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Floor 1[edit]

The inside of the Temple of Droplets

Upon entering, Ezlo will comment about the frozen temple and the slippery floors. Head down the stairs. At this point, it is not possible to move to the room below without the Boss Key. Go to either the left or the right and push one of the ice blocks out of your way. Enter the room and go right, making sure to dodge the flying pots and fireballs.

Head downstairs and you'll notice a frozen small key on the other side of the barrier. Push the lever to open the skylight above and let some sunlight enter. Ezlo then hints that the light is warm and defrosts things. Head back upstairs and drop down the newly-opened hole. You must now push the ice block under the light, which can be done by push it down then right. Pick up the small key and push the small block out of the way so you can make your way back to the room with the flying pots.

Open the locked door and drop down the hole. You'll come across another ice block puzzle, only this one is more complex and involves the Big Key. To solve the puzzle, push the blocks in the following order:

A diagram of the solution
  • Bottom Block: Down, left
  • Top Block: Left
  • Big Key Block: Left, up, left, down, left, up, right

Pick up the Big Key after it thaws and push the lever to close the sunlight. Climb upstairs and head back to the entrance of the temple by going right then down. Proceed down to the locked ddor and open it with your key.