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Playing in Fire - Tower of Spirits Floors 4-7[edit]

Now that you have restored the Forest Source, and opened a new section of the Tower of Spirits, you must return there. Set your course from the Temple to there. Once you leave the Forest area, though, a new menace will appear on the tracks. The ordinary trains will be possessed by dark spirits, and be transformed into Phantom Trains. They move slightly faster than the Spirit Train, and explode if they crash into you, destroying you instantly. Look at the Map, and their next route will be shown on it. Use this information to avoid them, and safely reach the Tower. Once there, talk to Anjean. She explains that the next Temple is hidden in snowstorms, but to get there, you must find another glyph/rail map. Go up the stairs.

Zelda points out a new door at a higher level. This is the entrance to the new section of the Tower. Go up there. Two Phantoms will appear. As before, you need to find the three Tears of Light, then strike a Phantom in its back to have Zelda possess it. To the right of the entrance is a fire-breathing statue. Wait for it to stop, then pass it. The first Tear is surrounded by a pit of lava in the centre of the room. To get it, blow it across with your Whirlwind. Then, avoiding the Phantoms, run around and grab it. Quickly run to the Safe Zone in the northeast corner, where you can get a second Tear of Light. The last Tear, in the left part of the room, is blocked by a stream of fire that never stops. The Phantom, though, walks in its path every few seconds. Wait for the Phantom to block the fire, then run and grab the final Tear. Now your Sword is powered up, so Zelda can possess a Phantom if you strike it in the back. The best one to take is the one near the south of the room, since it patrols the area where you need to go next. Once Zelda has possessed it she'll point out that now she can walk through fire and lava!

Go to the lava pit to the east, not the center of the room. Have Zelda walk into the lava, and she will tell you that she can carry you across it. Have her stand to the right of the stairs, then tap her to jump on top of her shield. Now, as Zelda, walk across the lava while carrying Link. When you reach the other side, switch to Link, and double-tap the ground to jump off. Call Zelda, and go north, and up the stairs. On the next floor, go down to the pit of lava. Jump onto Zelda's shield. Go north through the lava, and you'll find a Whirlwind fan. Blow at it. Go back south-west to find another fan. Blow at this, and the blue door will open. Go through it, get off Zelda's shield, call her, and go west to a doorway. Go south at the locked door. Here, there is a shy creature that carries a key. To defeat it, follow it, but send Zelda after it the other way (so she meets it trying to escape from you). It will run between both of you until one of you defeats it. Open the locked door. Cross the lava, and go upstairs. You're trapped in this room! To defeat this beast, the Geozard, have Zelda attack it, then while she fights it, that's Link's opportunity to come from behind and slash it with his sword. After seven or eight attacks from Link's sword, it will be defeated.

Go through the blue door, and south. Ignore this creature, the Mounted Miniblin, for now. Have Zelda block the stream of fire from the statue at the south of this area, then you can pass by it. Use the raised area to jump onto Zelda's shield. Go east and north and you'll see two Mounted Miniblins. Defeat these by attacking the pink creature on top with Link, then the bottom will explode harmlessly. Go back and continue east. There are a series of three fire-breathing statues. The first and third can be easily avoided atop Zelda's shield, but watch for the middle one that is raised above the others to Link's height. No need to dismount, though, since it stops every few seconds. The key rests on a pillar. Link can't jump onto it, so blow it off, jump off Zelda's shield, and grab it. Go back west, with Zelda blocking the streams of fire, and unlock the door to the north, at the centre of the floor. Go up the stairs.

Zelda will leave the Phantom's armour, and Link's sword will lose its energy. This is the Glyph Room. Go up to the pedestal and grab the Snow Glyph/Rail Map. This will reveal the Spirit Tracks leading into the Snow Land. A blue portal will open. Step into it to return to Anjean. Talk to her. She will tell you to go to the Snowfall Sanctuary and find the Lokomo Steem. Board the train and go!

The Cannon[edit]

Set your route to the Snow Land. However, make sure that you travel via Castle Town. Almost as soon as you depart you'll find out why. Two brown boar-like enemies, called Bullbos, will start to attack the Train, and the whistle won't scare them off. Zelda will suggest that you visit Alfonzo in the Castle. In Castle Town, head for the Castle. The Postbox will have a letter from Alfonzo. In the letter, he asks you to take him home to Outset/Aboda Village. He's in Teacher's room, where you woke up after being attacked by Cole and Staven/Byrne at the beginning. It's inside the Castle to the north-west. Talk to Alfonzo. He'll have an idea. But to do it he needs to get home. He will leave to board the Train. Follow him. On the way out, Teacher will ask about Zelda, but call you "insensitive" because you tell him that her spirit is there with you. Go back to the station and talk to Alfonzo to board the train. Set your route to Outset/Aboda Village, avoiding the Phantom Trains along the way.

