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Quest Items[edit]


Rupees are the official currency of Hyrule. They are used to purchase items in shops, and to take part in minigames. Rupees are scattered all over the land of Hyrule, found by breaking pots, cutting grass, defeating enemies, in treasure chests or by winning in minigames. They come in five varieties: Green Rupees, worth one; Blue Rupees, worth five; Red Rupees, worth twenty; Big Green Rupees, worth one hundred; Big Red Rupees, worth two hundred. You can carry a maximum of 9,999 Rupees at any one time.

Engineer's Certificate[edit]

The Engineer's Certificate is a train driver's licence, that must be obtained by all train drivers in Hyrule before they are allowed to drive a train alone. Obtained at the beginning of the game from Princess Zelda.

Spirit Pipes[edit]

Link playing the Spirit Pipes.

The Spirit Pipes are a magical heirloom passed down by the Royal Family of Hyrule to Princess Zelda, who entrusts the item to Link when her spirit is forced out of her body. It is one of the most important items in the game, one of the sacred instruments required to play the Songs of Restoration in each Land to restore the Spirit Tracks. The full list of songs learned throughout the game can be found here.

Heart Containers[edit]

Heart Containers are heart-shaped items that increase Link's total health by one heart, and fully replenish it. There are a total of 13 Heart Containers in the game. They are found by defeating the bosses at the end of the five main Temples, in shops, or by winning certain minigames and sidequests.


Hearts are small heart-shaped items that replenish one Heart Container of Link's life force, but do not increase it. Found in pots, and by defeating enemies.


Potions are liquids carried in one of two empty bottles shown on the Menu. They are used to restore larger amounts of Link's health. They are usually bought in shops, but are also found in some small chests. They come in three types: Red Potions, that restore six Heart Containers; Yellow Potions, that restore all of Link's health; Purple Potions, that restore eight Heart Containers, but can also revive Link if he is defeated in battle.

Prize Postcards[edit]

Prize Postcards are postcards that can be purchased in packs of ten in most shops. They can then be posted at a postbox to win prizes in competitions. The prizes can be seen on nearby noticeboards, and range from Rupees to treasures. The more you post, the better chance you have of winning a prize. While winning or losing is decided by the game almost at random, first prize is often guaranteed with 12 or more postcards.


Treasures are valuable artifacts that range from very cheap to very rare and expensive. They are found in chests throughout Hyrule, or can be bought in shops, usually for twice their actual value. They can be sold to Linebeck III at the Trading Post, either for Rupees or in exchange for train parts. There are 16 types of treasures, listed below by value.

50 Rupees
  • Demon Fossil
  • Stalfos Skull
  • Star Fragment
  • Bee Larvae
  • Wood Heart
150 Rupees
  • Dark Pearl Loop
  • White Pearl Loop
  • Ruto Crown
  • Dragon Scale
  • Pirate Necklace
500 Rupees
  • Palace Dish
  • Goron Amber
  • Mystic Jade
  • Ancient Gold Coin
2,500 Rupees
  • Priceless Stone
  • Regal Ring

Beedle Member's Club Card[edit]

The Beedle Member's Club Card identifys you as a member of Beedle's Shopping Club. You can collect Members' Points on this card, that, when you collect a certain number of points, earn you a certain prize, promotion to the next level of membership, and a discount. You earn 1 point for every 10 Rupees spent at Beedle's Air Shop. The levels, points, prizes and discounts are as follows:

Silver Member Gold Member Platinum Member Diamond Member
Points Required 200 500 1000 2000
Discount Received 10% 20% 30% 50%
Prize Received Freebie Card Heart Container Quintuple Points Card Regal Ring

After you become a Diamond Member, you can no longer receive points.

Compass of Light[edit]

The Compass of Light is a key quest item that is found in the Tower of Spirits, in the floors underneath the Altar of the Demon King. It was created by Staven/Byrne, to open the portal to the Dark Realm where the Demon Train was. It was hidden again when Malladus, the Demon King was resurrected, and he and Cole escaped into the Dark Realm. You must find it to discover the portal, and find and defeat Malladus.


