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Giant Green ChuChu[edit]

LoZ MinishCap ChuChuBoss.png

A simple boss. Just use the Gust Jar on his tentacle leg-supports (they turn red when you use the gust jar upon them) until he makes a sound and starts teetering. Stand to his side, then when he falls get out of the way and then slash him like mad. The Giant ChuChu will jump and teeter this way and that, and this jumping increases as it loses more and more health - peaking just before you've killed him.


Get to his side and use the Cane of Pacci on his shell. Then climb his neck and slash his body until he starts going into the lava. If you get low on health, use your sword on the flames he spits out for hearts. After slashing its back, hide near the closest corner because the lava will rise and rocks will fall. You have to do this 3 times. After you do it once, Gleerok will start shooting a lot more fireballs, covering a whole quarter of the arena in fire.

Giant Blue ChuChu[edit]

Weak: Gust Jar


At the beginning of the fight, shoot arrows into Mazaal's hands, then slash them until they grow dim. When you do this to both hands, Mazaal will be unconscious. This is the time to use the Minish Portals on the side. Shrink down, then enter Mazaal's skull. Attack the pillar that has a strange blue flash near it until it explodes. Repeat this until Mazaal is dead. After this is repeated a few times, you will have to use the Mole Mitts to dig around until you find the right pillar. Also, Mazaal will fire a beam that causes damage and makes you Minish-sized!

Giant Octorok[edit]

PHASE 1: The Giant Octorok will be walking around in shallow water. When it fires a rock, put up your shield to deflect the rock. PHASE 2: Get out your Flame Lantern. Get to the Octorok's tail and set it on fire. PHASE 3: Deflect the rocks with your shield again, but watch out. This time, he can suck you up and spit you out sometimes, instead of shooting a rock. PHASE 4: Flame Lantern -> Tail. Basic. PHASE 5: Deflect the rocks, watch out for the sucking up, and this time, he might make the place really dark. So keep your Flame Lantern ready.


Weak: Roc's Cape + Duplication

Vaati 1[edit]

Vaati 1's weak point is his eye. During the battle, he will send out eyes covered in black balls that shoot lasers. Use the gust jar to suck the balls and they will become vulnerable for an attack.

Vaati 2[edit]

Weak: Duplication + Sword + Arrows

Vaati 3[edit]

The Cane of Pacci and the Sword are the weapons that will be needed. The arms will attack you. Use the Cane of Pacci to uncover the hole, shrink yourself in order to get in. Once in, destroy a monster in and his arm will be destroyed. Do this to both arms and he will start using his four eyes. They will shoot at you. Duplicate yourself into four and wait for an attack. When he attacks you, swing your sword and reflect it back to his eyes. He will now be vulnerable for an attack at his big eye.