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Task 1: To the Top[edit]

A mysterious barrier.

You chased after the monsters who took Ilia, but found a dark curtain instead. As you stood before it, a hand from within grasped you and drew you inside. You transformed into a wolf, and the shadow being dragged you off. When you awoke, you found yourself shackled in some dungeon with an odd creature staring at you…

A Great Escape[edit]

When you finally get control of yourself again, attack the pile of debris in the southeast corner of the cell by pressing B button. This exposes a hole under the bars, which you can dig your way out of by pressing Down dpad.

After escaping the cell, with the creature on your back, go into the cell next door. The creature on your back will produce an orange phantom hand that reaches out for a dangling handle. Press Z button to target the handle, then press A button to bite it. You will jump up and hang from the chain, opening the gate nearby that leads to the sewer.

Surviving the Sewer[edit]

At the second corner, after jumping down, the creature will tell you to sense with Right dpad. The glowing orb will reveal itself to be the ghost of a soldier who died there. Head north from here. There will be an enemy running around on the bottom floor; kill it if need be. Head west at the first intersection and climb inside the tunnel to the south. Break the box there to find a blue rupee.

As you explore the sewers you will find skulls. These can be destroyed to find hearts and other items.

Head east through the gate to find the sewer's main intersection blocked by spikes on the floor. Pull a chain south of the spikes to bring in water, then swim north over the spikes.

When you approach the gate in the sewer's northwest corner, your companion will float through the bars. Go to the northeast}} corner and pull a chain to lower the water level (target the chain and press A button. Return to the gate and crawl through a hole on the floor near the bars.

The Spiral Staircase[edit]

You proceed to go into a tower with a spiraling staircase. Jump the small gaps by simply running off of them. You can clear the large gaps by pressing Up dpad when you hear your companion call, then targeting her and pressing A button to jump. At one point, you will need to walk on a rope to continue. Simply walk in a straight line while on the rope and you will not fall off.

When you reach the top, battle the 3 keese there, then climb onto the third step of the rubble near the left column next to the closed door. Your partner will call, so press Up dpad, target her by holding Z button (do not release Z button until you are all the way up), then pressing A button every time you land on solid ground. If you slip off, climb onto the block again.

Rooftop Romp[edit]

While walking on the roof, you will encounter a spirit that says the place you are in is Hyrule Castle, and that there are winged creatures in the area. Push a crate to access a high perch, and keep moving forward. When fighting the flying creatures, position yourself so that you are not on a ledge, then hit them with jump attacks.

When you get to the wide gap, walk to a wooden platform to the right. Your companion will guide you to the roof's peak, where you will have to walk across the narrow path to the tower. While on your way, either fight or avoid the two flying enemies there.

Once inside the tower, you approach a hooded figure. She turns around and dramatically introduces herself as Princess Zelda. She then identifies your companion as Midna, and tells you the fate that befell her kingdom.

Task 2: Retrieving the Shield and Sword[edit]

Upon gaining control, leave the room and head down the staircase. The guard will come and Midna will help you escape through the way you came in. Midna takes you back to your hometown, but you are still in your wolf form. Your fellow villagers have already endured an attack by monsters, and they will not welcome the sight of a scary beast.

The Shield[edit]

Sneak across the bridge to the west side of Ordon Village. You'll see Bo and Jaggle. Sneak through the tall grass to listen to their conversation and learn that the shield is located in Jaggle's storage loft. Midna points out an open window and suggests that you jump to it. Go to Sera's shop. On the way there, Hanch will see you skulking from the bluff and will sic a falcon on you. Run to the shop's far side. Once there, Hanch's cat will tell you and that Hanch is not very brave. After the monologue, use Midna's aid to get to Hanch's bluff. Hanch will run away upon your arrival and allows you to continue with your quest.

Use Midna's help to get to the windmill from the bluff, then walk through the open window. Climb onto the table in the middle of the house and use Midna's help to get to the storage loft. Dash into the wall (press A button while running) twice to knock the shield loose, grab it, then use the loft window to exit.

The Sword[edit]

Rusl and Uli are outside, suspicious of the creatures that have been causing havoc. You'll hear Rusl say that the sword meant as a gift to Hyrule is in the house. Avoid the humans, walk to the east side of the house, and use your senses to detect a sparkling black patch near the wall. Dig into the patch to enter the house. Take the sword then head to the Ordon Spring.

Shadows in the Spring[edit]

When you get to the spring, you will face a shadow creature much like the one that pulled you into the twilight. For later battles against these things, you will have Midna's help, but for now you are on your own. The shadow creature will create a barrier that traps you in, forcing you to fight. target the thing and press A button to jump on him, then repeatedly press A button to maul him. After attacking it like that twice, fully, the shadow being will fall.

Once the creature from the darkness is vanquished, you encounter a creature of the light. This light spirit, Ordona, is one of the four who protects Hyrule. He charges you with the quest to find the other spirits and restore their light to dispel the twilight from the kingdom. He tells you that you will return to your original form if you help the light spirit in the Faron Woods.