For controls, see the Controls page.

Recruit's Sword[edit]

The Recruit's Sword is the beginner's sword, the first sword obtained in the game. It is received from Russell, the Guard Captain, after Link finds Zelda's spirit in Hyrule Castle. It is the most basic sword in the game, and Link will use it up until the end of the fifth Temple.

Lokomo Sword[edit]

The Lokomo Sword is the strongest sword in the game.

Link will receive this sword from Anjean after the Desert Temple, when she will tell him that she believes he is the one who is meant to have it.

This sword can stun Phantoms without the Tears of Light, and defeats enemies with far fewer hits than the Recruit's Sword.

Swordsman's Scrolls[edit]

The Swordsman's Scrolls are two scrolls that teach hidden techniques.

Sword Beam[edit]

The Sword Beam is obtained by finding all 50 Rabbits by the side of the railroads, and bringing them to the Rabbit Haven/Rabbitland Rescue. Talk to the guy in the rabbit suit to receive the Scroll. This is the weakest sword attack in the game, despite requiring full health. Perform a basic sword attack to shoot a beam from the blade.

Great Spin Attack[edit]

The Great Spin Attack is the most powerful attack in the game. The required Scroll is received from Niko after showing him all 20 Stamps. Perform three successive Spin Attacks, and Link will perform one massive Spin Attack. It will leave Link very dizzy, though.


Regular Shield[edit]

The basic Shield is available for purchase in most shops for various prices (The cheapest is 80 Rupees in Mayscore/Whittleton). It defends Link from basic attacks while he stands still. It may be lost if Link is eaten by a Like-Like.

Ancient Shield (Shield of Antiquity)[edit]

The Ancient Shield/Shield of Antiquity is obtained from Niko after showing him 10 Stamps. It cannot be eaten by Like-Likes, but otherwise performs the same functions as the basic Shield. It is exactly the same design as the Shield from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.



Link using the Whirlwind.

The Whirlwind is a new item, found in the Wooded/Forest Temple. It is used to blow a whirlwind in the direction Link aims to. It is used to rotate fans, and stun enemies. It is controlled by Stylus button tapping the icon on the touch screen or holding L button/R button to equip it, then Stylus button sliding the Touch screen to aim it. Then, blow into the microphone to blow the whirlwind.


The Boomerang is obtained in the Blizzard/Snow Temple. It can stun some enemies, defeat weaker ones, turn on purple switches, and light torches. To use it, Stylus button tap its icon or hold L button/R button to equip. Stylus button Trace the path you want it to follow, then release the touch screen to throw it.


Another new item, the Whip is obtained in the Marine/Ocean Temple. It is used to grapple to whip posts, that can be used to cross abysses. It can also stun enemies. To use, equip it, then Stylus button tap the area you want to whip.

Bow and Arrows[edit]

The Bow and Arrows are found in the Mountain/Fire Temple. They come with the Quiver, that holds 20 Arrows initially, but can be increased to capacities of 30 and 40 arrows with two upgrades. To use, equip it, then aim by Stylus button sliding the touch screen, and release to fire. Your quantity can be replenished by buying packs of arrows in shops or finding them after defeating enemies.

Sand Wand[edit]

The Sand Wand is obtained in the Desert Temple. It causes sand to solidify, creating a raised platform that Link or the Phantom can safely walk on. It is also used to defeat certain enemies that live in, or are made from, sand. To use, equip it, then Stylus button tap the area of sand you want to raise.


The Bombs are purchased from Beedle's Air Shop for 500 Rupees. They come with the Bomb Bag, that holds 10 Bombs. This capacity can be increased to 20 and 30 Rupees. To use a bomb, Stylus button tap the icon or press L button or R button to take one out, then Stylus button tap the area you want to throw it at.

Bow of Light[edit]

The Bow of Light is the only weapon in the game that can attack Malladus, the Demon King, in his Possessed Zelda form, and weakens him in his Possessed Cole form. It is found at the end of the Desert Temple. It is used almost the same as the Bow and Arrows, but must be held first to allow it to charge the power of light.