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Northern Peak[edit]

The entrance to Onox's castle

After the Maku Tree gives Link the Maku seed, the hero can access the Northern Peak, that is just west from the Temple Remains.

Onox' castle[edit]

There are four exits from every room, but only one allows to proceed. Link has to defeat all enemies in the room and then take the north exit, or he'll be sent back to the entrance.

BOSS: Onox[edit]

Onox, general of Darkness
  • Phase 1: Onox in soly vulnerable to charged spin attacks.
  • Phase 2: use the Rod of Seasons to temporarily knock Din's crystal away, then slash Onox as before.
Onox, dark dragon
  • Phase 3: Onox turns into a dragon! Equip the Roc's cape; jump on the hands, then jump and slash at the gem on Onox's forehead.