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This is a list of glitches which may affect your game. Use the information found here at your own risk.

Game breakers[edit]

  1. On some versions, if you save and quit after the Eldin Bridge cutscene, but before going into the twilight, you cannot advance, and must restart your adventure.
  2. On some versions, if you save and quit after getting into the room with the cannon, but don't warp out, you cannot advance, and must restart your adventure.

Game restarters[edit]

  1. In the Hidden Village, go inside of the building that leads to the seventh howling stone. Climb up to the second level, and try to climb the broken wall to the right. You will, but then you end up in a permanent slide in two directions, requiring a restart of the game.
  2. In Zora's Domain, while Adult Link, if you hold onto the unfenced area of the fenced ledge on the north side of the main waterfall flowing directly from the throne room, you can freeze in place, not falling, but just staying in place, requiring a restart of the game.

Sequence breaking/other[edit]

  1. In some versions (USA Wii, first version for one), if you are in a magnetic field, equip the Iron Boots, then go into your inventory and remove them from your accessible list. You will be able to move around quickly. To return, assign the Iron Boots again, equip and then unequip them.
  2. You can get through the first gate (leading to Faron Woods) by placing either Epona or some rocks on the right side of the gate, side hopping, and then rolling. What you do from there may or may not freeze up the game.
  3. In the Lakebed Temple, you don't have to release both waters. In the second room with rotating platforms, you can jump to a pillar with pots, and clawshot to the door leading to the boss key. A similar trick gets you back to the big room. There, clawshot to the chandelier, and hang off of the edge. Drop down (not onto the staircase) and you'll be on the platform leading to the boss room.
  4. After returning all the Poes to Jovani, turn into human Link, and walk out the door. It will appear that you leave from the diggable spot.
  5. Around Death Mountain, there are several air geysers, some of which are on the ground and shoot up. If you time it right, you can make a rock float in midair over the geyser.
  6. In the Forest Temple, you can destroy the wooden bridge.
  7. In the Lakebed Temple in the room where you can see a dark figure of the boss key chest, warp out with Ooccu and then warp back in, and you should be in the room above it, making it so you can just drop down and get it.
  8. In Snowpeak Temple having any AR code on, prior to this point, causes Yeta to be invisible; you can't communicate with her and she will not allow you to proceed without talking with her.
  9. There is no need to restore Ilia's memories to complete the game. Simply show her the wooden figurine, go to the hidden village, and acquire her charm. But instead of giving her the charm, go back to the village and show Impaz the Dominion Rod. You will then be given the Sky Book and not have to restore her memories.