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Sword Technique Description Learned From Location
Spin Attack Press and hold your sword button. Charge and release! Swiftblade Hyrule Town
Sword Beam When your hearts are full, swing your sword! Grimblade Hyrule Castle Garden
Dash Attack Equip your Pegasus Boots and sword, then dash away! Swiftblade Hyrule Town
Peril Beam When you have only one heart left, swing the sword! Waveblade Lake Hylia
Rock Breaker Break pots with your sword! That's all there is to it! Swiftblade Hyrule Town
Roll Attack Roll! Then swing your sword as you start to get up! Grayblade Mt. Crenel
Down Thrust Equip the Roc's Cape and the sword!! Jump and swing! Swiftblade Hyrule Town
Great Spin Attack Perform a Spin Attack...and hit the button repeatedly! Swiftblade the First Castor Wilds