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All aboard the Spirit Train![edit]

Now that you have the Forest Glyph/Rail Map, you have to go down and talk to Anjean. Some of the Spirit Tracks have been restored, but you still don't have a train… Anjean will point out the first Temple, but the Tracks don't go there yet. She explains that more Spirit Tracks must be restored so they will lead to the Temple. The sacred instruments of the Lokomos are required, and, luckily, Link has one – the Spirit Pipes! You must bring it to the Forest, and meet another Lokomo, called Gage. Anjean points out where his Sanctuary is. It's at the end of the Spirit Tracks, at the heart of the Forest. Now, as for the lack of a train, Anjean decides that you should be allowed use the Spirit Train. So hop aboard, and prepare to go into the Forest!

With the glyph you found, you can now trace a path for the Train on the Map. So draw a route to the heart of the Forest, where Anjean pointed to earlier. There's no need to stop at Castle Town. If you meet any enemies, pull the Whistle Cord until they are scared away. You don't have to stop at the small station along the way yet, just continue into the forest. Zelda says that it feels odd. You'll come to a junction. Where to go, where to go? You can't look around for clues, and if you go wrong, you warp back to the entrance… Perhaps you should check out that small village for help.

Finding the Lost Woods[edit]

Draw a route to the small station near the centre of the Map. It's marked as '???' when your marker passes over it. This village, Mayscore/Whittleton, is full of trees, and the houses appear to be made of trees as well… Zelda explains that, to board the Train, talk to her at the station. Look at the Map. You'll see a tent, two small houses, and one large house. Go to the tent first. This is a Shop, and you'll find one in most villages. They sell items such as Potions, Shields and Treasures. For now, you just need a Shield. You need 80 Rupees, so if you need more, go outside and cut the grass or break some rocks to find Rupees. Talk to the shopkeeper, and tap the Shield, then Buy to buy one. The Shield will defend you from minor attacks.

Now go to the larger house. This is the home of the Village Chief. Talk to him. First he'll thank you for fixing the Tracks, then tell you to ask the villagers for help in getting through the forest, known as the Lost Woods. Visit all the houses. Apparently, the tree branches tell you what way to go. All except the fourth tree. Remember this, maybe take a note of it. Tap Menu, then Rail Map and write it down. Go back to the station, talk to Zelda, and board the Train. Draw a route back into the forest. Remember what the villagers said? Follow every tree except the fourth. So if the first three trees' branch points left, go left, but if the fourth tree's branch points left, turn right! Follow the branches' directions to the Woodland/Forest Sanctuary!

The Song of Restoration[edit]

Zelda suggests that you find Gage the Lokomo. Head straight north from the station and up the stairs to the right. You should find two Bomb Flowers near a bridge at the top. Pick one up and place it near the Purple Switch at the other side of the bridge. Quickly run back and grab the other Bomb Flower. Along the way, the other bomb will explode, creating another bridge. Run across and throw the bomb at some light-brown blocks. The bomb will destroy the blocks, and through here, you'll see a rocket-shaped stone. This is called a Sound Stone. Tap it, and after a few seconds, it will produce two coloured bubbles. These reflect the colours on the Spirit Pipes. So this is a song for the Pipes. Take it out, and prepare to play. To play the Pipes, hold the Touch screen, and slide the stylus so the pipe the same colour of the note you want to play is fully highlighted. Then blow into the microphone to produce a note. Play the two notes being produced by the stone. The Stone will 'blast off', and a statue will appear from underneath. This song, it tells us, is the Song of Awakening. Play this song to statues like this one, to receive valuable information. This, and other songs learned in this way, appear on the Collection screen. Continue left, and you're faced with a puzzle involving some large stone heads. A pillar in the middle says, 'Connect the two stone statues that face each other.'

LoZ-ST forest sanctuary.png

Look around, and you should see that the statues connected on the map to the right face each other. Draw this on the pillar, to unlock the door. Enter the door. Inside, go straight up and be introduced to Gage. He'll tell you about a 'special song', needed to restore the Spirit Tracks. This is not the Song of Awakening, but the Song of Restoration, and it is unique in each Land. It's a duet that requires two sacred instruments. You have the Spirit Pipes, and Gage has his cello, just what you need! Gage will explain how to play the Spirit Pipes. After this, he'll teach you the notes of the Song. After a bit of practice, put down the Pipes and tap the back icon in the bottom left. For the real thing, wait for Gage to finish playing and face you, then play your part. Don't get confused, or you'll have to start over. When you play it successfully, the Forest Glyph/Rail Map will glow, revealing the Spirit Tracks to the Wooded/Forest Temple. Leave, and board the Spirit Train. It's time for the first Temple.