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There are 60 Poe Souls scattered throughout Hyrule. The location and strategy for each is listed below. Finding the first 20 Poes will grant you a Bottle filled with Fairy Tears when you visit Jovani in town. Finding all 60 Poes will grant you 200 rupees every time you visit his cat. You can not kill the Poes in human form.

Note - It is not worth your time to try and collect any of them until you have first talked to Jovani; sure you can collect a few but it's really not worth it, unlike the Golden Bugs, in which there's no reason not to grab them if you happen to be walking past it on your way/whilst adventuring.

Acquisition chart[edit]

# Location Acquired
1 Faron Woods On your way north through Faron Woods swamp at night, Midna will point out a large hollowed-out stump. Fight the Poe there and get its soul.
2 Hyrule Field During the night, this Poe floats over a small cliff just north of a shallow body of water in the section between Castle Town and Faron Woods.
3 Hyrule Field Walk to the top of a cliff east of the bridge in Kakariko Gorge at night. The floating lantern is by a tree.
4 Hyrule Field Take the northeast path out of Faron province which leads into Lanayru Province. Follow the path up to the bridge. From there, destroy the boulders along the eastern cliff with bomb arrows to reveal clawshot tiles. Use them to get to the Poe.
5 Hyrule Field There is a stone bridge in Hyrule Field just north of the castle. Cross the span at night to locate a Poe.
6&7 Hyrule Field (x2) East of the stone bridge in Hyrule Field, there is a ring of tall grass tufts close to a pair of trees. Use your senses and dig into the center of the ring. You will drop into a cave where you will find two Poes.
8 Hyrule Field Go southeast from the Castle Town warp portal. After a short hill, you will arrive at the amphitheater, where you can collect another Poe.
9 Hyrule Field Exit Castle Town via the southern exit. There is a Poe down the stairs of a stone patio area outside of the town.
10 Hyrule Field This one hovers over the wooden bridge outside Castle Town's western exit at night.
11 Kakariko Village Enter Barnes Bomb Shop, climb the stairs, and go through the exit on the top floor. Climb up to the bombed-out storage building from there. If it's nighttime, you'll discover a Poe floating over the wreckage.
12 Kakariko Village Go up the hill from the bombed-out building at night. A porch to the building up there will contain a ghostly greeting.
13 Graveyard There is a Poe in the graveyard at night.
14 Graveyard Visit the graveyard at night in wolf form and push the gravestone in the southeast corner. A Poe will pop out.
15 Death Mountain While you're walking the trail from Kakariko Village to the Goron camp, get a boost from a Goron and grab a ledge to the east. If it's night, there will be a Poe lantern to the south.
16 Castle Town The first Poe Soul you will discover belongs to a ghost that haunts Jovani's house on the west side of Castle Town. He'll give you instructions on how to collect it: use your wolf senses to track it down, then attack.
17 Arbiter's Grounds Four Poes enter the first floor's central chamber. Three of them leave, so take the remaining one.
18 Arbiter's Grounds The second Poe is in a round room in the dungeon's northwest section. You'll find it after emerging from the basement.
19 Arbiter's Grounds After you fight some skeletons and redeads in a room filled with sinking sand, you'll dig up a chain. Pull it to reveal the third Poe.
20 Arbiter's Grounds The final Poe is just east of the central chamber. When you encounter it, it makes three copies of itself. The real one is brighter than the others.
21 Gerudo Desert Return at night to the place where you fought the big guy with the axe. The Poe will be waiting for you there.
22 Gerudo Desert While you're walking up the steps to the Arbiter's Grounds entrance, go east at the mezzanine. If it's nighttime, you'll see a floating lantern in the distance. Follow the light to find the Poe.
23 Gerudo Desert Use the Clawshot to grapple to a tree on a bluff due west of the enemy encampment. A Poe floats over three skulls at night.
24 Gerudo Desert Utilize your senses to find a cave with a Poe inside, near the three skulls west of the enemy encampment.
25 Gerudo Desert This Poe will attack after you defeat the first one in the cave by the three skulls, west of the enemy encampment.
26 Gerudo Desert There are narrow, sandy paths between the main desert and the enemy encampment in the northeast. Follow the path to the east at night, where you will be ambushed by some enemies and a Poe.
27 Gerudo Desert After you transport the center section of the Bridge of Eldin to its rightful place, return to the desert where you found it. There is a Poe on the mesa at night, near the entrance to the Cave of Ordeals.
28 Gerudo Desert South of the place where you land after rocketing to the desert (on the west end), you'll find a large rock. Go there at night to find a Poe.
