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Wii, GameCube

Task 1: Getting the Iron Boots[edit]

The Rolling Goron[edit]

On your way up to Death Mountain, you will encounter a Goron that rolls right at you. The Goron is considerably more powerful than a runaway goat, and will knock you off the cliff. Return to the village and speak to Renado, who tells you that Bo, the mayor of Ordon Village, knows how to keep Gorons from pushing you around.

A Panicked Epona[edit]

After Leaving Kakariko Village, head east along the south side of the gorge and look for a tall rock formation that towers over the east end. You'll find the piece floating above it. Use the boomerang to retrieve it.

When you return to the center of town, Epona will barrel through, knocking you to the ground. Mount her then follow the onscreen prompts to stay on the horse. After several seconds, you'll be able to seize the reins by pressing A button.

Now that you have control over your horse, jump the village gate and grab the Piece of Heart #4 before returning to Ordon Village. If you howled at the howling stone on Death Mountain, the golden wolf will be waiting for you at the Ordon Spring. Go to him to learn the Shield Attack (Note: aim the nun-chuck toward the sensor strip instead of holding it like a shield), then head to the mayor's house in the village.

The Way of the Sumo[edit]

Stop by the ranch before leaving town and herd all the goats into the barn to complete your first heart.

After arriving at Ordon Village, meet with Bo outside his house to learn how to sumo wrestle. While in the ring, continually press A button to shove your opponent backwards. If he lunges at you, press A button to duck or sidestep with the control stick. After you successfully push him out of the ring for the first time, you'll face him for real. Following another successful bout, you'll receive the iron boots. You can pick up Piece of Heart #5 from the ranch before you head back to Kakariko Village.

Also, don't forget to heed Renado's advice to tell your locals about the disappearance of the kids, at least to alleviate their fears before you leave this place.

As you head back to Kakariko Village, you witness Colin's kidnapping by a group of Bulbins on boars. You hop onto Epona and give chase in the hopes of rescuing him…

Task 2: To the Mines[edit]

Boar Baddies[edit]

With Epona beneath you, head northwest out of the village to give chase to Colin's kidnappers. Chase after the leader and slash him repeatedly to shake loose his armor. Your initial victory against him is followed by a jousting match on a stone bridge. Trot toward your opponent, swerve left or right as you draw near, then swing your sword when you pass him. You don't want to charge at him, because if you do, you'll have less time to swing your sword. If you miss, pull back to turn around, then try again. If you get knocked off the bridge, you'll lose health. Drink some milk or potion to recover it.

The Hylian Shield[edit]

When you return to Kakariko Village, you'll discover that Malo opened a daytime shop in the old general store. Inside, you'll find the Hylian Shield for 200 rupees. While there are other places where you can purchase one, Malo Mart provides the best deal. Purchase it if you don't already have one, then head up to Death Mountain.

Note: You can buy wooden shields in this place. It's worth using the wooden shield you currently got until it catches on fire. When it catches on fire, that's when you can change to a Hylian shield until you get the chance in the daytime to buy another wooden shield that only costs 50 rupees. It's optional but you do need to empty your wallet when you go through a dungeon that involves lots of rupees.


As you head up Death Mountain, have your Iron Boots in one of your item slots so it can be easily equipped. When a Goron tries to push you over the edge, equip the boots, press and hold A button to stop the Goron, then toss him to either side. You'll repeat this process numerous times as you head up the path.

Archer Troubles[edit]

Eventually you will reach a place where Bulbin Archers shoot fire arrows at you. You can either use nearby grass to call for a falcon, you can use your slingshot to dispose of them (remember to aim higher than the archers so you can hit them), or you can just run right past them and hope not to get hit by a fire arrow. Also, if you decide to just run past them, using your Shield as a barrier helps you to avoid getting hit from the front.

What Goes Up…[edit]

When you reach the Goron camp, you'll witness two things: a Goron giving his pal a boost and the crash of a molten boulder. You'll deal with the rock later. For now, just fight the Gorons until they roll up (the Shield Attack works well at stunning them), climb onto them, and use them to launch up higher. Whenever you get to a steam geyser, equip the Iron Boots to cross past it.

Sumo Showdown[edit]

Once inside the building atop the mountain, the leader of the Gorons, Gor Coron, will challenge you to a sumo match to test your worthiness as a hero. Strap on the Iron Boots and remember Bo's words. One toss out of the ring is all you need.

After your victory, the Goron Mines are open to you. If you would rather like to explore, there is an elevator down to the hot springs that can be activated with the Iron Boots. The hot springs possess the same healing properties as a spirit spring, and the hot water can be bottled for use, but it cools down eventually. There is also a shop down by the springs. Once you are prepared, head into Goron Mines.