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Lighting the Way: Tower of Spirits Floors 8-12[edit]

The sun is shining over the Snow Land again, and you have to return to the Tower of Spirits. Since the blizzard is gone, you don't need to follow Ferrus' route any more. Draw your route to the Tower, avoiding any Phantom Trains along the way. If you see Beedle in his hot-air balloon, call him down with your Whistle. This is a flying shop that offers rewards for customer loyalty, such as the Heart Container on the shelf. Anyway, you want the Bomb Bag for now. If you have 500 Rupees, tap it to buy it. This allows you to use bombs without needing Bomb Flowers. Beedle will also offer you membership of his loyalty club. This is the only way to get that Heart Container, so if you have the money, accept. Leave the shop and continue back to the Tower.

Talk to Anjean. Again, she'll tell you that you must climb the tower and find the Glyph/Rail Map that will restore the Spirit Tracks to the next land, the Ocean Land. Climb to the top of the spiral staircase and enter the door. This floor is shrouded in darkness. Go as far right as you can, lighting any torches you see with the Boomerang. Turn south then right and go up the stairs. The camera will show a Phantom with a torch. This is called a Torch Phantom. Go left lighting the torches. You should see a sign that says 'Blow out the lonely torch in this corner to see a faint light.' This means that, where you see a lit torch that is nowhere near any other torches, blow it out to see a crack in the wall, that can be bombed. Go north from here to a safe area, and turn left. Keep going left to another safe area for a Tear of Light. Go back to the previous safe area and turn north, and left into another safe area. Continue left, remembering to light up as many torches as possible. Go south from the corner and turn left for another Tear. Return to the safe area with the Bomb Flower. Pick it up and run to the right with it. Drop it near the torch in the corner to blow open a hole in the wall. Run in and grab the final Tear of Light. Now your sword has the power to attack Phantoms from behind. Have Zelda possess one. Now you have control of a Torch Phantom. Return to the safe zone and go down as far as the wall. You'll come to a path. Follow it slowly, and when you come to the 'crossroads', go down. Have Zelda light these two torches and go upstairs.

Go right and you'll see a switch by a blue door. But standing on it doesn't open the door. Continue right and go up slightly when the door exits view. You'll see another switch. Have Zelda stand on it. Switch back to Link and stand on the other switch. The door will open. Call Zelda. Go through the door. Through here is a sign. It tells you, 'Illuminate all you can to find the answer'. Turn right. The tiles on the floor here form a Z pattern. Keep going right and turn south at the wall. Go right and you'll see a red door. Draw a Z on it to open it. Have Zelda pick up the Boss Key, since it's covered in electricity. As soon as she does, though, three hands appear. You, as Link, must protect Zelda from the hands as she follows you to the Boss Door. Call her and have her follow you all the way to the door, defeating any hands that come near you. At the door, direct Zelda towards it and she will put the key in the door and open it. Save the game and go upstairs. This red enemy is a more powerful version of a previous enemy, but requires similar tactics. Hide behind Zelda if it breathes fire at you, then have her attack it. Now you can sneak up behind it and attack it with your sword. Repeat until you defeat it. Open the large chest for an expensive piece of treasure. Call Zelda and go upstairs.

Zelda will leave the Phantom's armour. This is the Glyph Room. On the pedestal is the Ocean Glyph/Rail Map. It restores a small section of the Spirit Tracks. Step into the portal and talk to Anjean. She will tell you that the guardian of the Ocean Land is the Lokomo Carben. Board the train and go. If you want, you can visit Castle Town and try some minigames. Otherwise, head for the Ocean Land!

Linebeck's Bridge is falling down...[edit]

Ferrus will show you these signs, that you must follow whenever you are carrying a passenger.

