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Main Characters[edit]

  • Link (or the player's chosen name): The hero of the story, Link washes up on an island after attempting to save his friend Tetra from the Ghost Ship.
  • Tetra: Link's friend (actually Princess Zelda). She disappeared while investigating the mysterious Ghost Ship.
  • Cielia: A fairy that finds Link after he washes up on the island where she lives with her "Grandpa".
  • Oshus: An old man with a mysterious past who found Cielia when she was young and raised her.
  • Linebeck: A sailor who cares only cares for finding treasure, though he does have a compassionate side, as well. He and Cielia do not get along well.

Other Characters[edit]

  • Leaf: The fairy of power. Once you have gained this fairy you can equip a more powerful sword (if you are using this fairy).
  • Neri: The fairy of wisdom. Once you have gained this fairy you can equip a more powerful shield (if you are using this fairy).
  • Beedle: The shopkeeper for the world-wide business, Beedle's Ship Shop.
  • Wayfarer: An old man on Bannan Island that is searching for a mermaid. Once you get the fishing pole, you can catch a mermaid. If you bring it to Wayfarer he will give you a rare item.
  • The Gorons: The native tribe of Goron Island.