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Minish Woods (3)

  • By the entrance to Deepwood Shrine.

Minish Village, in open

Deepwood Shrine (2)

  • Floor B1 on the map, go through south door that opens once blue caterpillar is defeated.
  • Floor B1 on the map, top center room; accessible by blue teleport square from from entrance when available.

South Hyrule Field (2)

  • In doorway that appears on tree after fusing Kinstones with Hurdy-Gurdy Man (found in Hyrule Town).

Cave of Flames

Under North Hyrule Field

Veil Falls x2

Castle Garden x2

Lon Lon Ranch x2

Castor Wilds x2

Eastern Hills:

    • beanstalk

Fortress of Winds

Hyrule Town:

    • 130 figurines house
    • bell
    • fountain
    • hotel
    • school
    • Simon's Simulations
  • Lake Hylia:
    • dive in pool
    • in open
    • jump to island
    • up beanstalk
    • sword training

Mt. Crenel:

    • beanstalk
    • bombable
    • Grayblade
    • in diggable

Palace of Winds

Royal Valley:

    • in grave

Veil Falls:

    • in Kinish hole x2
    • in open x2

Western Woods:

    • in Kinish hole

Wind Ruins:

    • small cave