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Control Action
Neutral dpad Move. Push. Jump Down.
A button Use Item. Speak. Confirm.
B button Use Item. Cancel.
L button Fuse kinstones.
R button Perform action. Speak. Open chests. Roll.
Select button Talk to Ezlo.
Start button View subscreen.
Start button + Select button + A button + B button Resets game.

Basic Actions[edit]

  • Push and Pull: To push an object, simply press Neutral dpad in the direction of the object. To pull it, stand on one side of the object, hold R button to grab it, then press Neutral dpad in the opposite direction. Note that not all objects can be pushed or pulled. If you obtain the Power Bracelets, you will be able to move very large objects, even when you are the size of a Minish.
  • Pick Up and Throw: Light objects can be picked up using R button. Once an object is above your head, press R button again to throw it.
  • Roll: While moving, press R button to roll.
  • Shrink and Grow: After teaming up with Ezlo in the Minish Forest, you can use him to shrink yourself down to the size of the Minish. To do so, jump onto a portal, (usually a tree trunk, but it can be other objects as well) and press R button to shrink. To grow back to normal size, walk up to a portal and press R button again.

Advanced Actions[edit]

  • Climb: After obtaining the Grip Ring in Mount Crenel, you can scale rocky cliffs by walking into them. You can use Neutral dpad to move around the cliff.
  • Swim: After obtaining the Flippers, you cann swim in water. Neutral dpad can be used to swim normally, while you can tap A button to swim faster. B button allows you to dive underwater.

The Subscreens[edit]

By pressing Start button you can open up the Subscreens, where you can view and equip items, look at your status or the map, and save your game. You can press L button or R button to cycle through the Subscreens.

  • The Items Subscreen shows a list of the items and weapons you have collected over the course of the game. To equip an item, select it and press A button or B button. You can only have two items equipped at the same time. You can also save your game on this screen by selecting the "SAVE" button and pressing A button.
  • The Quest Status Subscreen shows your current status, which inclueds the number of Heart Pieces, Kinstones, Tiger Scrolls, Secret Seashells, special equipment, and Elements you have collected. To view your Kinstones and Tiger Scroll abilities, select either the Kinstone Bag or the Tiger Scrolls icon and press A button. The "SAVE" option, like before, allows you to save. The "SLEEP" option will put your Gameboy Advance into Sleep Mode.
  • The Map Subscreen shows you a map of Hyrule. To view a map of an area of Hyrule, select a section of the map and press A button. An icon of Link's head indicates your current position both on the larger map and on individual area maps.