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Goron Island[edit]

While wandering around the island, make sure to enter all the caves and talk to all of the Gorons - you'll need to do it later anyway, so do it now. Head west and north up the stairs. Go east and north when there's a short cutscene involving a sign and a little Goron. Go west until you find another little Goron who will ask you to take care of some yellow ChuChus nearby. Dig up the vent and ride it up. Use arrows to defeat the yellow ChuChus. You'll receive a treasure map. Go back to the sign where the short cutscene occurred. It will tell you to give a shout if you need anything. Guess what that means? Blow/yell into the microphone to get the Goron to extend the bridge. Follow the path and talk to the Goron to find out where the elder's house is. Head up there, digging up a red Rupee along the way.

Biggoron will tell you that in order to receive the pure metal, you must become a member of the Goron tribe. Step one is to make yourself known to every Goron in the village. Ciela will tell you when you've talked to everyone. The next step is a quiz game of six questions about the Gorons on the island. All of the possible questions and their correct answers are below. If you get a question wrong, you'll have to start over and pay the 20 rupee fee again.

How many homes are there on this island?
The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at?
How many Gorons live on this island?
Easy one, Stranger, what question number is this?
4, keep track
What color were the odd creatures on the cliff?
How many Goron children live on this island?
How many Gorons are outside right now?
How many Rupees have you won so far? Easy!
46, keep count
How many Gorons are in their homes right now?
How many rocks are there in this home?
What is on this spot?
Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults?

You'll get a Wisdom Gem for getting all six questions right. And don't be too happy about those winnings - Biggoron will take them away as dues. Biggoron will tell you that the pure metal is in the Temple and his son Gongoron will lead you there. Gongoron is less than pleased. He stalks off, challenging you to keep up with him.

Exit the elder's home to realize that Gongoron is missing. It's time to play hide and seek. Talk to the Goron outside and head west, as he recommends. When you find him on the west side, he'll run off. Run over to the east end of the island, where the Gongoron is chilling next to the Goron guarding the way to the temple. Follow Gongoron to the north to discover a maze. Use the bomb flower to destroy the cracked wall to your north. Head all the way west down the opened passage and step on the switch to lower some spikes. Go back to the bomb flower and bomb your way north. Head west, watching out for the (also electrified) blue ChuChu. At the end is a chest with a big green Rupee. Head back east a screen. Look at the ground across the wall north of you. Plant a bomb near the wall across from the brown mark on the floor to open up a path. Head west, south, and east to pick up that chest that you saw earlier, which has a Power Gem.

Jump down to the west to encounter a Like Like. These worms will suck you up and take your shield away. Rub your stylus on the screen if you get sucked up by one. I prefer killing them from a distance, either with bombs or arrows. Run up the stairs and hit the switch to extend the bridge. Enter the temple.

Goron Temple[edit]

Floor 1[edit]

No sign of Gongoron when you enter. The tablet nearby tells you to watch out for the quicksand. Follow that advice. Head east, avoiding the Beamos statue, then loop back around. The switch won't stay down, so you'll have to move the statue onto it. Head past the spikes, kill the blue ChuChu, and meet an animated Armos statue. Hit it with a bomb to pacify it, then move it north to the switch. Go through the door that opens, defeat another Armos, and move it west to a switch to extend a bridge. Grab a bomb flower and head to the middle of the bridge. Throw the bomb straight north to hit a switch, revealing a chest to the east. Quickly run over to it and open it for a treasure map. Run west and drop off the ledge. Defeat both Armos statues to open a door to the south. Hit the switch to lower spikes to the south, then use the bow to hit the eye on the wall to the east for a red Rupee. Head all the way west and bomb the cracked wall. Enter to find a nut that, when opened, gives three bombs. Also notice that there's a door to your right, but you didn't see one back in the other room. Go back and bomb the wall in the corresponding position to reveal another door. Head down the stairs in the next room.

Floor B1[edit]

Kill the two Red Bubbles while avoiding the quicksand and the two Beamos statues. Head past the spikes that retract to the south. Follow the path until you discover Gongoron, who has been captured by monsters. An Eye Brute appears. Stun it with an arrow to the eye, then hack at it with your sword. Don't approach it unless it's stunned, or it will punch you. Once you've defeated it, you learn how to switch between Gongoron and Link, using the icon at the top of the touchscreen. Switch to Gongoron.

Gongoron will automatically start rolling once he starts running. Rolling can be used to attack enemies or break boulders. Head south and break all of the boulders, watching for the Rock ChuChus underneath some of them. Tap an enemy for Gongoron to use a spinning attack, which will break through the ChuChu's rock helmets. Once all three ChuChus are defeated, the spikes to Link's south will lower. Switch to Link. Head south, defeat the two Like Likes and stand on the floor switch. Switch to Gongoron and roll across the gap. Gongoron will automatically jump it if he's rolling. Stand on the switch to reveal a chest on Link's side. Switch to Link and grab the Bombchus from the chest. If you equip the Bombchus, you can draw a path that the Bombchu will follow.

