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Gratitude Crystals[edit]

Skyloft Gratitude Crystals[edit]

The demon of skyloft is a kind monster who lives underneath skyloft. He wantsa you to do kind errands for the people of skyloft, and pick up the crystals they leave. You can pick up Gratitude Crystals in Skyloft at the following locations:

  • At night, you can find one in Link's bedroom. (1)
  • You get some for bringing mushroom spores to the girls injured bird out on one of the islands. Her brother will give you the spores at the Plaza after you find her.

The Sky Gratitude Crystals[edit]

You can pick up Gratitude Crystals in The Sky at the following locations:

  • At night, investigate the Pumpkin Shed at Pumpkin Landing and you'll find a Gratitude Crystal hidden there. (1)


Faron Woods[edit]

  • Gorko Goron
  • Just before the entrance to Sky Temple
  • Go under water through the cave, high above the water.


  • On the lest side of the slide after the really hot room.
  • Left of Earth Temple doors, Bomb the geyser to blow up the wall.


  • Horn: Sword game between 20-27 hits - Sky, one of the islands towards the south. (Can steal from Hobokin leaders using whip)
  • Skull: Hobokin
  • Gold Skull: Hobokin (1 in 4 chance that a Skull is gold)
  • Wasp larvae: Wasp nest in Faron Woods (knock nest to ground)
  • Blob: blobs,triffids
  • Goddess Plume: chests, occasional rare item drops, 28+ hits in Sword game
    • Sky Temple attached to the wall in first room with door eye
    • Earth Temple by the door to the room with two Lizalfos and Bomb Bag
  • Eldin ore - Eldin area in dig spots, chests, and Bobokins
  • Amber relic - many places up to Eldin


  • By the time you get to the desert it is a good idea to go back and collect bugs and rupees, as you will need 1200 for your final advneture pouch. You should now have the strongest wooden shield, and at the beginning of the desert you will get your upgraded bug-shot which can be upgraded at the scrap shop.