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LoZ-ST heart container map.png

Heart Containers are one of the items that have appeared in almost every Zelda game to date. They serve the purpose of increasing Link's total health. They can be received in two ways: either by defeating the boss of a Temple, or by completing a minigame or sidequest. In Spirit Tracks, there are a total of 13 Heart Containers. Five of these are received by defeating the bosses in the Temples of the five Lands, and details of finding the other eight are given below.

Take 'Em All On![edit]

In the Take 'Em All On! minigame in Castle Town, clear the Green Door (Level 1). When you leave and talk to the Gerudo woman, she'll reward you with a Heart Container.

Beedle's Air Shop[edit]

The reward for spending 5,000 Rupees in Beedle's Air Shop, earning 500 Points and becoming a Gold Member, is a Heart Container.

Rabbit Haven (Rabbitland Rescue)[edit]

Once you have saved five rabbits talk to the rabbit-man and he will give you a Heart Container.

Snowfall (Snow) Sanctuary[edit]

A Heart Container can be purchased from the Anouki shop for 2,000 Rupees.

Hyrule Castle[edit]

If you can get more than 60 hits in the training minigame you will be rewarded with a Heart Container.

Mayscore (Whittleton)[edit]

Beat the whip race in under 1:15 for a Heart Container.

Pirate Hideout[edit]

You will get a Heart Container if you can score 4,000 points in the pirate minigame.

Ends of the Earth Station[edit]

Beat the block puzzles for the last Heart Container.