29 Lake Hylia This Poe is on the first-prize platform for Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl challenge at night. Stay away from the edge when fighting this Poe.
30 Lake Hylia The floating lantern is over the patch of land on the west side of the lake at night.
31 Lake Hylia Explore the grassy ledges of the south shore at night. You'll see the lantern once you get near the center.
32 Lake Hylia There is a Poe on a ledge midway up the lake's north wall, directly below the Flight-by-Fowl station. Rocket up to Falbi's place, accept the challenge, then do a U-turn as you drop. If it's nighttime, you'll see a Poe on the ledge.
33 Lake Hylia Climb up to the base of the lookout tower in the lake's southeast section. The Poe is there.
34 Lantern Cavern 1 The cavern is south of the bridge that spans Kakariko Gorge. Use a bomb to open it up and go to the northwest section to find the Poe.
35 Lantern Cavern 2 The cave south of Lake Hylia's howling stone is a long winding passage (don't forget your lantern). You'll find the first of three souls early on.
36 Lantern Cavern 2 The second Poe in the cave is about halfway through your journey. A visual cue of a floating lantern on the screen will tell you when you have reached the elusive soul.
37 Lantern Cavern 2 The final chamber of the cavern contains the third soul. Collect it before you head out through the exit.
38 Sacred Grove After you're out of the Temple of Time, return to the place where you collected the Master Sword. A Poe is floating right out in the open.
39 Sacred Grove Travel east of the main temple grounds to the site of the first Skull Kid standoff. Use a bomb to destroy a giant rock, exposing a Poe lantern.
40 Sacred Woods There is a Poe in the maze where you chased Skull Kid. The ghost floats over a large, hollowed out stump. You will need to pass under a waterfall and climb roots to get to it.
41 Snowpeak Area Climb to the top of the snow and ice bluff that lies southwest of the ruins entrance in wolf form. Engage the Poe there and avoid falling off the bluff's edge.
42 Snowpeak Area A Poe tends to hover near a tree in the southern-central part of the area.
43 Snowpeak Area Just down the slope from the southern-central part of the area, a Poe haunts the area around a very large rock.
44 Snowpeak Area Explore the Reekfish scent trail between the south-central area and the Snowpeak Cave. The ghost haunts a tree.
45 Zora's River The Poe is found in a grassy knoll on the south side of the Zora's River area at night.
46 Zora's Domain When you're in wolf form, use Midna's help to hop up a collection of cliffs, from the east side of the pool to the north side. A nocturnal Poe rests in one of the gaps.
47 Zora's Waterfall After you ride down the waterfall, climb up an incline on the west side. A Poe lantern will illuminate the edge if it is dark outside.
48 Snowpeak There is a Poe on the other side of an icy wall in the cave at the top of the mountain. The Ball and Chain effective against the wall, behind which waits a Poe.
49 Snowpeak Ruins There is a lantern in the foyer that is usually floating over ice.
50 Snowpeak Ruins As soon as you walk into the ruins, you'll see three suits of armor on each of the east and west entryway walls. Destroy the middle one on the west side by hitting it with the Ball and Chain twice. You'll find a Poe for your troubles.
51 Snowpeak Ruins When you get to the southwestern room on the second floor with your Ball and Chain, use the tool to break the ice barrier on the west wall. You will reveal a Poe in an alcove.
52 Temple of Time When you get to the sixth-floor scale room, you'll use small statues as weights to make the scales tip and give you enough height to grapple to the room's center. Use the Spinner to get to the western ledge directly above the scale, where a Poe awaits.
53 Temple of Time A Poe is behind a gold gate on the east side of the third-floor elevator room. Use the Dominion Rod to guide a small statue to a floor switch on the other side of the gate, allowing you access to the Poe.
54 Temple of Time Use the Dominion Rod to move a statue embedded into the wall of the opening chamber's southeast corner. A Poe lantern will fly out and allow you to attack it.
55 Hidden Village The passage to Hidden Village is in the northeast section of Eldin Province. You'll get there through a cave to the south. There is a Poe lantern on a balcony in the village's northeast corner.
56 City in the Sky Use the flying plants to reach the east wing of the third floor.
57 City in the Sky There is a Poe in the room with the big key. Climb ivy as a human and walk ropes as a wolf to reach the east side of the fourth floor's central room. The Poe is near a treasure chest on a platform.
58 Cave of Ordeals The first Poe in the cave is on the 17th floor. Fight it after you defeat the other enemies.
59 Cave of Ordeals The cave's second Poe is on the 33rd floor. Remember to defeat the other enemies first.
60 Cave of Ordeals The final Poe is on the 44th floor. Defeat the other enemies first before tackling the Poe.