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Sword Combat[edit]

In this game to get your sword out, just press B button. To put it away, just press A button without moving the control stick.

  • B button: Horizontal slice
  • B button+L button: Vertical slice
  • B button+L button+Up control: Thrust
  • Hold B button or move Neutral control in a circle than press B button: Spin attack
  • L button and press A button when the sword flashes: Parry attack
  • L button and press A button: Jump attack

You need to learn those skills from Orca because without those skills, you'll never progress through the game without getting pummel by a lot of enemies.


Here are the things you need to use and learn just to get across the ocean.

  • Boat Sails from Zunari when you first visit Windfall Island.
  • Raise sail with X button, Y button or Z button which you have assigned to.
  • Lower sail with A button
  • Get in or out of the boat with A button with the sail lowered.
  • Jump with the R button with the sail raised.
  • Cruise if the sail is lowered.
  • Check sea chart with Up dpad.
  • Wind's Requim by the Wind Shrine on Dragon Roost Island. Then play in sequence:Up cstick Left cstick Right cstick. Choose with control stick then press A button.
  • All purpose bait. You need to feed it to leaping Merman to get a sketch of the island and a few clues to the island's secrets.
  • The arrows from the Tower of the Gods. You need it to take on Cyclos. After three hits, Cyclos will teach you the song "Ballad of Gales". Hold Left control then play in sequence: Down cstick Right cstick Left cstick Up cstick.
  • Bombs from the Pirate after the "second test" so you can shoot cannons from a boat.
  • Hookshot from Dragon Roost Cavern so you can pick up treasures from a boat.

Other needs[edit]

  • Dungeon items: Big Key, Compass, Dungeon Map, Heart Container, Small Key.
  • Quest items: Boomerang, bombs, deku leaf, empty bottles, grappling hook, hero's bow, hookshot, iron boots, master sword, mirror shield, skull hammer.

If you want to know about all those items, you have to play through the game or read through the game to learn more about it.


  • Try to break pots, throw rocks or cut through glass to get more rupees, hearts and items that requires ammunition like bombs and arrows.
  • Be mindful that every enemy can be defeated in different ways. Experiment with their weapons and learn their patterns to get better at them.
  • If you don't know what to do, Link's big eyes will give you clues to objects or things that will help solve the problem.