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The Cave of Ordeals is a 50-floor enemy-packed cave. After every 10th floor, the Great Fairy will release fairies at a Spirit Spring and give you a hint on the item needed to proceed onward.

The Cave of Ordeals is located right next to the Gerudo Desert warp point. You will have to warp the bridge segment back to Eldin Province to reveal the entrance.


Before dropping down to the ground of each floor, it is best to see what enemies you can take out from above. It is also helpful to have all four bottles, the magic armor, the largest quiver, the largest bomb bags, and the largest wallet before heading in. Make sure that your bottles are filled with blue potion, rare chu jelly, fairy's tears, or fairies.

You can find out how to get the items above on the equipment page.

Floors 1 through 10[edit]

  1. A single Bokoblin.
  2. Rats and Keese.
  3. Boko Babas. Take out the one on the floor first, then use the Gale Boomerang to detach the hanging ones. There is a digging spot underneath the one on the floor with a heart.
  4. Three Skulltulas.
  5. Bulbin Archers and Bulbins.
  6. Torch slugs. Use the Clawshot to dispense the ones on the ceiling first.
  7. Dodongos and Fire Keese. There is a digging spot with three hearts on this floor as well.
  8. Tektikes.
  9. Four Bulbin Archers and some Lizalfos.
  10. The Great Fairy will praise you for your efforts and release fairies at the Ordon Spring.

Floors 11 through 20[edit]

You will need the Clawshot to continue past this point.

  1. Helmasaurs and Rats.
  2. Chus. You should be able to defeat them entirely from the ledge with the Clawshot.
  3. Chu Worms. Use the Clawshot to pull them from their protective bubble.
  4. Bubbles. Use the wolf’s dark energy or the spin attack to destroy multiples at once. You can also dig for 100 rupees.
  5. Bulbins.
  6. Rats and Keese.
  7. Stalhounds and a Poe. Kill the Stalhounds before attacking the Poe.
  8. Leevers. Use the spin attack in the middle of the circle to dispatch them all at once. There is a digging spot with one heart.
  9. Chus.
  10. The Great Fairy will praise you for your efforts and release fairies at the Faron Spring.

Floors 21 through 30[edit]

You will need the Ball and Chain to continue past this point.

  1. Ice Keese and Bokoblins.
  2. Keese, Rats, and Phantom Rats. You need to be in wolf form and have your senses engaged to destroy the Phantom Rats. Dig in the center to find three hearts.
  3. Stalkin. To kill them fast use the Ball and Chain and point downwards with it.
  4. Five ReDeads. Use the Ball and Chain to defeat them from afar.
  5. Bulbin Archers and Bulbins. Take out the archer on the tower before entering the room.
  6. Stalfos. You can destroy them from the ledge using bomb arrows. Or, you can face them directly and destroy them using the ball and chain.
  7. Skulltulas and Bubbles. Defeat the Bubbles before detaching the Skulltulas. Dig in wolf form to find a heart.
  8. Lizalfos and Bokoblins.
  9. Bubbles, Stalkin and Stalfos.
  10. The Great Fairy will praise you for your efforts and release fairies at the Eldin Spring in Kakariko Village.

Floors 31 through 40[edit]

You will need the Dominion Rod to continue past this point.

  1. Beamos and Keese. Destroy the Beamos from the ledge. Use the Dominion Rod to remove two statues by the door so it can open.
  2. Torch slugs, Fire Bubbles, Fire Keese, and two Dodongos. Take out the Magtails hanging on the ceiling before dropping into the room.
  3. Four ReDeads and a Poe. Kill the ReDeads with the Ball and Chain before tackling the Poe.
  4. Phantom Rats and Chus. You can only kill the Phantom Rats when your senses are engaged. A digging spot contains a heart.
  5. Ice Keese and a Freezard. Use the Gale Boomerang to dispose of the Ice Keese from the ledge, then smash the Freezard with the Ball and Chain.
  6. Four Chilfos.
  7. Ice Bubbles, Bubbles, and Leevers.
  8. Three Chilfos, two Freezards, Ice Keese, and Ice Bubbles. Use the Gale Boomerang on the Ice Keese and bomb arrows on the Chilfos (takes two arrows each) to destroy them from the ledge. Then use the Ball and Chain on the Freezards. The Magic Armor would help on this stage.
  9. Two Darknuts. Try to fight only one at a time. A digging spot contains 200 rupees.
  10. The Great Fairy will praise you for your efforts and release fairies at the Lanayru Spring in Lake Hylia.

Floors 41 through 50[edit]

You will need the Double Clawshots to continue past this point.

  1. Armos. Take your time here, and slowly kill off all of the Armos, as there are quite a lot. With every Armos down, you get a little more room to fight. Alerting more than two at one time is a bad idea.
  2. Bokoblins and Boko Babas.
  3. Bulbin Archers and Lizalfos. Take out the archers from the ledge.
  4. Armored Lizalfos and an Imp Poe. Use a bomb arrow from the ledge to take out one, and destroy the rest at once with another bomb arrow when they rush to investigate. Then, take out the Imp Poe in your wolf form.
  5. Bulbin Archers, five ReDeads, and Chus. Take out the archers on the towers before entering the room, then use a bomb arrow on a ReDead to clear a safe spot. Take out the ReDeads with the Ball and Chain, then focus on the Chus. There is a digging spot that produces three hearts here as well.
  6. Three Chilfos, two Freezards, and Phantom Rats. Take out the Chilfos with bomb arrows, then jump near the east wall to avoid the Freezards (one is hidden under the ledge). Defeat the Phantom Rats in wolf form, then smash the Freezards with the Ball and Chain. The Magic Armor is useful for this stage.
  7. Bokoblins, Rats, and Stalkin.
  8. Two aeralfols and a Darknut. Take out the aeralfols while avoiding the slow Darknut, then destroy the Darknut.
  9. Three Darknuts. A little patience goes a long way in this stage. Holding a bomb until it flashes four times, then throwing it at the Darknuts helps detach their armor. The Magic Armor helps after all three Darknuts lose their armor. Don't take the armor off more than one Darknut, or you'll make this battle ridiculously hard. On your second run of the Cave, there will be four Darknuts! If you can't take them on one at a time, one method to take down a group is to take off the armor with bombs, as mentioned before, and then using the jump strike (The hidden skill, not the normal jump attack), and following up with a spin attack.
  10. The Great Fairy rewards you for your journey by giving you a bottle of Fairy Tears, which fully recover your hearts and boost your attack as long as your hearts are full. You can refill it at any Spirit Spring as long as you don’t already have some.