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Wii, GameCube

Task 1: To Kakariko Village[edit]

Follow Your Nose[edit]

As you travel on foot to the west, you'll collect a letter from the postman. Continue on through a narrow path until you reach a curtain of twilight. After Midna pulls you through the barrier, you'll change to wolf form. Sniff Talo's wooden sword on the road to pick up the youth's scent. Engage your canine senses and follow the scent trail.

A Broken Bridge[edit]

Three shadow beings block your way. Use the dark energy attack to crush the trio at once. Shortly afterwards, you'll find a gorge with a missing bridge. Midna explains that she thought she saw something like that in the woods. When she opens the map, warp to North Faron Woods. The bridge is leaning against a rock wall. Walk up to it, call Midna, then use her warping ability to warp back to Kakariko Gorge. With the bridge now in place, you can continue following the youth's scent.

Under the Gate[edit]

Using your senses, you'll find a diggable spot under the Kakariko Village gate. Once on the other side, run into the village and defeat the three shadow beings (kill the lone one first before using the dark energy attack). Even though the village is dark, you'll find the spirit Eldin in a glistening pond.

The spirit Eldin, the guardian of Eldin Province, had its light stolen by the shadows. It charges you with the task to fill up its Vessel of Light with the sixteen stolen tears.

Task 2: The Tears of Light[edit]

In Kakariko Village[edit]

For the first three insects, go to the shaman's house, near the pond. Walk to the tree or the cart at the back of the round building and wait for Midna's cue. She will lead you up to the roof, where you can fall through a hole. After a short cut-scene, pick up a stick, ignite it, and light the four candles to cause the cellar to open. Drop down, activate your senses, and defeat the insects there. Walk to the room in the north and use Midna's help to go up the scaffolding into the graveyard.

You will see a white dot on the graveyard map. Activate your senses and dig where the bug is to expose it. Defeat it and collect the tear, then head out of the graveyard and walk east into the general store. In the store's side yard, you'll find a passage that leads you inside to another insect.

You'll find a 'dead end' sign just south of the general store. Walk past it and up a hill. At the ledge, jump across the gap to the corner of the inn's roof. Enter the inn, pick up a stick, light it with the torch, and start the furnace. This will smoke out an insect resting in the pipes. Destroy it and collect its tear. As you explore the inn, you'll find some non-insect enemies. Defeat them and use your senses to root out another insect. Leave the inn afterward.

There is a row of boarded-up houses on the west side of town. Climb onto a pen on the southern end of the row, then hop from roof to roof. Fall through a hole in the third house, then move a crate to expose an insect. Leave the house, then go to the north of Barnes Bomb Shop. Climb up to the top a shack there, then dash through the window. You'll find the insect behind a dresser upstairs. Dash into it to knock it over and defeat the newly-exposed bug. Afterwards, climb onto the dresser then up to an opening.

As you emerge from the bomb shop and climb to the top of a cliff, follow a bug into the explosives-storage building nearby. Once inside, pick up a stick, light it, and light the furnace. Make your escape while the rest of the building catches fire. The building will explode after you exit, leaving three tears where there were once bugs. For the final bug in Kakariko Village, climb to the top of the ledges northeast of the former explosives hold, then engage your senses once you reach the building on top. Dig into the building and defeat the insect inside.

On Death Mountain[edit]

Run north up the Death Mountain path until you reach a series of geysers. Engage your senses, then dig for a bug. Kill it and collect the tear, but avoid the geysers. While they won't damage you, they will knock you over.

Next, go to the howling stone in the path and match its melody. A short serenade with the golden wolf follows, who tells you to meet him in human form. His location appears on the map.

Advancing still north, you'll encounter four shadow beings. Three are in the open, but one is in a maze of force fields. Defeat the lone beast first, then attack the one farthest away of the final three. Destroy the last two in one attack using Midna's dark energy. Immediately after engaging the shadow creatures, engage your senses to discover an insect. If it is on a fence, dash into the fence to knock it down and then destroy it.

Continue along the path, using Midna's help a few times to jump heights, until you drop into an area with lots of enemies. Once you defeated the visible creatures, use your senses to find the final insect.

Note: If you want a reminder, the Wii U version has 12 insects instead of 16. So smooth hunting.

Upon finding all sixteen tears, you are transported back to the Spirit Spring. Eldin will thank you and explain that the Gorons in Death Mountain have the treasure you seek. He will also return you to human form. After a quick conversation with Renado, the shaman, you head north up the Death Mountain trail…