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Go forth and conquer evil. The power of time shall guide you...

When you begin a new game, you will first be treated to a series of cut-scenes that serve to recount the events that occurred in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. When the story is complete and you are up to date, Link will be aboard Tetra's pirate ship.

Tetra is disappointed that Link is not at his assigned post as a look-out. Tetra's pirates will express concern over the rumors they have heard lately regarding a ghost ship, reported to be very evil. Tetra will dismiss their concerns, but as she does, clouds fill the sky, and an eerie wind begins to blow. When one of Tetra's men suggest that they make a detour around the storm, Tetra reprimands them and reminds them that their mission is to explore the world, not to take detours.

In a matter of moments, a large ship comes into view and pulls up alongside Tetra's ship. Tetra, ignoring the protests of her men, bravely jumps from her ship to the deck of this new ship. Link and the pirates watch in horror as she disappears into the mist. Only seconds later, a shriek is heard from the large ship and Link jumps into action. He makes a leap for the large ship as it begins to sail away. He manages to snag the railing in the nick of time, but as he attempts to pull himself up and over, he slips and falls helplessly into the water.

He blacks out at the moment, only to regain consciousness on a beach, with a fairy flying in lazy circles over his head. Now he must explore this new island, and find a way to rescue Tetra...