Set your route to the Ocean Land. Just before where the bridge should be is a small station. Stop here. The bridge is out! You can't go any further than here, the Trading Post. From the station go right, down, and right into the house. Walk up to the counter. Enter Linebeck III! He loves being praised, so as he introduces himself, tell him that his speech 'blew you away', or else he won't do business with you. He says that huge storms in the area wrecked the bridge, and asks you to find a bridge worker in the Snow Land. Get on the train and go back to the Tower of Spirits. This is the quickest way to find the Bridge Worker. Talk to Anjean and tell her that you want to go to the Snow Land. Set your route out of the Tower. Along the way is a station. Stop there. This is the Bridge Worker's house. Enter the house here and talk to the man inside. Ask him to fix the bridge. He'll go to the train and wait for you. Outside, Ferrus is there. Talk to him. He was hoping that you could bring him to Papuzia Village, but you already have a passenger. He'll also explain what the signs by the side of the railroads mean. Yellow signs with a spiral mean that you must blow your whistle, orange signs tell you to slow down, and purple signs tell you that you can speed up again. Also, you must stop at the grey area at the station, and don't use the emergency brake. If you don't do all that, the bridge worker won't be a happy man.

Board the train and return to the Tower of Spirits, keeping a look out for enemies and signs. Tell Anjean that you want to go to the Forest Land. From there, return to the Trading Post, avoiding the Phantom Trains and following the directions of the signs. Only if you are followed by a Phantom Train should you not slow down at the sign. When you reach the Trading Post, the Bridge Worker should be in such a good mood that he will get to work right away, or he would if Linebeck didn't greet him. Seeing Linebeck reminds him that, along with the fee for some work he did on Linebeck's house in the past, he's owed 5000 Rupees. Linebeck is shocked, but tries to pass the bill on to you! Once he leaves, follow him. He has an idea. His grandfather buried a piece of treasure called the Regal Ring nearby. This is supposedly worth 8000 Rupees! His grandfather left behind a letter telling him where to find the Ring, but it's a riddle, and he could never figure it out. He will give you that letter, and point out the door to his grandfather's grave. Go there.

Be careful in here! There are many shield-swallowing beasts called Like Likes in here. They're those red things with holes that try to swallow you, and if you're unlucky, your shield. They also hide in pots and treasure chests that shake, so avoid those especially, since these offer you no chance of escape. If you do lose your shield, you can buy a new one from Linebeck for 100 Rupees. Go straight north through the tunnel and up the stairs.

Go left when you come out to find a Sound Stone. It teaches the Song of Light. Play it to activate beacons of light. The beacon that appears points to a purple switch. Throw your boomerang at it. This creates a bridge. Go right past it, pick up a Bomb Flower, carry it across the bridge, and throw it at the crack on the wall. This opens a hidden section. Now check the letter you received. It contains some detailed clues about finding the Regal Ring. Inside, look around the area and you'll see two beacons. Play the Song of Light near both of these. Go to where they cross. Go up and across to the uppermost-left black tile. Play the Song of Discovery here. A chest will appear. Open it for the Regal Ring. You'll also see a shaking brown chest. Avoid it, since it contains a Like Like. Leave this area and return to Linebeck. He's waiting outside his house for you. Talk to him. He'll take the Regal Ring, and praise its craftsmanship and value, all in the presence of the Bridge Worker. The bridge is fixed, so now you can continue on to the Ocean Land, once the Bridge Worker is paid. He will take the Regal Ring from Linebeck and leave. Linebeck will bemoan the fact that the Ring was worth almost double what he owed, but then offer to buy any treasure you find, and exchange it for new train cars or Rupees. If you need money, for example, to buy the Bomb Bag from Beedle, this is where to come. Now board the train and head for the Ocean Land.

Carben Emissions[edit]

Now you don't have a passenger, you don't have to follow the signs any more. Cross the bridge into the Ocean Land. Stop at the village here. This is Papuzia Village. Zelda was here on a holiday before, and would like to go swimming here, if she had her body. But you need to find Carben, the Lokomo of this Land. Go around the village to the large house. Here lives the Wise One, the clairvoyant treated as the village leader. Talk to her. She already knows your name, and will ask you some questions. Answer them by speaking into the microphone, or by blowing into it, if you don't want to talk to it. She will reply with a vague message. Leave and board the train.

