.

BOSS: Gohma[edit]


As most bosses in Oracle of Seasons, Gohma comes from The Legend of Zelda 1, too.

Equip the Slingshot with either Scent or Ember Seeds. Gohma is immune to sword attacks. Also, equip the Roc's Feather to dodge its attacks.

Get to the southern wall, and wait for Gohma's attacks. When it lifts its claw, shoot a Seed into its eye, then jump sideways to avoid its grip.