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Cucco Hitting[edit]

Normally in other Legend of Zelda games, beating a cucco would cause a swarm of them to start attacking you. However, in Twilight Princess, thrashing a cucco allows you to control it for a short while.

Stop Rotating Platform at Flight-by-Fowl[edit]

When you are on the platform where you land from the cannon, look on the roof and you will see one of the wind switches. Hit it with your boomerang and it will stop the rotating platform.

Get Kicked out of Hena's Shop[edit]

When you're inside of Hena's Shop, roll into things inside such as the birdcage or the fish tank. After a while, she will tell you to stop. If you keep doing it, she will kick you out of her shop. To go back inside, you must apologize to her.

Fancily Put Away Your Sword[edit]

Put away your sword immediately after doing one of the hidden moves. You will put your sword away fancily, like after learning a hidden move or defeating a boss. You can also do this whenever you defeat a larger foe. Ones that take more than one normal strike to kill, or ones that are about the same size as Link.

Get guards to chase you in Castle Town[edit]

When you have the ablity to transform into wolf link go to castle town as a wolf and guards will chase you. They will stop chasing you when you leave Castle Town and change back into a human.

If you allow them to circle you in the center of castle town, and do your spin attack once they surround you, they will scream and scatter and drop arrows.

Secret Rare Chu Jelly[edit]

This stuff is as good as Great Fairy Tears, as you are walking towards Death Mountain from Kakariko village, go past two Gorons who will give you a boost or hookshot past them, either way, you will make it up to where the baby goron is above and there is a howling stone. Look around and you will notice a cave in the side of the mountain with vines hanging so you can hookshot. When you get up there have your bottle ready, there is a chu looks almost like a plain yellow chu but with sparkles. it is a secret rare chu, hurry up and bottle this stuff up before it disappears. Rare chus wll also sometimes appear in other locations where there are chus, such as past the stone bridge over Lake Hylia, but this is random, and (as the name implies) rare. Also, they can be absorbed by other chus to become purple chus.