Set your route as far east as the tracks go. At the end of the tracks is a station, the Island/Ocean Sanctuary. From the station, go northwest. The enemy you meet here must be attacked from behind. Throw your boomerang around it and into its back, then attack it with your sword. Enter the tunnel. Go around to the abyss. There is a switch surrounded by blocks. Pick up a bomb flower, drop it at the edge, and blow it across with the Whirlwind. When you blow up some of the blocks, throw the Boomerang at the switch to create a bridge. Cross it and go north out of the tunnel.

Go north here to the red door. It asks you, 'Trace the paths of the statues' gazes to open the door.' Starting in the centre, draw two diamonds, one on each side of the door, without lifting the stylus, as shown on the right.

File:LoZ-ST Island Sanctuary.jpg
Draw this symbol on the red door.

The door will open. Inside, Carben is not there. Check the sign that Zelda points out. It says that Carben has gone to Papuzia Village. Leave. Go south-east and stand on the floor switch in the next screen. Cross the bridge it creates, jump over the gaps, and go back to the train. Return to Papuzia Village.

On the way to the Wise One's house, at the palm tree, there are some birds circling it. Zelda will see Carben flying with one and try to call him. He can't hear her, though. Play the Song of Discovery at the tree. A Sound Stone will appear. This teaches the Song of Birds. Play it and Carben will come down. He doesn't sound too happy about this. Zelda will tell him that you say the note at the Sanctuary saying he wasn't there. He realises that you want to restore the Spirit Tracks, and go to the train. Follow him there. Set your route to the Sanctuary. Along the way, a pirate ship will appear. It will stop you and the pirates will board your train, trying to kidnap Carben. You must protect him. The pirates will break in through the windows. You must defeat them before they get near Carben and capture him. When all the small pirates are defeated, the Pirate Leader, Big Blin, will appear. You must defeat him to save Carben. When he stops and swings back his arm to attack, run back to Carben, then while he walks slowly towards him, attack him. Weapons such as the Boomerang are useless against him. Watch out for small pirate underlings trying to capture Carben while you deal with the leader. Big Blin may take out a few on his swings. He is exceedingly tough, and it will take many, many hits to bring him down. When he is defeated, Carben is safe and you can continue to the Sanctuary. At the station, Carben is overjoyed that you have saved him. He gives you something called a Force Gem, which, he explains, appears when a person is so happy that their happiness is too much for words, and so, it is crystallised and is released as a Force Gem, which creates some of the Spirit Tracks. This particular Force Gem creates some tracks south of the Trading Post. Carben will leave now and go to the Sanctuary. Go to the right of the station and go north across the bridge. Go northwest to the Sanctuary. Inside, talk to Carben. He'll thank you again, and ask you to help him play the Song of Ocean's Restoration. Once you've played it successfully, the Spirit Tracks will be restored. Carben will give you a letter with instructions on how to get to the ocean floor where the entrance to the Marine/Ocean Temple is. It is the order in which you should blow your whistle at some statues. Record the numbers on your map. Go back and board the train.

Along the way is Ferrus. Stop and talk to him. He tells you about statues that react to 'really big noises'. The 'big noise' is your train whistle. Go to the area marked 1 first and blow your whistle there until it lights up. Do the same with the areas 2 and 3 in that order. Near the number 3 area, a statue of a fish will rise out of the water. This is the entrance to the underwater tracks. Draw a route to the Temple. When you get near it, though, an Armoured Train will appear. This is a more fiendish version of the Phantom Train that can rotate on the tracks and change their routes to follow Link. Continue straight past it and change your route to go around it. Some more will appear. Avoid them, and go around to reach the Temple.