When you reach the village, Alfonzo will take the train into his workshop to fix something up for it. While you wait, he suggests you should visit Niko. Go back to the house where you began your adventure, and talk to Niko. When he sees you, he'll remark that you, in your soldier's clothes, remind him of a friend he had when he was young. It will also remind him of a request he has to ask of you. He talks about his days as a young man, travelling the land, and that everywhere he went, he saw little stamp stands. Back then, he had nothing to put the stamps in, but now, he has a little stamp book. He'll give the book to you, and ask you to collect the stamps wherever you see a stamp stand. (See here for a full list of stamp stands.) The first one can be found just to the left of Alfonzo's workshop. It's the black pedestal. To stamp the book, tap the page that appears on the Touch screen. Go to the station, and Alfonzo will come out with your train. He's added a cannon! This can be used to destroy boulders, and defeat enemies. (Don't use it on Moinks, though.) Board the train, and set your route to the Snow Land!

Music in the Steem-ing Cold[edit]

As you leave the station, Zelda will read the instructions for the cannon. When you're familiar with them, you can test it on some boulders along the beach. Set your route north to the Snow Land. Be careful coming out of the forest to the west, though, since there is a large boulder that takes three cannonballs to dispose of. Stop off at the small station here. This is Rabbit Haven/Rabbitland Rescue. Go east and talk to the man in the rabbit suit. He'll give you the Rabbit Net, and explain how to use it. Get back on the train and continue to the Snow Land.

Set a route to the village to the north-east. This is Anouki Village. Here, head north for the house on the highest level. Along the way, you'll see a Sound Stone. This will teach you the Song of Discovery. Continue to the house. Here lives Honcho, leader of the Anouki. He will ask you to make pairings of Anouki, in exchange for information on getting to the Snowfall Sanctuary. Talk to all the villagers. You get this information.

  • Honcho can be paired with any Anouki.
  • The Anouki to the top-left, Yeko, won't work with the blue small-horned Anouki.
  • The Anouki to the bottom-left, Yefu, won't be paired with any Anouki with large horns.
  • The Anouki to the bottom-centre, Noko, can't be paired with any yellow Anouki.
  • The Anouki to the bottom-right, Bulu, doesn't like Anouki with facial hair.
  • The Anouki to the top-right, Kofu, will only work with small-horned Anouki.

Putting that information together, you should get the following pairs.

  • Honcho and Yefu
  • Yeko and Bulu
  • Noko and Kofu

Go back to Honcho. Join the above Anouki on the map Honcho shows you. He'll give you 20 Rupees, and eventually tell you how to get to Snowfall Sanctuary. But he warns of a large monster in the tunnel there. Honcho will show you the entrance to the tunnel. Board the train, and set a route there.

LoZ-ST snow sanctuary.png

Once you enter the tunnel, that monster that Honcho spoke of will drop down behind you. That 'eye' in its mouth is its weak point. When it opens its mouth, fire cannonballs at the eye. After several attempts, it will collapse and die, and you'll escape the tunnel to Snowfall Sanctuary. Here, there is a shop that sells a Heart Container for 2000 Rupees, and some new enemies, called White Wolfos. These wolf-like creatures fight in packs and are quite hard to beat, but keep attacking and you should eventually defeat them. Go west, then north, then east. At the top of a thin staircase is a stamp stand. Continue east, north, then west again. You'll find a doorway eventually. Enter it. Inside is a stone-head puzzle. The sign says that you must reach the door within the time, and 'without being seen'. This refers to the direction the statues face. You cannot pass through the area they face towards, or the door will close. The correct path is shown right.

Here, go up the stairs and talk to Steem, the Lokomo Guardian of the Snow Land. He'll teach you your part of the Song of Restoration, then you must play the real thing as part of a duet with Steem. When you play it correctly, a large set of Spirit Tracks will appear on the Snow Glyph/Rail Map. Steem will warn you of blizzards on the way to the Temple. The blizzards have an effect like the Lost Woods: go the wrong way and you're back to square one. But they don't give anything away, like the tree branches. So check your map. There's a section of tracks in the east, so check there for clues. Leave the Sanctuary, board the train, and go east.

Finding Ferrus[edit]

Zelda will say that you should go to the Temple, but if you go north, you'll run into a massive blizzard that doesn't allow you through if you take the wrong turn. So go to the other section of tracks in the east. Some new snowman-like enemies will appear along the way. They take two hits to defeat, since you must destroy their heads first, then the body. Just before the B-shaped section of tracks is a station. Stop there. This is the Icy Spring/Wellspring Station. Enter the train car-shaped hut. Check the table. There is a map on it with three locations marked. These are on that B-shaped section east of here. Mark the locations on your map. Board the train and set your route to pass by these areas, while avoiding the Phantom Train along the way.

At one of the marked areas (usually the southern-most area) you'll see a man taking pictures with a camera. Stop the train by him. This is Ferrus who lives at the Icy Spring/Wellspring Station. He calls himself an expert on trains, and cannot believe that you, the kingdom's newest engineer, are driving the Spirit Train. Tell him you are going to the Temple. He has a map of a safe route to the Temple. It's covered in dust, so blow into the microphone to clear it. Copy the route to the Temple onto your map. Follow that route carefully. The blizzard is almost blinding, but stick to that route and you'll be fine. Make sure to keep a sharp look-out for enemies, since they are even harder to find in this blizzard. If you make it through the storm, you've found the Blizzard Temple!