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A basic enemy. These red round rock spitters are like Koopa Troopas and Waddle Dees, as they've appeared in multiple forms in every game of their series(in this case, Legend of Zelda). These guys spit rocks. The rocks cause 1/4 damage. The ones near water tend to be blue instead of red.

Gold Octorok[edit]

This Octorok appears after certain Kinstone Fusions. Its mouth can shoot rapid fire rocks, which, according to the Gold Octorok Figurine, are made of pure gold. When you take it down, it drops a bunch of Rupees.

Tackle Peahat[edit]

Hit it with your boomerang or Spin Attack. A regular slash will NOT work. However, bombs and the Gust jar will also work.

Bomber Peahat[edit]

A more dangerous peahat, which only rarely return to the ground.