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Main characters[edit]


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As always, Link is the young boy from a small village who goes on to become the hero of Hyrule. In Spirit Tracks, Link starts as a young apprentice train engineer under the guidance of Alfonzo, a retired Castle Guard and master engineer. He lives with Niko in Outset/Aboda Village. As the game begins, Link is preparing for his audience with Princess Zelda, which he must attend in order to become a fully-fledged train engineer. But Link arrives at Hyrule Castle at the beginning of a crisis. The Spirit Tracks are vanishing, and Zelda suspects the Chancellor, Cole, of being responsible for this. During Link's ceremony, Zelda hands him a letter, asking him to come to her quarters.

Once there, she tells Link of her suspicions, and asks him to help her uncover the truth, by using his train to help her get to the Tower of Spirits. Link helps Zelda sneak out of the castle, and get Alfonzo to help them. On the way, though, the Spirit Tracks from Castle Town to the Tower disappear, derailing Link's train. Cole and his henchman Staven/Byrne come, and knock Link and Alfonzo unconscious, force Zelda's spirit from her body, and take her body. Link reawakens in Hyrule Castle. There, he finds Zelda's spirit, and discovers that he is the only person she can communicate with in her spirit form. Link agrees to help her recover her body, and defeat Cole before he can carry out his evil plans with Zelda's body.

Princess Zelda[edit]

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Chancellor Cole[edit]

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Staven (Byrne)[edit]

Secondary characters[edit]




Linebeck III[edit]



The Postman delivers any mail Link may receive during his adventure. He appears if Link checks a dancing red postbox. The Postman first appears in Hyrule Castle Town at the beginning of the game. He explains how the postal service works, and how to read a letter you have received. After this, he will appear whenever there is a letter waiting for Link at a postbox, or to deliver the results of the Prize Postcard competition.


Lokomo Guardians[edit]