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This is a list of the items and equipment you can get in the game, with links to more information on the Zelda Wiki. The table can be sorted by order of acquisition, item or location. The locations are linked to the appropriate places in the guide, and for more information see the equipment page.

Image Order Item Locations
LoZ TP fishing rod.png 1 Fishing Rod Ordon Village
LoZ TP half empy bottle.png 2 Half-full bottle of milk Ordon Village
LoZ TP slingshot.png 3 Slingshot Ordon Village
LoZ TP wooden sword.png 4 Wooden Sword Ordon Village
LoZ TP lantern.png 5 Lantern S. Faron woods
6 Ordon Shield Ordon Village
7 Ordon Sword Ordon Village
8 Hero's Clothes Faron Spring
9 Bottle of lantern oil S. Faron woods
10 Gale Boomerang Forest Temple
11 Iron Boots Ordon Village
12 Hylian Shield Kakariko Village
13 Bow Goron Mines
14 Bomb Kakariko Village
15 Hawkeye Kakariko Village
16 Zora Armor Kakariko Graveyard
17 Water Bomb Kakariko Village
18 Empty Bottle Fishing Hole
19 Bomb Bag Kakariko Village
20 Clawshot Lakebed Temple
21 Master Sword Sacred Grove
22 Bigger quiver Castle Town
23 Adult's Wallet Castle Town
24 Spinner Arbiter's Grounds
25 Coral Earring Kakariko Graveyard
26 Ball and Chain Snowpeak Ruins
27 Bottle with Great Fairy's Tears Castle Town
28 Bomblings Kakariko Village
29 Bomb Bag Zora's Domain
30 Bigger bomb bag Upper Zora's River
31 Dominion Rod Temple of Time
32 Giant Wallet Castle Town
33 Magic Armor Castle Town
34 Horse Call Kakariko Village
35 Double Clawshot City in the Sky
36 Giant Quiver Castle Town
37 Light Sword Palace of Twilight