Switch to Gongoron, as the spikes blocking his path have lowered. Defeat all of the snakes to open a door on Link's side of the room. Switch to Link and go through the door. Defeat all of the snakes to spawn a chest with a piece of treasure in it, as well as lower some spikes. Now's the time to use those Bombchus. Draw a path through the hole in the wall that ends at the crystal switch and let the Bombchu go. Spikes will lower to the left, and Gongoron will have found an escape route. Move past the spikes and go upstairs.

Floor 1[edit]

Kill the blue ChuChu and then use a Bombchu to hit the switch, extending a bridge back to the entrance. Now, go back down the stairs and then down the stairs again to B2.

Floor B2[edit]

Go right and clear the boulder from in front of the hole in the wall. Then, head north, taking out the Rock ChuChus along the way. The statue will tell you to hit the two switches at the same time and hints that a Bombchu would be useful. So stand next to the switch and draw a Bombchu path that goes through the hole you uncovered and hits the switch at the end of the path. If you touch the screen while the Bombchu is moving, you will regain control of Link. Hit the switch when the Bombchu hits the other switch to lower spikes to the right. Go down the stairs.

Floor B3[edit]

Move down the path, killing Miniblins and watching out for two magic pots that will hurl themselves at you. Notice the hole in the wall. Guess what you have to do? First, make sure the switch next to you is blue. Draw a Bombchu path that goes through the hole and hits the switch. You might have noticed that the blue blocks are in the way. Once the Bombchu passes the red blocks, hit the switch to lower the blue ones. Go north past the lowered spikes and meet four Armos statues. Take them all out and move them onto the switches. Go past the lowered spikes. Watch out for two kamikaze pots. Head up the stairs.

Floor B2[edit]

Hit the switch to extend a bridge. Head right and bust out your arrows, as there are two Eye Brutes lying in wait. Defeat them and follow the path. Defeat the Gels and blue ChuChus along the way. Stand next to the spikes and use a Bombchu to hit the switch to the southwest, as the spikes will be lowered for a very short time. Go to the end of the path and use any means necessary (sword, arrows, Bombchus) to take out all of the snakes, which will spawn a treasure-containing chest. Also, use Bombchus to hit the two switches at the west end of the room, spawning a large chest to the west. Go back to the spikes and use a Bombchu to hit the switch again, crossing in the short time window. Grab the Boss Key from the chest and head back down the stairs to B3.

Floor B3[edit]

Unlock the Boss Door and head downstairs.

Floor B4[edit]

Restock on Bombchus with the nuts to the right of the door. Inspect the tablet to open a portal back to the entrance. Enter the door to face the boss.

Dodongorongo, Armored Lizard[edit]

As the door closes behind you, Dodongorongo appears across the quicksand. Either if you use action replay, you can use moonjump to go across the quicksand. Remember how you switched between Gongoron and Link? Well, you'll need both Gongoron and Link to defeat Dodongorongo. As Gongoron, avoid Dodongorongo's fireballs while killing as many snakes as possible. Inevitably, a couple will make it to Link, which is when you have to switch over and kill them before Link dies. When Dodongorongo stops spitting fireballs and roars, that's your cue to get out of the way and let him charge at the wall. When he does, attack his sides until he falls over. You will automatically switch to Link. Direct a Bombchu into Dodongorongo's mouth. Rinse and repeat. After the third Bombchu, Dodongorongo falls over. Gongoron goes to grab the pure metal. But wait... don't defeated bosses turn into Sand of Hours when they're defeated? Guess what? Dodongorongo is good to go for round 2. When you cross the bridge, Dodongorongo wakes up.

In the next round, you'll exploit the Dodongo's traditional weakness to bombs. When he inhales, chuck a bomb or a bomb flower into his mouth, then smack the blue jewel on his back until he gets back up. Rinse and repeat until Dodongorongo is defeated for real this time. Open the chest for a Heart Container and head north, where Gongoron awaits. Grab the Crimsonine. Take the portal out.

Goron Island[edit]

When you exit, head right and enter the maze. Head to the south of the maze and look for a hole that a Bombchu can fit through. Hit the switch past the hole with a Bombchu and run over to the chest that spawns. Open it for a treasure map. Now do as Gongoron asks and visit the elder's house. He'll give you a big red Rupee. Stop by the store on your way out if you have 3000 spare Rupees. If you do, buy the Bombchu bag upgrade for 1000 Rupees (you must have already bought the bomb bag and quiver upgrades first) and then buy the Heart Container for 2000 Rupees. Talk to Linebeck to leave Goron Island.

The Southeast Sea[edit]

Head to the island in the northeast. Once you get close, Linebeck will tell you to set a course around the island and blast away at the ice. Do so, watching out for constantly spawning enemies. Once the ice is cleared, dock at the Isle of Frost.